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Management of Gastrointestinal Disorders in Central and Eastern Europe: Self-Reported Practice of Primary Care Physicians / Zdravljenje Bolezni Prebavil V Srednji In Vzhodni Evropi: Podatki, Ki Jih Zdravniki V Primarni Zdravstveni Oskrbi Sami Sporočajo

, Jemal A, Smith RA, Ward E. Worldwide variations in colorectal cancer. CA Cancer J Clin 2009; 59: 366-78. 9. Seifert B, Svab I, Madis T, Kersnik J, Windak A, Steflova A et al. Perspectives of family medicine in Central and Eastern Europe. Fam Pract 2008; 25: 113-8. 10. Rechel B, McKee M. Health reform in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Lancet 2009; 374: 1186-95. 11. Albreht T, Klazinga N. Privatisation of health care in Slovenia in the period 1992-2008. Health Policy 2009; 90: 262

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Slovenian Journal of Public Health
The Journal of National Institute of Public Health
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A time-trend analysis of intended career choice for family medicine among croatian medical students

: World Health Organization, 2008. 34. Oreskovic S. New priorities for health sector reform in Central and Eastern Europe. Croat Med J 1998; 39: 225-33. 35. Katić M, Juresa V, Oresković S. Family medicine in Croatia: past, present, and forthcoming challenges. Croat Med J 2004; 45: 543-9. 36. Bardehle D, Laaser U, Zaletel-Kragelj L. Selected indicators of health care resources, and health care utilization and costs in countries of the “Public health in South Eastern Europe (PHSEE)” network. Zdrav Var 2006; 45: 67

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Women, work and health / Ženske, delo in zdravje

employment in Central-Eastern Europe. Westport, London: Greenwood, 1995: 229 - 236. 4. Jogan M. The stubbornness of sexism in the second part of the twentieth century in Slovenia. In: Toš N, Muller KH, editors. Political faces of Slovenia: political orientations and values at the end of the century - outlines based on Slovenian public opinion surveys. Wien: Edition Echoraum. 2005: 297 - 313. 5. Kanjuo Mrčela A, Černigoj Sadar N. Social policies related to parenthood and capabilities of Slovenian parents. Social Politics 2011; 18; 2: 199

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Primary care for the Roma in Europe: Position paper of the European forum for primary care

the Roma population. Yet, in no way do we intend to stigmatise the Roma and Roma communities in this paper. Further, some of the generalisations below also apply to other population groups, among them recent migrants from other continents. The largest Roma populations are to be found in the Central and Eastern European states, such as Bulgaria, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia and Hungary. In these countries, the Roma people make up between 7 and 12 per cent of the total population. In most other states, the Roma make up around

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Health care reforms

to invest additional resources to achieve particular objectives. More and better data and analysis, including international comparisons, often help, although a great deal depends on consensus regarding the value and meaning of such evidence. Conflicts of Interest : The authors declare that no conflicts of interest exist. References 1 Wlodarczyk C. Expert network on health ad health care financing strategies in countries of central nad eastern Europe, or on the advantages of neighbourly cooperation in health care refors. Antidotum 1993; 1(Suppl): 8

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Thirty years of gender differences in self-assessed health: the case of Slovenia / Trideset let razlik v samoocenah zdravja med spoloma: primer Slovenije

, Sjöberg O. Social policy and health: transition countries in a comparative perspective. Int J Soc Welfare 2010; 19: S60-S88. 9. Chenet L. Gender and socio-economic inequalities in mortality in central and eastern Europe. In: Annandale E, Hunt K, editors. Gender inequalities in health. Buckingham: Open University Press, 2000: 182-210. 10. Annandale E, Hunt K. Gender inequalities in health: research at the crossroads. In: Annandale E, Hunt K, editors. Gender inequalities in health. Buckingham: Open University Press, 2000: 1

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Correlations between obesity and asthma control in children: Hungarian primary care pilot study

References Pinnock H, International Primary Care Respiratory Study Group. Research Needs Statement 2010. Prim Care Resp J 2010; 19 (Suppl 1): S1-S20. Canöz M, Erdenen F, Uzun H, Müderrisoglu C, Aydin S. The reletionship of inflammatory cytokineas with asthma and obesity. Clin Invest Med 2008; 31: E373-9. Leonardi GS, Houthuijs DBNJV, Rudnai Z, Zejda J, Gurzau E, Fabianova E, Fletscher T, Brumekreef B. Respiratory symptoms, bronchitis and asthma in children of Central and Eastern

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Screening and Registering Patients with Asthma and Copd in Slovenian Primary Care: First Results / Presejanje In Registriranje Bolnikov Z Astmo In Kopb V Referenčnih Ambulantah Družinske Medicine: Prvi Rezultati

Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. BMC Fam Pract 2012; 13: 1-10. 7. Health for all database, version January 2013. Copenhagaen: WHO Regional Office for Europe, 2013. Available Jan 10, 2013 from: data. 8. Bodenheimer T, Chen E, Bennett HD. Confronting the growing burden of chronic disease: can the U.S. health care workforce do the job? Health Aff (Millwood) 2009; 28: 64-74. 9. Rance KS. Helping patients attain and maintain asthma control: reviewing the role of the nurse practitioner. J Multidiscip

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