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Yongcheng Li, Hai Shen and Manxi Wang

References 1. Mitola, J. I., G. Q. Maguire. Cognitive Radio: Making Software Radios More Personal. - IEEE Personal Communications, Vol. 6, 1999, No 4, pp. 13-18. 2. Qadir, J. Artificial Intelligence Based Cognitive Routing for Cognitive Radio Networks. - Artificial Intelligence Review, Vol. 45, 2016, No 1, pp. 25-96. 3. Abbas, N., Y. Nasser, K. E. Ahmad. Recent Advances on Artificial Intelligence and Learning Techniques in Cognitive Radio Networks. - Eurasip Journal on Wireless Communications & Networking, Vol

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Zijuan Shi and Gaofeng Luo

References 1. Broderson, R. W., A. Wolisz, D. Cabric et al. CORVUS: A Cognitive Radio Approach for Usage of Virtual Unlicensed Spectrum. 2. Mitola, J. Cognitive Radio: Making Software Radios More Personal. - IEEE Pers Commun, Vol. 6, 1999, No 4, pp. 13-18. 3. Feng, W. J., R. Jiang, P. Han, W. Liao, H. He. Performance Analysis of Cognitive Radio Spectrum Access with Different Primary User Access Schemes. - Wireless Personal Communications, Vol. 75

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Lidan Xia, Shengli Deng and Yirong Liu

face an urgent health problem, where other sources (e.g. doctors and health institutions, television, and radio) are available. In other words, the change of situation will affect other factors’ impact on intention to use the Internet for seeking health information. So we believe it is reasonable to introduce the factor of situation as a moderator to conduct our research model. As the TRA plays an important role in cognitive behavioral research, and the TAM has also been confirmed to be effective in explaining users’ informationseeking behaviors, we use the

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Alexey Grigoriev, Evgeniya Danilova, Vasiliy Trusov, Michail Miheev and Marina Uhanova

, I. B. Santos, R. A. Guyer, and G. N. Boitnott, “Nonlinear, Hysteretic Rock Elasticity: Deriving Modulus Surfaces,” in The 38th U.S. Symposium on Rock Mechanics (USRMS) , Washington, July 7–10, 2001. [14] V. Roganov, M. Miheev, E. Roganova, B. I. Nurgozhin, and V. Fillipenko, “Main Provisions for Formation of Cognitive Model of Visually Observable Environment Synthesized for Aircraft Simulator” in Proc. International Conference “Actual Issues of Mechanical Engineering” (AIME) , 2017, pp. 671–676. [15] C. Ding, J. L. G. Janssen, A. A. H. Damen, P. P. J