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Multidimensional assessment of the European Union transport development in the light of implemented normalization methods

L iterature Cheba, K. (2011). Taksonomiczna analiza rozwoju transportu drogowego w Polsce [Taxonomic analysis of road transport development in Poland]. Logistyka , 2 , 97-106. Chruzik, K., & Sitarz, M. (2014). Investigation and development of safety measures in the European Union railway transport. Mechanika , 20 (4), 431-437. Currie, G., Richardson, T., Smyth, P., Vella-Brodick, D., Hine, J., Lucas, K., Stanley, J., Morris, J., Kinnear, R., & Stanley, J. (2010). Investigating links between transport disadvantages, social exclusion and well

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The Analysis of Logistic Chains from China to the European Union Countries

. (2016). Development of railway transportation between China and the European Union countries. In International Scientific Conference on Knowledge for Market Use 2016 -Our Interconnected and Divided World, 8.-9. September (pp. 324-333). Olomouc, Czech Republic: Societas Scientiarum Olomucensis II, Krizkovskeho 10, Olomouc, 77900, Czech Republic. [11] Turezhanova, M. (2013). Major Transport Corridor to Connect Kazakhstan, Russia, China by 2015. Retrieved March 14, 2018,

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Cross-Border Health Care in the European Union: Evaluation of Different Financing Arrangements

References Blum, K., Löffert, S., Offermanns, M., & Steffen, P. (2015). Krankenhaus Barometer. Umfrage 2015 [Hospital Barometer. Survey 2015]. Düsseldorf, Germany: Deutsches Krankenhausinstitut. Busse, R., & Blümel, M. (2014). Germany: health system review. Health Systems in Transition, 16(2), 1-296. Busse, R., van Ginneken, E., & Wörz, M. (2011). Access to health care services within and between countries of the European Union. In M. Wismar, W. Palm, J. Figueras, K. Ernst, E. van Ginneken (Eds.), Crossborder

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Uniform Market Conditions in Road Freight Transport

References [1] Hilal, N. (2007). L’eurosyndicalisme par l’action. Cheminots et routiers en Europe. Paris: L’Harmattan. [2] Poliak, M., Krizanova, A., Semanova, S. & Stefanikova, L. (2013). The impact of procurement method of the transport services to the financial requirement of performance contracting entity. Transport Problems, 8(4), 67-76. [3] Poliak, M., Komackova, L., Semanova S., Hernandez, S. & Jaskiewicz, M. (2016). Defining the influence of the support of bus service on road safety. Communications, 18

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Identification of Restricting Criteria for Comprehensive Assessment of Logistics Chains in Intermodal Transport

, University of Ţilina, Ţilina, Slovakia. [5] Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area – Towards a competitive and resource efficient transport system. (2011). European Commission Document COM 144/2011 titled White Paper. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. [6] Marco Polo Programme. (2003). EP and Council Regulation (EU) No. 1382/2003/EU on the granting of Community financial assistance to improve the environmental performance of the freight transport system. European Union. [7] Mašek, J., Kendra, M. & Čamaj, J. (2016). Model of the

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Effective Use of the Potential of Rail Freight Corridors in the East - West Direction

,ISBN 978-92-872-4601-1, ISSN 1977-5776, DOI:10.2865/638450. [5] Daniš, J.,Černá, L. &Bartuška, L.(2016).Costscomparison and thepossibilitiesofincreasingthe transport capacitywith a selectionoftheappropriaterailwaywagons.OurSea 63(3), 93–97. [6] Klapita, V.(2017). Analysis of transportation from China to the European Union.Logisticsmonitor 6,77-82. [7] Záhumenská, Z.&Gašparík, J. (2017).Supporting the connection the logistics centers to rail network. Procedia Engineering 192, 976-981. [8] Kudláč,S., Majerčák, J.&Majerčák, P. (2017).Comparison of

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Conception of the Maritime Transport Safety in the Baltic Sea in 2009 to 2015

Baltic Sea Action Plan, and regional programmer of measures for the marine environment based on the Ecosystem Approach. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 60(5), 642-649. [37] Commission of the European Communities (CEC). (2009). Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions concerning the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, COM (2009). 248 final; Brussels, 10.6.2009. [38] Arslan, V., Kurt, R.E., Turan, O. & De Wolff, L. (2016). Safety culture

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Strategic development of cargo transit services: a case study analysis

, and the European Union, the European Atomic Energy Community and their Member States, on the other hand ]. Retrieved from Перевезення вантажів залізницями України [ Transportation of goods by railways of Ukraine ] (2017). Аналітична інформація Департаменту комерційної роботи ПАТ «Українська залізниця» [ Analytical information of the Department of Commercial Work of the Public Joint-Stock Company «Ukrainian Railways» ]. Kyiv, Ukraine: Department for the monitoring of freight traffic. Стратегічний план

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Small business life cycle: statics and dynamics (S&D) model

process manifest. Technovation, 25(10), 1119-1127. doi: 10.1016/j.technovation.2004.04.005 European Commission. (2015). User guide to the SME definition. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. European Commission. (2016). SME Performance Review. Retrieved from: European Union. (2016). Eurostat. Retrieved from: Felsenstein, D., & Swartz, D. (1993). Constraints to small

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Analysis of clusterization and networking processes in developing intermodal transportation

Transport Corridors . Proceedings of 19th International Conference „Transport Means. 2015”. Сыздыкбаева, Б. У. (2014). Основные методологические принципы формирования транспортно логистического кластера. Retrieved from Vasiliauskas, A. (2004). Strateginis valdymas . Kaunas, Lithuania: Technologija. White Paper. Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area – Towards a competitive and resource efficient transport system. Brussels, 28.3.2011 COM(2011) 144 final. Retrieved from

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