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Scheduling And Simulation Of VLBI Measurements For The Determination Of Earth Orientation Parameters

Geodetic VLBI System . Nilsson, Tobias, Robert Heinkelmann, Maria Karbon, Virginia Raposo-Pulido, Benedikt Soja, and Harald Schuh. 2014. “Earth Orientation Parameters Estimated from VLBI during the CONT11 Campaign.” Journal of Geodesy 88 (5): 491–502. doi:10.1007/s00190-014-0700-5. Petrachenko, W. T., H. Schuh, A. E. Niell, D. Behrend, and B. E. Corey. 2010. “VLBI2010: Next Generation VLBI System for Geodesy and Astrometry.” American Geophysical Union . . Petrachenko, B., A. Niell, D. Behrend, B

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Magnetic Repeat Station Network on the Baltic Sea — Why So Needed?

–108. [9] Sas-Uhrynowski A., Welker E., Diomina I., Kasyanenko L. The map collection of the geomagnetic field of Baltic, ‘Prace IGiK’, 2000, No. 100, pp. 9–24. [10] Sas-Uhrynowski A., Secular changes of the magnetic field of the Earth in Poland in years 1971-1990 (in Polish), ‘Prace IGiK’, 1992, No. 87, pp. [13-19] [11] Welker E., Manners of acquiring of the information on elements of the magnetic field of the Earth and their utilization in the geodesy and the navigation (in Polish), ‘Prace IGiK’, monographic series, 2013, No. 17. [12] Welker E. (2015a

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Finite Element Modelling for Tensile Behaviour of Thermally Bonded Nonwoven Fabric

References [1] Rawal A, Priyadarshi A, Kumar N, Lomov S.V, Verpoest I. Tensile behaviour of nonwoven structures: comparison with experimental results. (2010). Journal of Materials Science, 45(24): 6643-6652. [2]Hou X.N, Acar M, Silberschmidt V.V. Finite element simulation of low-density thermally bonded nonwoven materials: Effects of orientation distribution function and arrangement of bond points. (2011). Computational Materials Science, 50(4): 1292-1298. [3]Ridruejo A, González C, Llorca J. Micromechanisms of deformation and fracture of polypropylene

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Determination of Zenith Tropospheric Delay and Precipitable Water Vapor using GPS Technology

–26929, 2000. [15] T. A. Herring, R. W. King, and S. C. McClusky, “Introduction to Gamit/Globk,” Massachusetts Inst. Technol. Cambridge , 2008. [16] S. Nistor and A. S. Buda, “Scheduling And Simulation Of VLBI Measurements For The Determination Of Earth Orientation Parameters,” J. Appl. Eng. Sci. , vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 61–68, Jan. 2015. [17] S. Nistor and A. S. Buda, “Ambiguity Resolution In Precise Point Positioning Technique: A Case Study,” J. Appl. Eng. Sci. , vol. 5, no. 1, Jan. 2015. [18] S. Nistor and A. S. Buda, “Using different mapping

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A New High Speed Induction Motor Drive based on Field Orientation and Hysteresis Current Comparison

R eferences [1] GARCIA, G.—LUIS, J.—STEPHAN, R.—WATANABE, E. : An Efficient Controller for an Adjustable Speed Induction Motor Drive, IEEE Trans. on Industrial Electronics 41 No. 5 (Oct 1994), 533–539. [2] KORLINCHAK, C. Comanescu,—M. : Sensorless Field Orientation of an Induction Motor Drive using a Time-Varying Observer, IET Electric Power Application 6 No. 6 (2012), 353–361. [3] UDDIN, M. Wen—H. : Development of a Self-Tuned Neuro-Fuzzy Controller for Induction Motor Drives, IEEE Trans. on Industry Applications 43 No. 4 (July/Aug 2007

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The MMM Expert System: From a Reference Signal to The Method Validation

. 362-370. [12] Viana A., Rouve L-L., Cauffet G. & Coulomb J-L. (2011). Analytical Model for External Induction Variations of a Ferromagnetic Cylinder Undergoing High Mechanical Stresses in a Low Magnetic Field of Any Orientation . IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Vol. 47, No. 5 [13] Dobmann, G. Physical basics and industrial applications of 3MA - micromagnetic multiparameter microstructure and stress analysis , Fraunhofer IZFP, Saarbrücken, Germany. [14] Burrows, C.W. (1916). Correlation of the magnetic and mechanical

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Electrospinning of Chitosan Biopolymer and Polyethylene Oxide Blends

fabrication. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 19(3), 745. [13] Murugan, R., Ramakrishna, S. (2007). Design strategies of tissue engineering scaffolds with controlled fiber orientation. Tissue Engineering, 13(8), 1845-1866. [14] Nitti, P., Gallo, N., Natta, L., Scalera, F., Palazzo, B., et al. (2018). Influence of nanofiber orientation on morphological and mechanical properties of electrospun chitosan mats. Journal of Healthcare Engineering. Article ID 3651480. DOI: 10.1155/2018/3651480 [15] Richard-Lacroix, M., Pellerin, C. (2013). Molecular

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Cantilever Beam Natural Frequencies in Centrifugal Inertia Field


In the advanced mechanical science the well known fact is that the gravity influences on the natural frequencies and modes even for the vertical structures and pillars. But, the condition that should be fulfilled in order for the gravity to be taken into account is connected with the ration between the gravity value and the geometrical cross section inertia. The gravity is related to the earth acceleration but for moving structures there exist many other acceleration exaggerated forces and such are forces caused by the centrifugal accelerations. Large rotating structures, as wind power generators, chopper wings, large antennas and radars, unfolding space structures and many others are such examples. It is expected, that acceleration based forces influence on the structure modal and frequency properties, which is a subject of the present investigations.

In the paper, rotating beams are subject to investigations and modal and frequency analysis is carried out. Analytical dependences for the natural resonances are derived and their dependences on the angular velocity and centrifugal accelerations are derived. Several examples of large rotating beams with different orientations of the rotating shaft are presented. Numerical experiments are conducted. Time histories of the beam tip deflections, that depict the beam oscillations are presented.

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Using Different Mapping Function In GPS Processing For Remote Sensing The Atmosphere

. 2015. “Scheduling And Simulation Of VLBI Measuremets For The Determination Of Earth Orientation Parameters.” Journal of Applied Engineering Sciences 5 (1): 61–68. Nistor, Sorin, and Aurelian Stelian Buda. 2015. “Ambiguity Resolution in Precise Point Positioning Technique: A Case Study.” Journal of Applied Engineering Science . Ohtani, Ryu, and Isao Naito. 2000. “Comparisons of GPS-derived Precipitable Water Vapors with Radiosonde Observations in Japan.” Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres (1984–2012) 105 (D22). Wiley Online Library: 26917

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Comparative Analysis of Structure-From-Motion Software’s –An Example of Letychiv (Ukraine) Castle and Convent Buildings

. (2018). A study of structure from motion photogrammetry for generating 3D model from 2D images. IOSR Jornal of Engineering (IOSRJEN), ISSN (e): 2250-3021, ISSN (p): 2278-8719, Volume 4, 72-76. Sona, G. Pinto, L. Pagliari, D. Passoni, D. and Gini, R. (2014). Experimental analysis of different software packages for orientation and digital surface modeling from UMV images, Earth Science Information, 7(2), 97-107, doi: 10.1007/s12145-013-0142-2. Strach M., A. Tama P. Lewinska, 2016, Comparative Analysis of 3D Models Made with Various Technologies on the

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