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The “New Cold Warriors” and the “Pragmatics”: The Differences in Foreign Policy Attitudes towards Russia and the Eastern Partnership States among the NATO Member States from Central and South-Eastern Europe

References Balabán, M., 2016. The limits, dilemmas and challenges of European security in uncertain times. Central European Journal of International and Security Studies, 10(1): 88-109. BBC News, 2014. Hungary suspends gas supplies to Ukraine. BBC, 26 September [online]. Available at: (Accessed 26 July 2016). Belkin, P., Mix, D. E. and Woehrel, S., 2014. NATO: response to the crisis in Ukraine and security concerns in Central and Eastern Europe. Current Politics and

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Re-shaping the Model of Economic Growth of the CEE Countries

References Barro, J. R. & Sala-i-Martin, X. (1995), Technological Diffusion, Convergence and Growth, NBER Working paper 116, Cambridge: National Bureau of Economic Research. Becker, T.; Daianu, D.; Darvas, Z.; Gligorov, V.; Landesmann, M.; Petrovic, P.; Pisani-Ferry, J.; Rosati, D.; Sapir, A. & Di Mauro, B. W. (2010), Whither growth in central and eastern Europe? Policy lessons for an integrated Europe, Brugel Blue Print Series, vol. 11. Retrieved from

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Central and Eastern Europe as Partner of Chinese One Belt One Road Project

References Boulnois L., Silk Road: Monks, Warriors & Merchants, Hong Kong: Odyssey Books 2005. Chengdu-Europe Express Rail Cargo Service: China’s New Gateway to Europe (2017), „’ (2017), . Elisseeff V., The Silk Roads: Highways of Culture and Commerce. UNESCO Publishing / Berghahn Books 2001. History of civilizations of Central Asia, Volume II. The development of sedentary and nomadic civilizations: 700 BC to 250, J. Harmatta ed., Paris 1994. History of civilizations of Central

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The Cybersecurity Strategy of the Visegrad Group Countries

-46. Novaky, N. I. M. (2015): Why so Soft? The European Union in Ukraine. Contemporary Security Policy 36 (2): 244-266. Roštekova, M. - Rouet, G. (2014): The Visegrad Group - a model to follow? Politeja 28 (11): 181-193. Sarvas S. (1999): Professional soldiers and politics: A case of Central and Eastern Europe. Armed Forces and Society 26 (1): 99-118. Sussex M. (2017): The triumph of Russian national security policy? Russia’s rapid rebound. Australian Journal of International Affairs 71 (5): 499-515. Tait, R

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The Three Seas Initiative as a Political Challenge for the Countries of Central and Eastern Europe

References Cabada, Ladislav (2018): Visegrad Group in the Context of Other Central European Cooperation Formats. Politics in Central Europe 13(2): 165–179, doi: 10.2478/pce-2018-0006. Cabada, Ladislav – Waisová, Šárka (2018): The Visegrad Four as an ambitious actor of (Central-) European foreign and security policy. Politics in Central Europe 13 (2): 9–20, doi: 10.2478/pce-2018-0014. Corneliu-Aurelian, Colceriu (2017): Iohannis: Romania wants to make Three Seas Initiative summit more visible; it is a profoundly pro-European initiative

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The quantitative and qualitative analysis of public administration reforms in post-communist countries

methodology for conducting integrative mixed methods research and data analysis. Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 4(4), pp.342-60. Cohen, M. D., March, J. G. and Olsen, J. P., 1972. A garbage can model of organisational choice. Administrative Science Quarterly, 17, pp.1-25. Dan, S. and Pollitt, C., 2014. NPM Can Work: An Optimistic Review of the Impact of New Public Management Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe. Public Management Review, 17(9), pp.1305-1332. De Vries, M. and Nemec, J., 2013. Public sector reform: an

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Shadow Memorial Diplomacy: The Ronald Reagan Centennial Year in Central and Eastern Europe

), the Ronald Reagan Centennial celebrations were used to shore up the American alliance in Central and Eastern Europe. Unlike that display, the Centennial was not driven by current U.S. government officials, and it articulated responses to threats beyond terrorism. Ostensibly a year’s worth of programming to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Reagan’s birth in 2011, the Centennial’s message was a transatlantic call for standing firm against not only terrorism but also Russian encroachment on the region. This article argues that because of the status of its drivers and

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China’s Belt and Road Initiative Extension to Central and Eastern European Countries - Sixteen Nations, Five Summits, Many Challenges

, [online]. Available at:,shtml . Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, 2013. Promote Friendship Between Our People and Work Together to Build a Bright Future . [online] 9 August. Available at: [Accessed October 2016]. MFAPRC News Release, 2015. The Medium-Term Agenda for Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries . [online] 24 November. Available at

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Internal ministerial advisory bodies: An attempt to transform governing in the Slovak Republic

Central and Eastern Europe. East European Politics, 28 (1), 4–22. Miles, M.B., & Huberman, A.M. (1994). Qualitative Data Analysis. London: Sage Publications. Múčka, F. (2014, 24 November). Keď naši hipsteri robia policy [When our hipsters conduct policy]. Týždeň . Retrieved from (accessed 16 February 2018). OECD (2014). Slovak Republic. Developing a Sustainable Strategic Framework for Public Administration Reform. Paris: OECD. Retrieved from http

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Mitterrand and the Great European Design—From the Cold War to the European Union

References Berend, I. T. (2016), The History of European Integration: A new perspective , London/New York: Routledge. Bozo, F. (2009), Mitterrand, the End of the Cold War, and German Unification , New York & London: Berghahn Books. Braghiroli, S. & Carta, C. (2009), “An index of friendliness toward Russia: An analysis of the member states and Member of the European Parliament’s positions,” Pan-European Institute Electronic Publication. Retrieved from https

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