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How Sanctions on Russia Impact the Economy of the European Union

(2014) U.S. imposes new sanctions on Russia, Available at EU (2014) Declaration by the High Representative on behalf of the European Union on the alignment of certain third countries with the Council Decision 2014/145/CFSP concerning restrictive measures in respect of actions undermining or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, Available at http

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Explaining the European Union’s Changing Position towards the Gibraltar Question after the Brexit Referendum

). Pew Research Center. (2016c). Many Europeans concerned refugees will increase domestic terrorism. Spring 2016 Global Attitudes Survey, [Online] Available: (May 11, 2017). Pew Research Center. (2016d). Euroscepticism beyond Brexit: Significant opposition in key European countries to an ever closer union. Spring 2016 Global Attitudes Survey, June 6, [Online] Available:

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The Role of Government and Markets in the Strategy “Europe 2020” of the European Union: A Robust Political Economy Analysis

: A Comparative Analysis, Cato Journal , Vol. 34, No. 3, pp. 453–484. Baumol, W. J. (1990), Entrepreneurship: Productive, Unproductive, and Destructive, The Journal of Political Economy , Vol. 98, No. 5, pp. 893–921. Baumol, W. J., Litan, R. E., Schramm, C. J. (2007), Good capitalism, bad capitalism, and the economics of growth and prosperity , Yale Univ. Press, New Haven, Conn. Berthold, N. (2014), The Future of the European Union: Competition or Centralization? Europe has gone too far. Wirtschaftliche Freiheit , available at: http

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Tourism Sector in the European Union: Job Satisfaction of Employees in Hotels and Restaurants

supervisors. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 28(3), 490-515. Dubin, R. (1956). Industrial workers' worlds: A study of the “central life interests” of industrial workers. Social problems, 3(3), 131-142. Eurofound (2012). Third European Quality of Life Survey - Quality of life in Europe: Impacts of the crisis. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. Eurofound (2015). Sixth European working conditions survey. European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions

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The Future of Blue Economy: Lessons for European Union

Arctic: Major issues and national policies of the five coastal Arctic nations regarding the development and protection of the Arctic [in] Study for the Korean Maritime Institute, School of Marine Affairs, University of Washington, Seattle, November 2009. Kaczynski V. M. - US Ocean Policy Toward Russia [in] Jackson School of International Studies - REECAS News Letter, University of Washington, Seattle, Spring 2002. Kaczynski V. M., Fluharty D. L. - European policies in West Africa: Who benefits from fisheries

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Tax-Related Burden on SMEs in the European Union: The Case of Slovenia

Institute of Public Finance and Policy. Djankov, S., Ganser, T., McLiesh, C., Ramalho, R., & Shleifer, A. (2010). The effect of corporate taxes on investment and entrepreneurship. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics , 2 (3), 31–64. Djankov, S., McLiesh, C., & Ramalho, R.M. (2006). Regulation and growth. Economics Letters , 92 (3), 395–401. European Commission. (2004). European Tax Survey . Brussels: European Commission. European Commission. (2007). Simplified Tax Compliance Procedures for SMEs . Brussels: European Commission

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Economic Growth and Environmental Quality in the European Union Countries – Is there Evidence for the Environmental Kuznets Curve?

, pp. 481-496. Bruyn, J. van den Bergh., Opschoor, J. (1998), Economic growth and emissions: reconsidering the empirical basis of environmental Kuznets curves. Ecological Economics, 25, pp. 161-175. Cialani, C. (2007), Economic growth and environmental quality, an econometric and a decomposition analysis, Management of Environmental Quality, An International Journal, Vol. 18, No. 5, pp. 568-577. Alvarez, F., Marrero, G. A., Puch, L. A. (2004). Air pollution convergence and economic growth across European countries, ICAE

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Competitiveness, Emu and Cohesion Experiences in the Past (2000–2013); Assessment of the Present (2014–2020) and Lessons for the Future (2020 and Beyond)

References Acemoglu, D., Robinson, J. (2012), Why nations fail; the origins of power, prosperity and poverty, Crown Publishers, Carmarthan. Ambroziak, A. (ed.) (2014), New cohesion policy of the European Union in Poland, Springer, Berlin. Annoni, P., Dijkstra, L. (2013), EU Regional Competitiveness Index 2013, Joint Research Centre Scientific and Policy Reports: Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. Athanasoglou, S., Dijkstra, L. (2014), Europe 2020 regional index, JRC Science

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An Analysis of China's Outward Foreign Direct Investment to the EU: Features and Problems

: Patterns, Impacts and Policy Implications, MOFCOM, Statistical Bulletin of China's Outward of Foreign Direct Investment , various issues. Rios -Morales, R. and Brennan L., (2010), Te emergence of Chinese investment in Europe [J]. EuroMed Journal of Business ., Vol. 5, Issue 2, pp. 215–231. Song L., Liu H., (2012), Chinese Direct Investment in Europe Union: Distribution, Characteristics and Future Trends, Journal of International Trade , No. 12, (2012), pp. 52–60. Tao H., (2011

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The Impact of European Union’s Newly-Adopted Environmental Standards on its Trading Partners

-tariff measure has matured into an actionable non-tariff barrier to trade, American University International Law Review 28, available at: Lenschow, Andrea (2006): Environmental Policy in the European Union: Bridging Policy, Politics and Polity Dimensions (Handbook of European Union Politics, Jorgensen, Knud E., Pollack Mark A. & Rosamund Ben Eds., SAGE Publications Ltd.) Michida, Etsuyo (2014): The Policy Impact of Product-Related Environmental Regulations in

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