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Social Exclusion and Inclusion in the Czech Republic and in South Africa: Comparison and Facts

Question of Ethnic Composition of Pupils of Former Special Schools. 2012. Public Defender of Rights. Brno. Retrieved February 22, 2016. ( ) Roma and non-Roma in the Labour Market in Central and South Eastern Europe. 2012. Roma Inclusion Working Papers. UNDP Europe and the CIS, Bratislava. Retrieved March 16, 2016. ( ) Roma Education IN Comparative Perspective. 2011. Roma Inclusion

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Analysis of the Agrarian Land Reform in Uzbekistan During the Soviet Era and After Transition

References 1. Bloch, P. C. Agrarian reform in Uzbekistan and other Central Asian Countries. 2002. Working paper No.49. Land tenure Center. University of Wisconsin-Madison. Page 6, 12. 2. Csáki, C. - Forgács, C. 2008. Agriculture in Central and Eastern Europe. After One Half Decade of Transformation. In Proceedings of a Joint IAAE-EAAE Seminar (Volume I). Leibniz: Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe, 2008, pages 4 - 7. 3. Djanibekov, N - Lamers, JPA - Bobojonov, I. 2010. Land consolidation for increasing cotton production

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New Rules for Acquisition of Agricultural Land – – Case of Slovakia / Nové Pravidlá Pre Nadobúdanie Vlastníctva K Poľnohospodárskej Pôde – – Prípad Slovenska

References 1. BANDLEROVA, A. et al. 2013. Agrarne pravo EU. SPU: Nitra, 2013. ISBN 978-80-552-1057-5. 2. BUDAY, Š. et al. 2013. Rozvoj trhu s podou a trhu s najmom v podmienkach EU. Bratislava: VUEPP, 2013. ISBN 978-80-8058-586-0. 3. DALE, P., BALDWIN, R. 2000. Lessons Learnt from the Emerg- Bratislava: VUEPP, 2012, č. 3, s. 5- 17 ISSN 1335-6186. ing Land Market in Central and Eastern Europe. Prague: FIG, 2000. 4. DRABIK, D., RAJČANIOVA, M. 2014. Agricultural Land market in Slovakia Under The New

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Costs and Collateral Damage of a Failure to Protect in Syria

Affairs. (1999). Humanitarian Intervention: Legal and Political Aspects. December 7. Commissioned report by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Denmark: Danish Institute of International Affairs. Doyle, M. (1997). Ways of war and peace. 1st ed. New York: Norton. Evans, G. and Sahnoun, M. (2002). The Responsibility to Protect. Foreign Affairs, 81(6), pp.99-110. Faiola, A. and Mekhennet, S. (2016). Tracing the path of four terrorists sent to Europe by the Islamic State. The Washington Post. [online] Available at: https

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Key Macroeconomic Drivers on Reducing Non Performing Loans in Albania

Stability . Volume 4, Issue 2. P. 135-148 Staehr, K., and Uusküla, L., 2017. Forecasting models for non-performing loans in the EU countries. The Working Paper is available on the Eesti Pank web site . Škarica, B., 2014. Determinants of non-performing loans in Central and Eastern European countries. Financial Theory and Practice. 38(1). P. 37-59. Tanasković, S., and Jandrić, M., 2015. Macroeconomic and Institutional Determinants of Non-performing Loans. Journal of Central Banking Theory

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City: Melting Locus and Cross-Cultural Difference Versus Rural (The Case of Tirana after the 90s)

-Urban Migration” in Central and Eastern Europe, Final Country Report Albania Hoselitz, B. (1957), “Urbanisation and economic growth in Asia”, Economic Development and Cultural Change, 6(1). Instat (2002), The Population of Albania in 2001: Main Results of the Population and Housing Census. Tirana: Instituti i Statistikës. Instat (2011), Population and Housing Census. Instat (2014), Migration in Albania. King, R. and Vullnetari, J. (2003), Migration and Development in Albania, Brighton: University of

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Nationalism and Anti-Semitism in an Independent Romania

the Face of Romania). Bucureşti: Humanitas. Codrescu, I. C. (1870). Cotropirea judoveascã în România (The Judaic invasion in Romania). Bucharest: Noua Typographia a Laboratorulilor Români. Dobrogeanu-Gherea, C. (1910). Neoiobãgia: studiu economico-sociologic al problemei noastre agrar. Bucureşti: Ed. Librãriei Socec. Eberhardt, P. (2003) Ethnic Groups and Population Changes in Twentieth-Century Central Eastern Europe. History. Data, and Analysis, Armonk, London: M. E. Sharpe. Georgescu, V. (1992). Istoria Românilor. De La origini pâna

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Efficiency Comparison of Cryptographic Applications, Match-off-Card vs. Match-on-Card, Using National Biometric eID Card

|Gov Days 2015 Central and Eastern European e|Dem and e|Gov Days 2015 Independence Day: Time for a European Internet . Budapest,. Smart Card Alliance. (2011). A Smart Card Alliance Physical Access Council White Paper . Princeton Junction, NJ 08550: Smart Card Alliance. Smart Payment Association. (2013). Biometrics for Payment Applications - The SPA Vision on Financial Match-on-Card . Smart Payment Association (SPA). Stallings, W. (2012). Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles . New Jersey: Prentice Hall, Pearson. Vibert, B., Ninassi

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The Creation of the Albanian State and its Relationship with Religious Communities: The Sanctioning of Religious Plurality as a Condition of National Unity

Religious Communities in Albania, Studies of Comparative Law. Christian rights and human rights. Religion Report with State in Albania (pp. 43), Tirana: Naimi. D. Sadikaj (1972), Position of Religion in Albania under the Conditions of the Communist System (pp. 34), Tirana. E. A. Sewell (2004), Law and Religion in Positive Europe (pp. 212-243), Bologna. E. A. Sewell (2010). Religious Freedom in Central and Eastern Europe. Human Rights and Religious Freedom, (edited by Vittorio Possenti): Rubettino, Soveria Mannelli (pp. 117

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The Role of Deposit Money Banks’ Loan Facilities in Financing Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises in Nigeria

References Adelaja B. O (2003) Financing small and medium enterprises under SMIEIS . Being a Paper presented as central bank of Nigeria (CBN) seminar on small and medium industries equity investment, August. Lagos: CBN. 4: 100-1 14 Adofu, I. M. & Audu, S. I. (2010). An assessment of the effects of interest rate deregulations in enhancing agricultural productivity in Nigeria. Current Research Journal of Economics Theory. 2(2): 82 – 86. Afangideh, U. J. (2009). Financial development and agricultural investment in Nigeria: Historical Simulation

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