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Miocene quartz sands redeposited on subaqueous and alluvial fans during the Saalian: Interpretation of the depositional scenario at Ujście, western Poland

mineralogical diversity of the same age tills in the selected areas of the Polish Lowlands]. Przegląd Geologiczny 52, 325. Kirkby, M.J., 1987. General models of long-term slope evolution through mass movements. [In:] Anderson, M. & Richards, K. (Eds): Slope Stability, Geotechnical Engineering and Geomorphology. Wiley, London, 359–379. Kostaschuk, R.A. & Smith, D.G., 1983. Late Quaternary lacustrine and deltaic sedimentation near Banff, Alberta. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 20, 1834–1842. Kozarski, S. & Kasprzak, L., 1987. Facies analysis and

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Quantitative finite strain analysis of the quartz mylonites within the Three Pagodas shear zone, western Thailand

orientations in mylonite: inferences from in-situ experiments on polycrystalline norcamphor. Journal of Structural Geology, 20, 681–694. Kanjanapayont, P., 2015. Chapter 15 Strike–slip ductile shear zones in Thailand. In: Mukherjee, S., Mulchrone, F. (Eds.), Ductile shear zones: From micro– to macro– scales. Wiley–Blackwell, UK, 250–269. Kanjanapayont, P., Grasemann, B., Edwards, M.A., Fritz, H., 2012a. Quantitative kinematic analysis within the Khlong Marui shear zone

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What are cleats? Preliminary studies from the Konin lignite mine, Miocene of central Poland

. Basic methods of structural geology (2nd ed.)., Prentice Hall (New Jersey), 446 pp. McCulloch, C.M., Deul, M. & Jeran, P.W., 1974. Cleats in bituminous coalbeds. U.S. Bureau of Mines Report of Investigations Report 7910, 23 pp. McCulloch, C.M., Lambert, S.W. & White, J.R., 1976. Determining cleat orientations of deeper coalbeds from overlying coals. U.S. Bureau of Mines Report of Investigations Report 8116, 24 pp. Miall, A.D., 1977. A review of the braided-river depositional environment. Earth-Science Reviews 13, 1

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Sedimentary record of a Pleistocene ice-sheet interlobate zone (NE Poland)

-70. Fraser, G. S. & Cobb, J. C., 1982. Late Wisconsinan proglacial sedimentation along the West Chicago moraine in NE Illinois. Journal of Sedimentary Petrology 52, 473-491. French, H. & Shur, Y., 2010. The principles of cryostratigraphy. Earth-Science Reviews 101, 190-206. Ghienne, J. F. & Deynoux, M., 1998. Large-scale channel fill structures in Late Ordovician glacial deposits in Mauritania, western Sahara. Sedimentary Geology 119, 141-159. Glanville, C., 1997. Glaciolacustrine and

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Gierałtów versus Śnieżnik gneisses - what is the real difference?

References Aleksandrowski, P., Kryza, R., Mazur, S., Pin, C. & Zalasiewicz, J.A., 2000. The Polish Sudetes: Caledonian or Variscan? Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Earth Sciences 90, 127-146. Aleksandrowski, P. & Mazur, S., 2002. Collage tectonics in the northeasternmost part of the Variscan Belt: the Sudetes, Bohemian Massif. [In:] J.A. Winchester, T.C. Pharaoh & J. Verniers (Eds): Palaeozoic amalgamation of central Europe . Geological Society of London Special Publications 201, 237

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Unravelling the complex nature of the Upper Weichselian till section at Gdynia Babie Doły, northern Poland

characteristics and classification. Earth Science Reviews 78, 115–176. Eyles, N., Eyles, C.H. & Miall, A.D., 1983. Lithofacies types and vertical profile models; an alternative approach to the description and environmental interpretation of glacial diamict and diamictite sequences. Sedimentology 30, 393–410. Fedorowicz, S., Łanczont, M., Bogucki, A., Kusiak, J., Mroczek, P., Adamiec, G., Bluszcz, A., Moska, P. & Tracz, M., 2013. Loess-paleosol sequence at Korshiv (Ukraine) – chronology based on complementary and parallel dating (TL, OSL), and litho

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An aeolian or a glaciolacustrine record? A case study from Mieļupīte, Middle Gauja Lowland, northeast Latvia

geological history: A new insight from rounding and frosting of quartz grains. Quaternary International 328–329, 311–322. Kalińska-Nartiša, E. & Nartišs, M., 2016a. The fan-like forms in the southern margin of the Mazovian Lowland area (Central Poland): a new high-resolution textural-timing study. International Journal of Earth Sciences 105, 885–903. Kalińska-Nartiša, E. & Nartišs, M., 2016b. Sandy fan-like forms in the central-eastern Mazovian Lowland (Central Poland): textural record and chronology. Geografiska Annaler, Series A, Physical Geography 98

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Depositional conditions on an alluvial fan at the turn of the Weichselian to the Holocene – a case study in the Żmigród Basin, southwest Poland

, 269-289. Bristow, C.S., Balley, S.D. & Lancaster, N., 2000. The sedimentary structure of linear sand dunes. Nature 406 (6791), 56-59. Cailleux, A., 1942. Les actions eoliennes periglaciaires en Europe. Mémoire de la Societé Géologique de France 46, 1-176. Cant, D.J. & Walker, R.G., 1976. Development of a braided- fluvial facies model for the Devonian Battery Point Sandstone, Quebec. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 13, 102-119. Cant, D.J. & Walker, R.G., 1978. Fluvial processes and facies sequences In

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Reconstruction and appraisal of Akunu–Akoko area iron ore deposits using geological and magnetic approaches

, S., Haney, M., Dannemiller, N. (2004): Comprehensive approaches to the inversion of magnetic data with strong remanent magnetization, 74th Ann. Internat. Mtg., Soc. Explor. Geophys ., Expanded Abstracts. [5] Telford, W. M., Geldart, L. P., Sheriff, R. G., Keys, D. A. (1976): Applied Geophysics : Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 7–215, 632–692. [6] Medeiros, W. E., Silva, J. B. C. (1995): Simultaneous estimation of total magnetization direction and spatial orientation: Geophysics , 50, 1365–1377. [7] Helbig, K. (1963): Some integrals

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