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Miocene quartz sands redeposited on subaqueous and alluvial fans during the Saalian: Interpretation of the depositional scenario at Ujście, western Poland

mineralogical diversity of the same age tills in the selected areas of the Polish Lowlands]. Przegląd Geologiczny 52, 325. Kirkby, M.J., 1987. General models of long-term slope evolution through mass movements. [In:] Anderson, M. & Richards, K. (Eds): Slope Stability, Geotechnical Engineering and Geomorphology. Wiley, London, 359–379. Kostaschuk, R.A. & Smith, D.G., 1983. Late Quaternary lacustrine and deltaic sedimentation near Banff, Alberta. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 20, 1834–1842. Kozarski, S. & Kasprzak, L., 1987. Facies analysis and

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Surface strain rate colour map of the Tatra Mountains region (Slovakia) based on GNSS data

References Altamimi Z., Collilieux X., Legrand J., Garayt B. & Boucher C. 2007: ITRF2005: New release of the International Terrestrial Reference Frame based on time series of station positions and Earth Orientation Parameters. J. Geophys. Res. 112, B09401. Anczkiewicz A.A., Danišík M. & Środoń J. 2015: Multiple low-temperature thermochronology constraints on exhumation of the Tatra Mountains: New implication for the complex evolution of the Western Carpathians in the Cenozoic. Tectonics 34, 11, 2296-2317. Bada G

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Genesis of Syntectonic Hydrothermal Veins in the Igneous Rock of Teschenite Association (Outer Western Carpathians, Czech Republic): Growth Mechanism and Origin of Fluids

. Thesis, Paris, 1-77. Goldstein RH. & Reynolds TJ. 1994: Systematics of fluid inclu- sions in diagenetic minerals. Soc. Sed. Geol, Short Course 31, 1-199. Golonka J., Oszypko N. & Ślaczka A. 2000: Late Carboniferous - Neogene geodynamic evolution and paleogeography of the cir- cum-Carpathian region and adjacent areas. Ann. Soc. Geol. Pol. 70, 107-136. Guy C, Daux V. & Schott J. 1999: Behaviour of rare earth elements during seawater/basalt interactions in the Mururoa Massif. Chem. Geol. 158, 21-35. Havíř J. 2000: Study of orientations of principal

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Thermal evolution of the Malá Fatra Mountains (Central Western Carpathians): insights from zircon and apatite fission track thermochronology

Cenozoic exhumation of the Cascadia accretionary wedge in the Olympic Mountains, NW Washington State. GSA Bull. 110, 985-1009. Burchart J. 1972: Fission-track age determination of accessory apatite from the Tatra mountains, Poland. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 15, 418-422. Burtner R. L., Nigrini A. & Donelick R. A. 1994: Thermochronology of Lower Cretaceous source rocks in the Idaho-Wyoming thrust belt. AAPG Bull. 78, 10, 1613-1636. Carlson W. D., Donelick R. A. & Ketcham R. A. 1999

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Kinematically unrelated C—S fabrics: an Lexample of extensional shear band cleavage from the Veporic Unit (Western Carpathians)

and K-Ar and 40Ar-39Ar age constraints for the tectonothermal evolution of the high-pressure Meliata unit, Western Carpathians (Slovakia). Tectonophysics 280, 141-156. Gapais D. & White S.H. 1982: Ductile shear bands in naturally deformed quartzite. Textures and Microstructures 5, 1-17. Heilbronner R. 2000: Automatic grain boundary detection and grain size analysis using polarization micrographs or orientation images. J. Struct. Geol. 22, 969-981. Hovorka D., Ivan P., Jilemnická L. & Spišiak J. 1988: Petrology

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The emplacement mode of Upper Cretaceous plutons from the southwestern part of the Sredna Gora Zone (Bulgaria): structural and AMS study

References Acef K., Liégeois J.P., Ouabadi A. & Latouche L. 2003: The Anfeg post-collisional Pan-African high-K calc-alkaline batholith (Central Hoggar, Algeria), result of the LATEA microcontinent metacratonization. J. Afric. Earth Sci. 37, 295-311. Amov B.G., Arnaudov V.S. & Pavlova M.A. 1982: Lead isotope data and age of granitoid and metamorphic rocks from Sredna Gora and Pirin. Compt. Rend. Acad. Bulg. Sci. 35, 11, 1535-1537. Archanjo C.J., Bouchez J.L., Corsini M

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Triassic fluid mobilization and epigenetic lead-zinc sulphide mineralization in the Transdanubian Shear Zone (Pannonian Basin, Hungary)

Verlag, Berlin, 1-369. Cumming G.L. & Richards J.R. 1975: Ore lead isotope ratios in a continuously changing Earth. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 28, 155-171. Csontos L. 1995: Tertiary tectonic evolution of the Intra-Carpathian area: a review. Acta Vulcanol. 7, 1-13. Csontos L. & Vörös A. 2004: Mesozoic plate tectonic reconstruction of the Carpathian region. Palaeogeogr. Palaeoclimatol. Palaeoecol. 210, 1-56. Csontos L., Nagymarosy A., Horváth F. & Kováč M. 1992: Cenozoic evolution of the Intra-Carpathian area

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Tectono-sedimentary analysis using the anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility: a study of the terrestrial and freshwater Neogene of the Orava Basin

References Aleksandrowski P. 1985: Structure of the Mt. Babia Góra region, Magura Nappe, Western Outer Carpathians: An interference of West and East Carpathian fold trends. Ann. Soc. Geol. Pol. 55, 375-422 (in Polish with English summary). Baas J. H., Hailwood E. A., McCaffrey W. D., Kay M. & Jones R. 2007: Directional petrological characterisation of deep-marine sandstones using grain fabric and permeability anisotropy: methodologies, theory, application and suggestions for integration. Earth-Sci. Rev. 82, 1, 101

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The role of oroclinal bending in the structural evolution of the Central Anatolian Plateau: evidence of a regional changeover from shortening to extension

. 1993: First paleomagnetic evidence of a post-Eocene clockwise rotation of the western Taurus belt, east of the Isparta reentrant (southwestern Turkey). Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 117, 1-14. Koçyiğit A. 1991a: Changing stress orientation in progressive intracontinental deformation as indicated by the neotectonics of the Ankara region (NW of Central Anatolia). Turkish Assoc. Petrol. Geol. Bull. 3, 1, 48-55. Koçyiğit A. 1991b: An example of an accretionary forearc basin from northern Central Anatolia and its

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Crystal size and shape distribution systematics of plagioclase and the determination of crystal residence times in the micromonzogabbros of Qisir Dagh, SE of Sabalan volcano (NW Iran)

References Ahmadzadeh Gh., Jahangiri A., Lentz D. & Mojtahedi M. 2010: Petrogenesis of Plio–Quaternary post-collisional ultrapotassic volcanism in NW of Marand, NW Iran. J. Asian Earth Sci. 39, 1–2, 37–50. Alberti A.A., Comin-Chiaramonti P., Di Battistini G., Sinigoi S. & Zerbi M. 1975: On the magmatism of the Savalan volcano (north–west Iran). Rend. Soc. Ital. Mineral. Petrol. 31, 2, 337–350. Alberti A.A., Comin-Chiaramonti P., Sinigoi S., Nicoletti M. & Petrucciani C. 1980: Neogene and Quaternary volcanism in Eastern Azerbaijan (Iran

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