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Measurement of ethylene production as a method for determining the optimum harvest date of ‘Jonagored’ apples

References Anet E.F.L., 1972. Superficial scald, a functional disorder of stored apples. IX Effect of maturity and ventilation. J. Sci. Food Agric. 23: 763-769. Bender R.J., Seibert E., 2004. Ethylene production of apples still on tree. Rev. Iber. Tecnología Postcosecha 6(2):107-109. Blanpied G.D., 1989. Measurement of internal ethylene concentration and studies of its efficacy as a predictor of empire storage life. Acta Hort. 258: 429-436. Blanpied G.D., Silsb y K.J., 1992. Predicting harvest

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