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Grandmothers migrating, working and caring: Latvian women between survival and self-realisation

, O. and Marks, L. (2009) Grandparents across the Ocean: Eastern European immigrants’ struggle to maintain intergenerational relationships, Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 40(1): 77-95. Neugarten, B. L. (1974) Age groups in American society and the rise of the young-old, Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 415: 187-198. Novikova, I. (2006) Gender equality in Latvia: achievements and challenges, in J. Lukić, J. Regulska and D. Zaviršek (eds) Women and Citizenship in Central and Eastern Europe . Aldershot: Ashgate

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Risk Sexual Behaviour In Students Aged 12-18

a risky behavior in adolescence. Sotsialna Medicina. 2012;XX(4):4-8. Bulgarian 4. Bachanas PJ, Morris MK, Lewis-Gess JK, Sarett-Cuasay EJ, Sirl K, Rie JK. Predictors of risky sexual behavior in African American adolescent girls: implications for prevention interventions. J Pediatr Psychol. 2002;27(6):519-30. 5. Astra Youth. Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Adolescents Central and Eastern Europe and Balkan Countries. Astra Network; 2011. 6. Rabusic L, Kepakova K. Adolescent sexual behavior and the HIV/AIDS Risk in the Czech Republic

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Determinants of Practising Selected Forms of Physical Activity in a Group of Administrative and Office Workers

., Riphagen I., Gilson N. et al. (2010). Occupational sitting and health risks: a systematic review. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 39(4), 379-88. DOI: 10.1016/j.amepre.2010.05.024. 4. Chodinow W. (2008). Role of active rest in circuit training. Collection of Research Papers from the Eastern European National University in Lutsk. Lutsk, 360-363. [in Polish] 5. Sygit K. (2015). Fundamental significance of physical activity for seniors’ health. Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine 12(4), 53-59. 6

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Recreational Physical Activity of International Sports Events Fans
Physical activity of sports events fans

. & Welk G. J. (2007). Fitness and wellness. Form, fitness, health. Poznań: Zysk i S-ka. [in Polish] Mynarski, W., Garbaciak W., Stokłosa H. & Grzadziel G. (2007). Physical fitness focused on health (H-RF) in Upper Silesia. Katowice: AWF. [in Polish] Biddle, S. J. H., Soós I., Hamar P., Sandor I., Simonek J. & Kar­sai I. (2009). Physical activity and sedentary behaviours in youth: Data from three Central-Eastern European countries. European Journal of Sport Science 9(5), 295-301. Drygas, W., Bielecki W. & Puska P

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Tourist Potential of the łęczna-Włodawa Lakeland and Its Application in the Context of the Functioning of the Polesie National Park

. Kraków: Instytut Geografii i Gospodarki Przestrzennej UJ. [in Polish] 18. Tucki A., Swieca A. (2008). The role of local government In the development of tourism as exemplified by the Lublin region. In J. Wyrzykowski (ed.), Conditions of the foreign tourism development In central and eastern Europe (pp. 493- 509). Wroclaw: Uniwersytet Wroclawski. 19. Krukowska R. (2009). Leczna-Wlodawa Lakeland - the tourist function of the region. Folia Turistica 21, 165-184. [in Polish] 20. Wlodarczyk B. (2009). Tourist function - the essence, concepts , development

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The Current Condition and Possibilities of Development of Festival Tourism in the Lublin Region

culture's festival in łódź as an example of tourism product – event. Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług 66(648), 89-100. [in Polish] 21. Przybyłowska I. (1978). Free-form interview with a standardized list of required information and possibility of its application in sociological studies. Przegląd Socjologiczny XXX, 53-68. [in Polish] 22. Retrieved December 10, 2013. 23. Świeca A., Brzeziñska-Wójcik T. (2009). Regional diversity of geosystems of river catchments of central-eastern Poland in view of studies on outflow of solutions. Prace i

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Generation changes over the period of 1986-2006 in the physical fitness of boys aged 7-19 from eastern Poland at particular stages of education

References Bizhen W., Y.Jicheng (2005) Secular growth changes in body height and weight in children and adolescents in Shandong, China between1939 and 2000. Ann.Hum.Biol,. 5:650-665. Celi F., V.Bini, G.De Gorgi, D.Molinari, F.Faroni, G.Di Stefano, M.L.Bacosi, M.G.Serioli, G.Contessa, A.Falorni (2003) Epidemiology of overweight and obesity among children and adolescents in three provinces of central Italy, 1993-2001: study of potential influencing variables. Eur.J.Clin.Nutr. 57:1045-1051. Chodick G., M.Huerta, R.D.Balicer, N

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Cardio-pulmonary fitness and anthropometric features in men aged 50+ trained in long-distance running and those not trained

., Simonsen L., et al.( 2010) High-intensity training versus traditional exercise interventions for promoting health. Med. Sci. Sports. Exerc., 42: 1951-1958. 28. Pikhart H., Bobak M., Malyutina S., Pajak A., Kubinova R., Marmot M. (2007) Obesity and education in three countries of the Central and Eastern Europe: the HAPIEE study. Cent. Eur. J. Public. Health, 15(4): 140-142. 29. Ruddy R., Lonsdorfer-Wolf E., Charloux A., Doutreleau S., Buchheit M., Oswald-Mammosser M., et al. (2001) Non-invasive Cardiac Output Evaluation during a Maximal Progressive Exercise Test, Using

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Calcium, magnesium and phosphorus dietary intake in active and sedentary Polish students

. Am. Soc Nephrol., 10: 1257-1272. 7. Boylan S., Welch A., Pikhart H., Malyutina S., Pajak A., Kubinova R., Bragina O., Simonova G., Stepaniak U., Gilis-Januszewska A., Milla L., Peasey A., Marmot M., Bobak M. (2009) Dietary habits in three Central and Eastern European countries: the HAPIEE study. BMC Public. Health, 9: 439. 8. Brown E.M. (2013) Role of the calcium-sensing recep¬tor in extracellular calcium homeostasis. Best. Pract. Res. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab., 27: 333-343. 9. Calvo M.S., Tucker K.L. (2013) Is

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