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Student as a Beneficiary of Internship Programs Funded by the European Union


Requirements for university graduates defined by employers in times of dynamic changes and challenges of the market, the need to adapt the knowledge, skills and competences of students and graduates to the needs of companies constitute new challenges for universities in the area of cooperation with business. The student is becoming more and more often the beneficiary of internship projects financed from various sources, not just with companies’ own funds, but also supported with funds from the European Union. The article presents the perspective of the student as a direct beneficiary of internship projects carried out by universities and employers and attempts to create a recommendation for entities carrying out internship projects aimed at achieving high levels of satisfaction among all project participants.

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Financial aspects of research and development policy in the European Union

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Innovation in Social-Economic Development in Poland. Research Institutes as Entities and Contractors of Innovative Activities in Poland

References 1 See: Strategia Lizbońska - droga do sukcesu zjednoczonej Europy, Urząd Komitetu Integracji Europejskiej (UKIE), opr. zb., Gdańsk 2002. 2, 22.04.2017. 3 Joseph Alois Schumpeter (born February 8, 1883, died on January 8, 1950) - Austrian economist, regarded as one of the most outstanding economists of the 20th century. 4 See: J. Schumpeter, Teoria rozwoju gospodarczego, Warszawa 1960, s. 104. 5 See: W. Janasz, K. Kozioł

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Innovative enterprises operating in the Member States of the European Union

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Selected aspects of the innovation policy of enterprises operating in the member states of the European Union

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Place of Research and Development Activity in the Development Policy of Enterprises

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Do We Need Social Reports? New Challenge for Corporate Social Responsibility

reports. Journal of Cleaner Production No. 136. 10. Visser, W. (2008) CSR 2.0. The New Era of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility. CSR Inspiration Series , No. 1. 11. Komisja Europejska (2001). Green Paper Promoting a European Framework for Corporate Social Responsibility . Bruksela. 12. Komisja Europejska (2001). Green Paper on Corporate Social Responsibility . 13. Komisja Europejska (2011). Odnowiona strategia UE na lata 2011–2014 dotycząca społecznej odpowiedzialności Przedsiębiorstw. Komunikat Komisji do Parlamentu, Rady

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Formation of relations and their values for the stakeholders by the research-scientific institution

: B. Grucz (red), Podręcznik Angażowania Interesariuszy, Bizarre, Warszawa 2012, vol. 1, p. 9. 5 K. Storbacka, J.R. Lehtinen, Sztuka budowania trwałych związków z klientami, Oficyna wydawnicza Dom Wydawniczy ABC, Kraków 2001, p. 33. 6 The project was carried out at the Faculty of Commodity Sciences and was co-financed with funds from the European Union under the European Social Fund implemented within the framework of the sub-measure 4.1.1 Operational Programme Human Capital Wzmocnienie potencjału dydaktycznego uczelni (Strengthening

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Utilization of Integrated Marketing Communication for The Introduction of a New Brand to the Market. Case Study of “Eko Patrol” of The Central Mining Institute

. 20. Schultz, D.E. Tannenbaum, S.I., Lauterborn, R.F. (1993). Integrated Marketing Communications: Putting It. Together & Making It Work Hardcover . NTC Business Book Lincolnwood. 21. Świeczak, W. Łukowski, W. (2016). Strategia lead generetion jako wielokanałowy mechanizm wzrostu współczesnego przedsiębiorstwa. Marketing Instytucji Naukowych i Badawczych , Vol. 21, Issue 3. 22. European Environment Agency (2017). Air quality in Europe — 2017 report Publications Office of the European Union . Luxembour, No. 13/2017. 23. https

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Fourth industrial revolution and managers' cognitive competences

Thus, Helbing makes a significant generalization of the starting concept, including it in the framework of a broader, international research project titled "FuturICT" (ICT - Information and Communication Technology) cofinanced by the European Union, which is aimed at investigating complexity on the social level, among others, the issue of migration, health, criminality, sources and utilization of energy. See: 26 At least, this is what one of the hypotheses concerning the subject says; See: P. Godfrey-Smith, Complexity and the

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