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Ágnes Herczeg-Deli

References Allison, D. 1991. "Textual explicitness and paragmatic inferencing: The case of ‘Hypothetical - Real’ contrasts in written instructional scientific discourse in English." Journal of Pragmatics 15: 373-393. Carston, R. 2002. "Linguistic Meaning, Communicated Meaning and Cognitive Pragmatics." Mind and Language 17 (1&2): 127-148. Carston, R. 2004. "Explicature and Semantics." In Semantics: A Reader , S. Davis & B. Gillon (eds), 817-845. Oxford: Oxford University Press

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Arkadiusz Rojczyk, Geoffrey Schwartz and Anna Balas

. Cognition 61. 93-125. Byrd, D. and E. Saltzman. 1998. Intergestural dynamics of multiple prosodic boundaries. Journal of Phonetics 26. 173-199. Christie, W. M. 1977. Some multiple cues for juncture in English. General Linguistics 17. 212-222. Cole, J., H. Kim, H. Choi, and M. Hasegawa-Johnson. 2007. Prosodic effects on acoustic cues to stop voicing and place of articulation. Evidence from Radio News speech. Journal of Phonetics 35. 180-209. Cole, R. A., J. Jakimik, and W. E. Cooper. 1980. Segmenting speech

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Ewa Gieroń-Czepczor

de Vijver, Helena Hurme & Jolanta Miluska (1999). “Perception and Evaluation of Polish Cultural Femininity in Poland, the United States, Finland, and the Netherlands”. Cross-Cultural Research, May 1999 33, 131-161, doi:10.1177/106939719903300201 Bralczyk: to media kształtują język polityków (2009). Gazeta Prawna [online]. Retrieved from,bralczyk_to_media_ksztaltuja_jezyk_politykow.html Cortés de los Ríos, Enriqueta (2002). “Cognitive Semantics and Axiology: A New Proposal to Study Metaphor in

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Julien Bobineau

-187. Festinger, Leon. 1957. A Theory of Cognitive Dissonance. London: Stanford Univ. Press. Freud, Sigmund. 1919. Totem and Taboo. Resemblances between the Psychic Lives of Savages and Neurotics. London: Routlegde. Gillet, Florence. 2008. “Congo reve? Congo detruit... Les anciens coloniaux belges aux prises avec une societe en repentir. Enquete sur la face emergee d’une memoire.” CHTP--BEG 19: 79-133. Hasquin, Herve. 1982. Historiographie et politique. Charleroi: Inst. Jules Destree. Heusch, Luc de. 2002. “Ceci n

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Elżbieta Górska

transcript of Reith Lectures 2006 , available at MED 2002 Macmillan English dictionary for advanced learners. (1 st edition.) 2002. Oxford: Macmillan Publishers Limited. Allwood, Jens 2003 "Meaning potential and context: Some consequences for the analysis of variation in meaning", in: Hubert Cuyckens - René Dirven - John R. Taylor (eds.), 29-65. Barcelona, Antonio (ed.) 2000 Metaphor and metonymy at the crossroads. A cognitive