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Attitudinal Factors Affecting Wiki Group Collaboration for English Writing

Franco, C. (2008). Using wiki-based peer-correction to develop writing skills of Brazilian EFL learners. In Novitas-Royal, 2(1), (pp. 49-59). 18. Engstrom, M.E. and Jewett, D. (2005). Collaborative learning the wiki way. In TechTrends, 49(6), (pp. 12-15). 19. Greener, S. (2009). Talking online: reflecting on online communication tools. In Campus-Wide Information Systems, 26(3), (pp. 178-190). 20. Healey, D.; Hanson-Smith, E.; Hubbard, P.; Ioannou-Georgious, S.; Kessler, G. and Ware, P. (2011). TESOL technology standards: Description

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The Relationship Between Quality of Student Contribution in Learning Activities and their Overall Performances in an Online Course

Human Behavior, 31 , 542-550. 3. Alkhateeb, M., Hayashi, Y., & Hirashima, T. (2015). Comparison between Kit-Build and Scratch-Build Concept Mapping Methods in Supporting EFL Reading Comprehension. The Journal of Information and Systems in Education, 14 (1), 13-27. 4. Arbaugh, J. B. (2002). Managing the online classroom: a study of technological and behavioral characteristics of web-based MBA courses. Journal of High Technology Management Research, 13 , 203-223. 5. Arbaugh, J. B., & Duray, R. (2002). Technological and structural characteristics

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Differences Between Regular and Distance Education in a Teacher’s Training Program

). Developing an online distance training programme for primary EFL teachers in Greece: Entering a brave new world. Research Papers in Language Teaching and Learning, 5(1), 70-86. 37. Kastanos, N., Petropoulos, P., & Roussis, R. (2004). Design proposal for the design of decentralized distance learning programs for teachers in the teaching of natural sciences. Paper presented at the 2nd Conference of the Association for Natural Science Teaching and 2nd IOSTE in Southern Europe concerning the Teaching Science & Technology: Challenges of the 21st Century

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Investigating the English Language Needs of Students at the University of Zilina

References ALLWRIGHT, R. L. 1982. Perceiving and pursuing learner’ needs. In M. Geddes, G. Sturtridge (eds.). Individualisation. London: Modern English Publications, p. 24-31. DUAN, P. 2004. Teaching Trial and Analysis of English of Technical Communication. In Asian EFL Journal [online], vol. 6, 2004, no. 1 [cit. 2011-01-05]. <>. GONDOVÁ, D. - ŠIPOŠOVÁ, M. 2010. Teaching English: A Guidebook for English Teacher Trainees. Žilina: Edis, 2010. KANDIL, A

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Transformation and Trend of Doctoral Education in China and Poland (1980s – 2010s). A Comparative Study

References Cai X.J., Fan W. (2011). General development of doctoral education in China . Beijing. Chen H.J, et al. (2010). Quality of PhD: conception, evaluation and trend . Beijing. Che S.F. (2005). EFL teaching at Polish higher education institutions and its implication for China. Teaching and Education , (11), 60–62. Chen X. (1998). The engineering education reform in Poland. Research on Education Tsinghua University , (2), 132–135, 147. Chmielecka E. (2009). National external quality assurance system in Poland and

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(Re)Claiming Voices: Digital Storytelling and Second Language Learners

/08/20/01demographics.h34.html˃ MEADOWS, D. Digital storytelling: Research-based practice in new media. Visual Communication, 2, 2003, 2, pp. 189-93. MEEKS, M. On being literate. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann Educational Books, Inc., 1991. National Center for Education Statistics. The condition of education: English language learners. [online]. April, 2014. Available from: ˂˃ OXFORD, R. Integrated skills in the ESL/EFL classroom. 2001. Available from ERIC database. (ED456670

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