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Social Exclusion and Inclusion in the Czech Republic and in South Africa: Comparison and Facts

Question of Ethnic Composition of Pupils of Former Special Schools. 2012. Public Defender of Rights. Brno. Retrieved February 22, 2016. ( ) Roma and non-Roma in the Labour Market in Central and South Eastern Europe. 2012. Roma Inclusion Working Papers. UNDP Europe and the CIS, Bratislava. Retrieved March 16, 2016. ( ) Roma Education IN Comparative Perspective. 2011. Roma Inclusion

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Influence of Macroeconomic Factors in Failure of Return of Bank Loans in Kosovo

Dash, M., Kabra, G. (2010), “ The determinants of non-performing assets in Indian commercial bank: An econometric study”- Middle Eastern Finance and Economics, 7, 94-106 Espinoza, R., Prasad, A. (2010), “Nonperforming Loans in the GCC Banking Systems and their Macroeconomic Effects”- IMF Working Paper 10/224 (Washington: International Monetary Fund Fofack, H. (2005), “Non-performing loans in sub-Saharan Africa: Causal Analysis and Macroeconomic Implications”- World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, n° 3769. Jimenez, G., and J. Saurina. 2005

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Implementation of Inclusive Education in Schools Under Local Government Jurisdiction: A Study of South Kalimantan Province in Indonesia

References Ainscow, M., A. Howes, P. Farrell, and J. Frankham. (2003). Making Sense of the Development of Inclusive Practices. European Journal of Special Needs Education 18 (2): 227–242. Ainscow, M., and M. Haile-Giorgis. (1999). Educational Arrangements for Children Categorized as Having Special Needs in Central and Eastern Europe. European Journal of Special Needs Education 14 (2): 103–121. Ainscow, M., T. Booth, and A. Dyson. (2006). Improving Schools, Developing Inclusion. London: Routledge. Bailey, L., A. Nomanbhoy, and T. Tubpun

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Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Middle-Income Countries: New Middle-Income Trap Evidence

). Globalization and the Integration-Assisted Transition in Central and Eastern European Economies. Journal of Economic Issues, 41, 427-434. Blonigen, B. A. (2005). A review of the empirical literature on FDI determinants. Atlantic Economic Journal, 33, 383-403. Borensztein, E., De Gregorio, J., & Lee, J. W. (1998). How does foreign direct investment affect economic growth? Journal of international Economics, 45, 115-135. Cai, F. (2012). Is There a “Middle‐income Trap”? Theories, Experiences and Relevance to China. China & World

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Destination Branding: A Review of the City Branding Literature

). The measurement of brand orientation, its performance impact and the role of leadership in the context of destination branding, Journal of Marketing Management, Vol. 28, No. 7-8, pp. 974-999. Hanna, S. and Rowley, J. (2012). Practitioners views on the essence of place brand management, Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, Vol. 8. doi: 10.1057/pb.2012.5. Hall, D. (1999). Destination Branding, Niche Marketing and National Image Projection in Central and Eastern Europe, Journal of Vacation Marketing, No. 5, pp. 227

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Internal Return Migration in Rural of Vietnam: Reasons and Consequences

Fortune or Menace to Human Security in Mberengwa Rural District of Zimbabwe? Journal of Business Management & Social Sciences Research, 2 (9), 1-9. Farrell, M., Kairytė, E., Nienaber, B., McDonagh, J., & Mahon, M. (2014). Rural Return Migration: Comparative Analysis between Ireland and Lithuania. Central and Eastern European Migration Review, 3 , 127-149. Farrell, M., Mahon, M., & McDonagh, J. (2012). The rural as a return migration destination. European Countryside, 4 (1), 13. doi: Gashi, A., & Adnett, N

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