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Corruption, Shadow Economy and Economic Growth: An Empirical Survey Across the European Union Countries

References 1. Achim, M. (2017), Corruption, income and business development, Journal for International Business and Entrepreneurship Development, 10(1), 85-100. 2. Achim, M., Borlea, N.S. (2015). Determinants of the European funds absorption 2007-2013 in European Union Member States, Proceeding of WEI International Academic Conference in Vienna, Austria, 174-188. 3. Beck, P., Maher, M. (1986). A comparison of bribery and bidding in thin markets. Economic Letters, 20 (1), 1-5. 4. Buehn, A

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Supporting Ecological Innovation as a Factor for Economic Development

:// ; 4. Erygit, N., Özcüre, G., (2015), Eco-Innovation as Modern Era Strategy of Companies in Developing Countries: Comparison Between Turkey and European Union, Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, B.m.: Elsevier, 3.7., 195, s. 1216–1225. 5. European Commision, (2010), Európa 2020 – Stratégia na zabezpečenie inteligentného, udrţateľného a inkluzívneho rastu. Brusel: Európska komisia. [online], [cit. 20.01.2018], Available from:

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Aspects of youth competencies in the 21st century in the European Union

. *** Report 2015: Education to employment: Getting Europe’s youth into work 10. ***IZA Report Research Report No. 53 (2013) Combining the Entry of Young People inthe Labour Market with the Retentionof Older Workers 11. *** 12. *** 13. *** 14. ***Career planning 15. ***Career advice https

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The Unemployment of Highly Educated People in Romania. A Panel VAR Approach

experiences of recent graduates, National Institute Economic Review, 190(1), pp. 60-74. 18. Eurofound, (2015), Job tenure in turbulent times, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg. 19. Freeman, R.B., (1976), The overeducated american, Academic Press, New York. 20. Freeman, R.B., (1979), The Effect of Demographic Factors on Age Earnings Profiles, Journal of human resources, 14(3), pp. 289-318. 21. Goodhart, A.E., & Hofmann, B., (2008), House Prices, Money, Credit, and the Macroeconomy, Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 24, pp. 180

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Human Capital - The Effects of Education on Economic Growth Within the European Union

/2012 11. Psacharopoulos, G. (2007b) „The returns to investment in higher education: Methods, Data and Policy Implications”, Report on rates of return and funding models in Europe, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Centro de Estudios en Gestion de la Educacion Siperior. 12. Pritchett, L. (2001) „Where Has All the Education Gone?”, The World Bank Economic Review, Vol. 15, No. 3. ***Barro & Lee Databases (2012) ***Eurostat (2012), Statistics, Education, PISA. ***United Nations, Population Division (2012

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The Consequences of Shadow Economy and Corruption on Tax Revenue Performance in Nigeria

., Martinez-Vasquez, J., & Torgler, B., (2008), Tax effort in developing countries and high income countries: The impact of corruption, Voice Accountability, Economic Analysis and Policy. 7. Bologna, J., (2015), The effect of informal employment and corruption on income levels in Brazil, Journal of Comparative Economics, Elsevier, 44(3), pp. 657-695. 8. Borlea, S.N., Achim, M.V. & Miron, M.G.A., (2017), Corruption, shadow economy and economic growth: an empirical survey across the European Union countries, Studia Universitatis “Vasile Goldis” Arad, Economic

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Effects of Energy Use on Socioeconomic Predictors in Africa: Synthesizing Evidence

(December 2017), 1282– 1294. 37. Neagu, O., Dumiter, F., Braica, A., Jimon, Ș., David, G., (2019), The Correlation Between Human Capital and Gross Added Value in the Bioeconomy Sectors at the European Union (EU) Country Level, Studia Universitatis „Vasile Goldis” Arad, Economics Series, 29(1), 1–20. 38. Niu, T., Yao, X., Shao, S., Li, D., Wang, W., (2018), Environmental tax shocks and carbon emissions: An estimated DSGE model, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 47, 9

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Fiscality - A Relevant Factor Influencing Regional Development in Romania and the European Union

10. Nedelea, Al., 2005, Regionalization, Regional Development and Cooperation in Eastern Europe, Economy and Transition, Albanian Center of Economic Research, no. 3, Tirana 11. Popescu M., Nastase C., Scutariu L., (2009), Regional Development in the context of the European Union Integration the Annals of The "Stefan cel Mare" University Suceava. Fascicle of The Faculty of Economics and Public Administration, Vol. 9, pg 51-56 12. Prammer D. (2011), Quality of taxation and the crisis: tax shifts from a growth perspective, European

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The Correlation Between Human Capital and Gross Added Value in the Bioeconomy Sectors at the European Union (EU) Country Level

.C., (2004), Positive psychological capital: beyond human and social capital. Business Horizons. 47, 44-50. 23. Massingham, P.R., Tam, L., (2015), The relationship between human capital, value creation and employee reward. Journal of intellectual capital. 16 (2), 390-418. 24. Mazza, L., Ten Brink, P., (2012), Supporting briefing-Green economy in the European Union. UNEP. Available at: 83 25. M‟Barek, R., Philippidis

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Risk Management in Future Romanian E-Government 2.0 Projects

, Prague, Czech Republic. 6. Didraga, O., & Brandas, C. (2015). Comparative Study on E-Government Indicators between Romania and the European Union, Informatica Economica Journal, 19(1), 67-76. 7. Dixon, B. (2010). Towards E-Government 2.0: An Assessment of Where EGovernment 2.0 is and Where It Is Headed, Public Administration & Management, 15(2), 418-454. 8. European Commission (2014). Delivering the European Advantage? ‘How European Governments can and should benefit from innovative public services’ - eGovernment

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