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General and Specific Culture Learning in EFL Textbooks Aimed at Adult Learners in Spain

, teaching, assessment. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Cerezal, Fernando. 1999. La transmisión de valores genéricos discriminatorios en libros de texto de inglés (Instrumentos didácticos 11). Alcalá de Henares: Servicio de Publicaciones, Universidad de Alcalá. Cheng, Ching-Mei. 2012. The influence of college EFL teachers’ understandings of intercultural competence on their self-reported pedagogical practices in Taiwan. English Teaching: Practice and Critique 11 (1). 164-182. Göbel, Kerstin & Andreas Helmke. 2010

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Arab Efl Learners’ Acquisition of Verbs of Senses

. Bloom, Paul - Mary J. Peterson - Lynn Nadel - Merrill F. Garrett (eds.), 1996 Language and space . Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Brown, Douglas 2000 Principles of language learning and teaching. San Francisco: San Francisco State University. Celce-Murcia, Marianne - Diane Larsen-Freeman 1999 The grammar book. An ESL/EFL teacher’s course (2nd edition). Boston: Heinle & Heinle Publishers. Coady, James - Jeff Magoto - Philip Hubard - John Graney - Kouder Mokhtari 1993 “High Frequency vocabulary and reading proficiency in

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Anxiety in Spanish EFL University Lessons: Causes, Responsibility Attribution and Coping

Linguarum 14. 181-196. Atkinson, Rita L., Richard C. Atkinson, Edward E. Smith, Daryl J. Bem & Susan Nolen- Hoeksema. 1994. Pszichológia. Budapest: Osiris-Századvég. Brown, James D. 2001. Using surveys in language programs. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. Burden, Peter. 2004. The teacher as facilitator: Reducing anxiety in the EFL university classroom. JALT Hokkaido Journal 8. 3-18. Chastain, Kenneth. 1975. Affective and ability factors in second language acquisition. Language Learning 25(1). 153

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Successful Learners of Irish as an L2: Motivation, Identity and Linguistic Mudes

, Tatsuya, Michael Magid and Mostafa Papi. 2009. ‘The L2 Motivational Self System among Japanese, Chinese and Iranian Learners of English: A Comparative Study’, in Zoltán Dörnyei and E. Ushioda (eds.). Motivation, language identity and the L2 self . Bristol: Multilingual Matters, 66-97. Ushioda, Ema. 2012. ‘Motivation: L2 Learning a Special Case?’, in: S. Mercer, S. Ryan, and M. Williams. Psychology for Language Learning . Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Yashima, Tomoko. 2009. ‘International posture and the ideal L2 self in the Japanese EFL Context’, in

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Differences Across Levels in the Language of Agency and Ability in Rating Scales for Large-Scale Second Language Writing Assessments

-4781.2007.00627_3.x North, Brian& Günther Schneider. 1998. Scaling descriptors for language proficiency scales. Language Testing 15(2). 217–262. DOI: 10.1177/026553229801500204 [OED =] Oxford English Dictionary (3rd ed.). Oxford: Oxford University Press. Schaefer, Edward. 2008. Rater bias patterns in an EFL writing assessment. Language Testing 25(4). 465–493. DOI: 10.1177/0265532208094273 Spandel, Vicki. 2006. In defense of rubrics. English Journal 96(1). 19–22. Upshur, John A. & Carolyn E. Turner. 1995. Constructing

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Measures in Medieval English Recipes – Culinary Vs. Medical

, Magdalena Bator & Marta Sylwanowicz (eds.), Essays and studies in Middle English. 9th International Conference on Middle English, Philological School of Higher Education in Wrocław, 2015, 11-33. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang Verlag. Brears, Peter C. D. 2008. Cooking and dining in Medieval England. Totnes: Prospect Books. Bubel, Claudia & Alice Spitz. 2013. The way to intercultural learning is through the stomach - Genre-based writing in the EFL classroom. In Cornelia Gerhardt, Maximiliane Frobenius & Susanne Ley (eds.), Culinary linguistics

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