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, Olsavsky V, Vladescu C. Emergent challenge of health professional emigration: Romania’s accession to the EU. In: Wismar M, Maier C, Glinos I, Dussault G, Figueras J, editors. Health professionals mobility and health systems: evidence from 17 European countries. Brussels: European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies; 2011. 5. Glinos IA. Health professional mobility in the European Union: Exploring the equity and efficiency of free movement. Health Policy.2015; 119:1529–36. Available from: 6

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a single market that provides free movement of persons, goods, services and capital between the EEA member states, which now include 28 countries as the European Union (EU) and 3 countries in the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) [ 22 ]. According to EU legislation, free movement with full registration in any EEA should become available provided that the physicians are citizens of a member state and have completed primary training in a member state’s medical college and hold a valid license to practice there [ 22 , 23 ]. Currently, major destination

limited. Only one record by Vutyavanich done in 2011 was found [ 6 ]. In Thailand, the pregnancy rate per transfer in fresh cycle with number of embryo transfer between 2.9 and 4.1 was between 30.7 and 38.6%. There are no data about live birth rate. On the other hand, the live birth rate with elective SET was 28–29% in the USA, 17–25% in Europe, 24–25% in the UK, 19–20% in Australia, and 9–15% in Japan [ 3 ]. In 2009, there were changes to the ART policy in Europe. The legal marriage or a stable union is often a prerequisite for ART treatment. Some types of ART services

, or sign a consent form. As a general rule, the subject should sign a consent form, or, in the case of incompetence, a legal guardian or other duly authorized representative should do so” [ 5 ]. Questions sometimes arise about what form of documentation of informed consent is appropriate for use in communities where many lack literacy. Some, including the European Union, specify illiteracy as a necessary condition for permitting verbal consent. It may be inappropriate to ask participants to sign consent forms in such situations, and people in some cultures may view

laboratory, Victoria Hospital in 10% neutral-buffered formalin (NBF). Tissue was processed automatically to yield hematoxylin and eosin (HE) sections. Various histological types of lung carcinoma were categorized according to the morphology on the HE sections. After the present study was approved by the Ethics Review Committee on Medical Research Involving Human Subjects, Department of Medical Research, Ministry of Health and Sports, The Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar (approval No. Ethics/DMR/2018/051), the investigators randomly selected cases of

to phthalates, especially in children. Because children are considered vulnerable persons, laws that prohibit the use of phthalates in toys and products intended for children have been enacted. Such laws came into effect in the European Union in 2005, in the USA in 2008, and in Canada in 2011; however, no such restrictions have been put in place in Thailand. Moreover, data relating to phthalate exposure among children and adolescents in Thailand are scarce. Accordingly, the aim of the present study was to investigate the level of phthalate exposure in Thai children

Osteoporosis is characterized by a decrease of bone mass, but without detectable changes in the mineralized and nonmineralized matrix ratio. Microarchitectural deterioration of the bone tissue occurs in osteoporosis, followed by enhanced bone fragility and increased risk of fracture [ 1 ]. It is estimated that in USA and European Union around 30% of women who have reached menopause are suffering from osteoporosis [ 2 ]. In Asia, the overall prevalence of osteoporosis is higher than in the western countries [ 3 ]. In Taiwan, there is a 10.08% prevalence of

pedigrees, the malformations appeared in two or one independent sibships (n = 45 and 26, respectively). Parental consanguinity and parental ages Parental consanguinity was estimated to be 17% in the overall sample. The differences in the distribution of consanguineous and nonconsanguineous unions among the major categories of CA were statistically significant ( Table 6 ). Consanguinity was relatively higher in subjects with neuromuscular anomalies and neurological disorders (30 and 21%, respectively). Furthermore, consanguinity was significantly higher among familial