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Leopoldo Angrisani, Domenico Capriglione, Gianni Cerro, Luigi Ferrigno and Gianfranco Miele

References [1] European Parliament and Council of the European Union (2010). Directive 2010/40/EU - on the framework for the deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems in the field of road transport and for interfaces with other modes of transport, Brussels, Belgium, 1-13. [2] Chen, S. (2012). Vehicular Dynamic Spectrum Access: Using Cognitive Radio for Automobile Networks. Ph.D. Dissertation. Worcester Polytechnic Institute. [3] Jiang, D., Delgrossi, L. (2008). IEEE 802.11p: Towards an international standard

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Boris Stilman

References [1] M. Botvinnik, Chess, Computers, and Long- Range Planning, Springer-Verlag, New York, 1970. [2] W.T. Astbury, X-Ray Studies of Nucleic Acids, Symposia of the Society of Experimental Biology, 1, pp. 66-76, 1947. [3] M. Botvinnik, Blok-skema algorithma igry v shahmaty (in Russian: A Flow-Chart of the Algorithm for Playing Chess), Sovetskoe Radio, 1972. [4] M. Botvinnik, Computers in Chess: Solving Inexact Search Problems, Springer-Verlag, 1984. [5] E. Chargaff, E. 1951

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Po-Ming Lee and Tzu-Chien Hsiao

. 2007, Cambridge University Press: New York, NY. p. 581-607. [13] Lang, P.J., The motivational organization of emotion: Affect-reflex connections, in Emotions: Essays on emotion theory1994, Lawrence Erlbaum: Hillsdale, NJ. p. 61-93. [14] Lang, P.J., The Emotion Probe - Studies of Motivation and Attention. American Psychologist, 1995. 50(5): p. 372-385. [15] Bolls, P.D., A. Lang, and R.F. Potter, The Effects of Message Valence and Listener Arousal on Attention, Memory, and Facial Muscular Responses to Radio Advertisements. Communication Research, 2001

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K. Sapozhnikova and R. Taymanov

Synthesis. Wiley. Wikipedia: Intermodulation. Butler, L. VK5BR (first published in "Amateur Radio" 1997). Intermodulation performance and measurement of intermodulation components Pongracz, P., Miklosi, A., Molnar, C., Csanyi, V. (2005). Human listeners are able to classify dog (Canis familiaris) barks recorded in different situations. Journal of Comparative Psychology , 119 (2), 136

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Marcin Kulawiak and Witold Wycinka

References [1] Liu, S., Chen, Y., Trappe, W., Greenstein, L.J. (2009). Non-interactive localization of cognitive radios based on dynamic signal strength mapping. 2009 Sixth International Conference on Wireless On-Demand Network Systems and Services, Snowbird, UT, 85−92. [2] Yin, J., Yang, Q., Ni, L.M. (2008). Learning adaptive temporal radio maps for signal-strength-based location estimation. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 7(7), 869−883. [3] Ji, Y., Biaz, S., Pandey, S., Agrawal, P. (2006). ARIADNE: a

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Qian Wang, Xiaomei Yang, Xiao Yan and Kaiyu Qin

References [1] Tevfik, Y., Huseyin, A. (2009). A survey of spectrum sensing algorithms for cognitive radio applications, IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, 11(1), 116-130. [2] Luca, De Vito, Rapuano, S., Villanacci, M. (2010). Prototype of an automatic digital modulation classifier embedded in a Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer, IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 59(10),2639-2651. [3] Zhou, J., Zhi, L., Yunsong, D., Xiaoyang, Z. “DFT-based carrier recovery for Satellite DVB Receivers”, ICCE

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Muhammad Aziz ul Haq and Sławomir Kozieł

dual band antenna for IOT applications. International Conference on Green Computing and Internet of Things , 1594–1597. [7] Mansour, A.M., Mokhtar, B., Gomah, K., Marghany, K., Abdelmonsef, A. Rizk, M.R.M., Shehata, N. (2016). Compact reconfigurable multi-size pixel antenna for cognitive radio networks and IoT environments. Loughborough Antennas & Propagation Conference , 1–5. [8] Zanella, A., Bui, N., Castellani, A., Vangelista, L., Zorzi, M. (2014). Internet of things for smart cities. IEEE Internet of Things Journal , 22–32. [9] Khan, M.A., ul