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Definition of Enterprises in the European Union, Western Balkans and Kosovo

and Industry. 2014 SBA Fact Sheet: Serbia. European Commission. (2005). User Guide to the SME Definition. Brussels: Publications Office of the European Union. European Commission. (2015b). User Guide to the SME Definition. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. European Investment Bank. (2016a). Assessment of Financing Needs of SMEs in the Western Balkans Countries. European Investment Bank. (2016b). Serbia. Assessment of Financing Needs of SMEs in the Western Balkans Countries

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The Impacts of the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy on Agriculture in Slovakia/ Dopady společné zemědělské politiky Evropské unie na zemědělství Slovenska

., BUCHENRIEDER, G., CSAKI, C. [eds.] (2011): Structural Change in Agriculture and Rural Livelihoods: Policy Implications for the New Member States of the Euroepan Union. Studies on the Agricultural and Food Sector in Central and Eastern Europe, Vol. 61, IAMO, Halle. NÉMETHOVÁ, J. (2009a): Agropotravinárske štruktúry okresu Nitra. Nitra, Univerzita Konštantína Filozofa v Nitre, Fakulta prírodných vied, 163 pp. NÉMETHOVÁ, J. (2009b): Agroštruktúry vysokoprodukčného regiónu Slovenska. Ekonomika poľnohospodárstva, Vol. 9, No. 2, p. 50-58. NÉMETHOVÁ, J. (2010): Types of

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Economic, Cultural and Social Factors Influencing the Development of Gay Businesses and Places: Evidence from the European Union / Ekonomické, Kulturní A Sociální Faktory V Pozadí Rozvoje Gay Podniků A Míst: Situace V Evropské Unii

:// European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (2008): Homophobia and Discrimination on the grounds of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the European Union Member States: Part I - Legal Analysis, 2008 [online]. [cit.07.02.2014] Available at: European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (2009): Homophobia and

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Geographical Perspectives on Agritourism in The Czech Republic

between tourism offer and tourism demand in the case of farm tourism in Slovenia. European Countryside, Vol. 5, No. 4, p. 339-355. CLARKE, J., DENMAN, R., HICKMAN, G., SLOVÁK, J. (2001): Rural tourism in Roznava Okres: a Slovak case study. Tourism Management, Vol. 22, No. 2, p. 193-202. CHROMÝ, P., JANČÁK, V., MARADA, M., HAVLÍČEK, T. (2011): Venkov - žitý prostor: regionální diferenciace percepce venkova představiteli venkovských obcí v Česku. Geografie, Vol. 116, No. 1, p. 23-45. CSO (2011): Agrocensus, regions - Farm Structure Survey and Survey on Agricultural

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European territorial cohesion policies: Parallels to socialist central planning?

the European Union. EC (2007a): Fourth report on economic and social cohesion. Luxembourg, Publications Office of the European Union. EC (2007b): Treaty of Lisbon: amending the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty establishing the European Community [online]. Official Journal of the European Union, C 306/1 [cit. 15.07.2015] Available at: < > EC (2008): Green Paper on Territorial Cohesion: Turning territorial diversity into strength [online]. COM(2008) 616 final [cit

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Comparative Analysis of Sustainable Real Estate Market Development in Two Northern Capitals: Case of Riga, Latvia and Stockholm, Sweden

:// European Commission. (2016). European Semester Thematic Factsheet: Banking Sector and Housing.Retrieved from European External Action Service. (2017). Delegation of the European Union to India and Bhutan, The Sustainable Housing Leadership Consortium launches #greenhomes campaign for 20 % of India’s new homes to become green by 2022 Retrieved from https

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Assessing environmental fragility in a mining areafor specific spatial planning purposes

accidents in Europe. Technical Report, Luxembourg, Publications Office of the European Union, Vol. 13. FERREIRA, I. A. (2017): Measuring state fragility: a review of the theoretical groundings of existing approaches. Third World Quarterly, 38(6): 1291–1309. FIGUEROA, F., SÁNCHEZ-CORDERO, V. (2008): Effectiveness of natural protected areas to prevent land use and land cover change in Mexico. Biodiversity and Conservation, 17(13): 32–23. FRANTÁL, B., KUNC, J., KLUSÁČEK, P., MARTINÁT, S. (2015): Assessing Success Factors of Brownfields Regeneration

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European Projects of Common Interest: Impact on Fuel and Energy Markets in Poland

infrastructures and the assessment of the need to improve their protection. Official Journal of the European Union, L.345/75. EC. (2017a). Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2018/540 of 23 November 2017 amending Regulation (EU) No 347/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards the Union list of projects of common interest. Official Journal of the European Union, L 90/38. EC. (2017b). The list of the projects of common interest (PCIs) by country - the (third) Union list of PCIs. Brussels: European Commission. Retrieved from

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Sustainable Transport in Romania vs. European Union. Analysis of Road Transport System from the Sustainable Transport Perspective

References [1]. “European Road Statistics”, European Union Road Federation, 2012. [2]. A. F. CLITAN: “Studii privind dezvoltarea unui sistem de transport durabil”, Teză de doctorat, 2012. [3]. A.F. CLITAN : “Siguranţa Circulaţiei - element al transportului durabil”, Simpozionul Naţional de Siguranţa Circulaţiei, ISBN 978-973-662-481-0, Cluj- Napoca, 12-13 Noiembrie 2009. [4]. Strategia pentru transport durabil pe perioada 2007-2013 şi 2020, 2030, Guvernul României, Ministerul Transporturilor

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Rental Housing Market in Riga: Price Determinants and Lesson Keys of Helsinki

September 1, 2018, from Cuerpo, C., Kalantaryan, S., & Pontuch, P. (2014). Rental Market Regulation in the European Union. Brussels. Retrieved from Ministry of Economics. (2017). Directions of housing policy. (Ekonomikas Ministrija. (2017). Mājokļu politikas virzieni.) Riga. Retrieved from http

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