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Counter Terrorism in the 21st Century and the Role of the European Union

European Union. In: Nesi G. (ed.), Cooperation in Counterterrorism. The United Nations and Regional Organizations in the Fight Against Terrorism . Aldershot: Ashgate. European Security Strategy (2003). Available at < > [Accessed on June 12th 2014]. Extraordinary Council Meeting, Justice, Home Affairs and Civil Protection, 20 September 2001. Available at < > [Accessed on June 13th 2014]. Galli F. (2008). “The Legal and Political

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Football clubs’ sports performance in the context of their market value and GDP in the European Union regions

annual GDP of at least 200 billion EUR. These regions are located in Spain ( Cataluña ), Italy ( Lombardia ), Germany ( Oberbayern ) and France ( Rhône Alpes and the absolutely richest region of Île de France with an average annual GDP of over 600 billion EUR). Fig. 4 Average annual GDP of European Union NUTS 2 regions in 2007–2016 Source : research results (authorsˈ calculations) In the spatial analysis of the average annual market value of clubs in NUTS 2 regions of the EU, it is possible to identify the dominance of Western Europe over Eastern

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Legitimacy through Subsidiarity? The Parliamentary Control of EU Policy-Making

References: Bauer Michael, Pitschel Diana and Philip Studinger. Governance Preferences of Sub-national Administrative Elites in the European Union, Lehrstuhl Politik und Verwaltung , Working Paper Series 2010, Vol. 4. Benz Arthur. Linking multiple demoi. Inter-parliamentary relations in the EU, Institut für Europäische Verfassungswissenschaften, IEV-Online , 2011/1 Borońska-Hryniewiecka Karolina. [a]. Regional parliaments and subsidiarity after Lisbon: Overcoming the regional blindness?, Democracy and Subsidiarity in the EU. National

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Immigrants and the space of national minorities in contemporary Europe

2010. Sowiński S., Zenderowski R., Europa drogą Kościoła. Jan Paweł II o Europie i europejskości , Wrocław-Warszawa-Kraków 2002. Standardy Unii Europejskiej a polskie realia. Wybrane problemy , edit. T. Wallas, Poznań 2002. Szwecja – kraj i ludzie informacja dla imigrantów , Norrköping 1982. Urbaniak P., Strach przed obcymi , “Angora Peryskop” 24.10.2004, No. 43. Vigerson H., Polska mniejszość narodowa w Szwecji , Stockholm 1996. Zuchowicz K., Bielecki J., Imigranci dzielą Europę , “Rzeczpospolita” 8.02.2005, No. 32.

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External and Internal Policies of Belarus After Crimea Annexation

Республикой Крым и образовании в составе Российской Федерации новых субъектов] Available at: [Accessed on: 08.12.2016] Internet: Antonowicz M. (2016). Czy Alaksandr Łukashenka Zalegalizuje Pogoń?. Przegląd Bałtycki. Available at:,alaksandr-lukaszenka-zalegalizuje-pogon.html [Accessed on: 07.12.2016] BBC (2014). Putin Helped Yanukovych to fleeUkraine. BBC. Available at [Accessed on: 09

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Selected Concepts of Contemporary Rural Research: Inspirations and Challenges for Rural Anthropology

LITERATÚRA Abélès, M. (1998). How the anthropology of France has changed anthropology in France: assessing new directions in the field. Cultural Anthropology , 14 (3), 404–408. Abramsson, M., Hagberg, J. E. (2018). What about community sustainability? – dilemmas of ageing in shrinking semi-rural areas in Sweden. Scottish Geographical Journal , 134 (3–4), 103–121. Získané 30. mája 2019, DOI: 10.1080/14702541.2018.1527941. Bański, J. (Ed.). 2019. Three Decades of Transformation in East-Central European Countryside. Springer. Bourdieu

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Our People in the World – Slovaks South of Slovakia’s Border I–III

care-giving . Farnham: Ashgate. Tkach, O. (Ed.). (2016). Special issue on domestic workers in the countries of Central Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union: Postsocialist migrations and inequalities. Laboratorium: Russian Review of Social Research, 8(3). Tronto, J. (2002). The ‘nanny‘ question in feminism. Hypatia, 17 (2), 34–51. Uhde, Z. (2009). K feministickému pojetí péče jako kritické kategorie sociální nerovnosti. Sociologický časopis/Czech Sociological Review , 45 (1), 9–29. Triandafyllidou, A., Marchetti, S. (Ed.). (2014

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China’s New Silk Roads. Categorising and Grouping the World: Beijing’s 16+1+X European Formula

References Arase, David. 2015. “China’s Two Silk Roads Initiative: What It Means for Southeast Asia.” Southeast Asian Affairs, 1, pp. 25-45. Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. 2018. “‘A Europe that Protects’ - Priorities of the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.” Online: (accessed: June 6, 2018). Bachler, Martina. 2013. “China kauft Österreich.” In Trend (June 6). Online: https

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Creative Clusters in Visegrad Countries: Factors Conditioning Cluster Establishment and Development

. Power, D., 2011: The European Cluster Observatory Priority Sector Report: Creative and Cultural Industries, In: Europa Innova Paper N° 16. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. Available from:, DoA 10 June 2015. Rowlands, H.B., 2005: Grounded in Practice: Using Interpretive Research to Build Theory. In: Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods, Volume 3, Issue 1, Academic Publishing Ltd, pp. 81-92. Selada, C., Cunha, I. and Tomaz, E., 2012: Creative

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Selected aspects of water and sewage management in Poland in the context of sustainable urban development

to analyse and evaluate water and sewage management in Polish cities in terms of sustainable development. It is the authors’ intention to show the changes in water and sewage management since Poland’s accession to the European Union (EU). The focus was therefore on the period 2004–2016. The work includes all cities that are poviat capitals, excluding the city of Wałbrzych (due to the collected data being incomplete), i.e. 65 cities. The selected group of cities should be considered representative. It represents a total of 12.6 million inhabitants, constituting 32

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