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Legal aspects of the association of overseas countries and territories with the European Union

. Retrieved from European Commission. (2012). Proposal for a Council decision on the association of the overseas countries and territories with the European Union (COM/2012/362). Retrieved from European Commission. (2012a). Commission staff working document on the association of the overseas countries and territories with the EuropeanUnion (SWD/2012/193).Retrieved from http

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Greenfield and Brownfield Investments and Economic Growth: Evidence from Central and Eastern European Union Countries

., & Bond, S. (2009). Cross-section dependence in nonstationary panel models: A novel estimator. Retrieved from (03.04.2017) Eren, M., & Zhuang, H. (2015). Mergers and acquisitions versus greenfield investment, absorptive capacity, and economic growth: Evidence from 12 new member states of the European Union. Eastern European Economics, 53 (2), 99-123. Harms, P., & Meon, P-G. (2014). Good and bad FDI: The growth effects of greenfield investment and mergers and

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State Aid for the Coal Sector in the European Union: Pre- and post-crisis perspective / Državna pomoč za premogovni sektor v Evropski uniji – pred- in pokrizna perspektiva

References 1. Böhmelt, T. (2013). The temporal dimension of the credibility of EU conditionality and candidate states’ compliance with the acquis communautaire, 1998-2009. European Union Politics, 14(2). 2. Case 30/59, Judgment of European Court of Justice of 23 February 1961, ECR 1961, 1. De Gezamenlijke Steenkolenmijnen in Limburg/ High Authority. 3. Case 31/59, Judgment of the European Court of Justice of 4 April 1960, ECR 1960, 71. Acciaieria e Tubificio di Brescia

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Policy Autonomy, Coordination or Harmonization in the Persistently Heterogeneous European Union?

References Allen, F., Carletti, E. and Gray, J. (Eds.). (2013). Political, Fiscal and Banking Union in the Eurozone? (1st ed). Philadelphia: FIC Press. Annett, A., Decressin, J. and Deppler, M. (2005). Reforming the stability and growth pact. IMF Policy Discussion Paper 05/2 . Aiginger, K. (2013). A new strategy for the European periphery. WWWforEurope Policy Paper , No. 1. Arthur, W. B. (1989). Competing Technologies, Increasing Returns, and Lock-In by Historical Events. The Economic Journal , 99(394), 116–131. Artis, M. J

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European Constitutionalism as the Metatheory of the Construction of Legal and Political Reality and the Challenges for its Development

* This article is an extended version of the paper presented at the annual meeting of the Central and Eastern European Network of Jurisprudence, Brno, Czech Republic 13–16 September, 2015. References Brand, M. (2004). Affirming and Refining European Constitutionalism: Towards the Establishment of the First Constitution for the European Union. EUI Working Paper LAW , 2, Florence: European University Institute. Castells, M. (2010). End of Millennium: The Information Age: Economy, Society and Culture . Vol. 3, 2nd ed., Malden, Oxford, West Sussex

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Should Non-Euro Area Countries Join the Single Supervisory Mechanism?

-02-26/bail-inscrucial-in-ending-vicious-eu-bank-circle-rohde-says.html. Bloomberg (2013c). Denmark Fights to Push Tougher Bail-In Rules in Europe. Retrieved March 4, 2013 from Council (2012). Proposal for a Council Regulation conferring specific tasks on the European Central Bank concerning policies relating to the prudential supervision of credit institutions (SSM draft regulation). Brussels: Council of the European Union. Available at http

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Towards European Union or Regional Economic Area: Western Balkans at Crossroads

References Bieber, F. & Kmezić, M. (2016). Policy brief EU enlargement in the Western Balkans in a time of uncertainty, BiEPAG, September, 2016, 1-16. Bonomi, M. (2017). The Western Balkans in the European Union: Perspectives of a region in Europe, a contribution to the Trieste Summit on the Western Balkans, Instituto Affari Internazionali (IAI), 17(13), 1-13. Doring, Th. (1997). Political competencies within the EU and their significance for the Western Balkans, Journal of European Perspective

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The Kazakhstan-European Union Partnership: Modernization of the Republic’s Financial System

References Abishev, A. A., Sidorovich, A. V. (2009). National economy: Textbook . Almaty: Ekonomika. Borzl, T. (2011). Move closer! New modes of governance and accession to the European Union. DANUBE: Law and Economics Review , 2, 1–22. Brealey, R. (1999). The Asian Crisis: Lessons for Crisis Management and Prevention. International Finance , 2(2), 249–272. Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, dated December 10, 2008. No. 99-IV. On taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget (Tax Code) . Retrieved April 4, 2016, from http

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Single European Patent / Prednosti in slabosti enotnega evropskega patenta

-Patent-Office-enters-new-era-managing-the-EU-Unitary-Patent 9. EPK. (2002). Enotna patentna konvencija. Uradni list RS-MP, 19. 10. EPO & OHIM. (2013). Intellectual property rights intensive industries: contribution to economic performance and employment in the European Union: Industry-level analysis report. European Patent Office. Retrieved from 11. EPO Statistic. (2013). European patents and patent applications-2013 statistics. Evropska patentna organizacija. Retrieved from http

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Corruption, Shadow Economy and Economic Growth: An Empirical Survey Across the European Union Countries

References 1. Achim, M. (2017), Corruption, income and business development, Journal for International Business and Entrepreneurship Development, 10(1), 85-100. 2. Achim, M., Borlea, N.S. (2015). Determinants of the European funds absorption 2007-2013 in European Union Member States, Proceeding of WEI International Academic Conference in Vienna, Austria, 174-188. 3. Beck, P., Maher, M. (1986). A comparison of bribery and bidding in thin markets. Economic Letters, 20 (1), 1-5. 4. Buehn, A

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