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Influence of Sociocultural Context on Language Learning in Foreign Countries

References 1. Abad, J. (2013). Pedagogical Factors that Influence EFL Teaching: Some Considerations for Teachers’ Professional Development. Profile, Colombia, Volume 15, No 1, pp. 97-108 2. Ahmad, J. (2015). Traditional and Sociocultural Barriers to EFL learning: a Case Study. English Language Teaching, Volume 8, No 12, pp. 191-208. 3. Roy-Campbell, Z. (2014). Teaching English as a Second Language in Kenia and the United States: Convergences and Divergences. Global Education Review, No 2 (2), pp. 84

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Standards of Foreign Language Teachers’ Professional Training: Prospects and Foreign Experience

: From practices to principles. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan. 8. Kuhlman, N. Kneževič. (2013). The TESOL Guidelines for Developing EFL Professional Teaching Standards. TESOL International Association, 2013. Retrieved from: 9. Kuhlman, N. (2010). Developing foreign language teacher standards in Uruguay. GIST Education and Learning Research Journal, 4 (1), 107-126. 10. Liyanage, I., Walker, T., & Singh, P. (2015

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Transformation and Trend of Doctoral Education in China and Poland (1980s – 2010s). A Comparative Study

References Cai X.J., Fan W. (2011). General development of doctoral education in China . Beijing. Chen H.J, et al. (2010). Quality of PhD: conception, evaluation and trend . Beijing. Che S.F. (2005). EFL teaching at Polish higher education institutions and its implication for China. Teaching and Education , (11), 60–62. Chen X. (1998). The engineering education reform in Poland. Research on Education Tsinghua University , (2), 132–135, 147. Chmielecka E. (2009). National external quality assurance system in Poland and

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Conceptualising professional communities among teachers

-251. Michalak, J.M. (2009). Przestrzenie uczenia się nauczycieli: uczenie się w środowisku szkoły. Edukacja: Studia, Badania, Innowacje, 4, 22-33. Nishino, T. (2012). Multi-membership in communities of practice: An EFL teacher’s profes­sional development. The Electronic Journal for English as a Second Language, 16(2), 1-21. Orr, K. (2012). Coping, confidence and alienation: the early experience of trainee teachers in English further education. Journal of Education for Teaching: International Research and Pedagogy, 38(1), 51

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