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Het beeld van Midden- en Oost-Europa in Nederlandse literaire non-fictie

Bergeijk. 2007. Meer dan de feiten. Gesprekken met auteurs van literaire non-fictie . Amsterdam: Atlas. Chew III, William L. 2006. “What's in a National Stereotype? An Introduction to Imagology at the Threshold of the 21st Century,” Language and Intercultural Communication 6 (3): 179-187. Fortuin, Arjen. 2008. “Goed geschreven non-fictie,” De Revisor (2-3): 59-64. Koens, Olaf. 2012. Koorddansen in de Kaukasus. Reis door Ruslands onbeheersbare achtertuin . Amsterdam: Nieuw Amsterdam. Leerssen, Joep, en Manfred Beller, eds. 2007. Imagology. The Cultural

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From Central Asia to South Africa: In Search of Inspiration in Rock Art Studies

. 155-174. _____. 2001b. “The Petroglyphs of Central Asian from the Viewpoint of the Indo-Iranian Hypothesis.” Indo-European Studies Bulletin 9(2): 9-19. _____. 2001c. “Sun Gods or Shamans? Interpreting the ‘Solar-Headed’ Petroglyphs of Central Asia.” The Archaeology of Shamanism. Ed. N. Price. London and New York: Routledge. 65-86. _____. 2002a. “Crossing the Crack: Flying to the Cloud. Indo-Iranians, Shamanism and Central Asian Rock Art.” Bolletino del Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici 33: 97

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Poles in the Dutch Cape Colony 1652-1814

. “Udział Polakow w formacjach wojskowych i porządkowych w Afryce Południowej na przestrzeni wiekow.” Polacy i osoby polskiego pochodzenia w siłach zbrojnych i policji państw obcych: Historia i wspołczesność. Materiały VI Międzynarodowego Sympozjum Biografistyki Polonijnej. Eds A. Judycka, and Z. Judycki. Toruń: Instytut Badań Biografi cznych. 584-593. _____. 2005. “Servicemen from the Kingdom of Poland in the Dutch East India Company and Their South African Connections.” Slavic Almanach: The South African Journal for Slavic, Central and Eastern European

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