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Potentials of Administrative Procedures as a Participatory Tool within Governance Models in Central and Eastern Europe

administrative procedures in Slovenia according to European trends. Review of central and east European law , 41(3/4), 427–461. Kovač, P. (2011). Modernizing administrative procedural law in Slovenia as a driving force of efficient and good administration. The NISPAcee journal of public administration and policy , 4(2), 39–66. Kovač, P., Bileišis, M. (eds.) (2017). Public Administration Reforms in the Eastern European Union MS: Post-Accession Convergences and Divergences . Mykolas Romeris University, Faculty of Administration, Vilnius, Ljubljana, https

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Disparities in Mortality Rates of Working-Age Population in Eastern, Central and Western Europe – A Comparative Quantitative Analysis

., Hoffmann, R. (2011). The State Socialist Mortality Syndrome. Population Research and Policy Review , 2011 June, 30(3), 355–379. Cockerham, W. C. (1997). The social determinants of the decline of life expectancy in Russia and Eastern Europe: a lifestyle explanation. Journal of Health and Social Behavior , 38(2), 117–130. Cockerham, W. C., Snead, M. C., DeWaal, D. F. (2002). Health lifestyles in Russia and the socialist heritage. Journal of Health and Social Behavior , 43(1), 42–55. Cooper, R., Sempos, C. (1984). Recent mortality patterns associated

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The Looming Central and Eastern European Real Convergence Club. Do Implicit tax Rates Play a Part?

Selected Central and Eastern European Countries . Proceeding of the 15th International Conference on finance and banking 25 Years of Economic and Financial Transition in Central and Eastern Europe, 60–72. Retrieved October 3, 2018, from . Enea Smarandache, I., Ciurlau, C.F. (2009). Components of the Unemployment Analysis in Contemporary Economies. Annals of the Constantin Brâncuşi University of Târgu Jiu, Economy Section , 1. EU Commission (2005). Structures of the taxation systems in the

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Patterns of Structural Change in the New EU Member States

Restructuring in the New EU Member States and Selected Newly Independent States: Effects on Growth, Employment and Productivity. In R. Grinberg, P. Havlik and O. Havrylyshyn (eds). Economic Restructuring and Integration in Eastern Europe . Experiences and Policy Implications, Nomos, Baden-Baden, 47–72. Havlik, P., Leitner, S. and Stehrer, R. (2012). Growth resurgence, productivity catching-up and labour demand in Central and East European Countries. In M. Mas and R. Stehrer (eds). Industrial Productivity in Europe . Growth and Crisis, Edward Elgar. Landesmann, M

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Analysis of the Agrarian Land Reform in Uzbekistan During the Soviet Era and After Transition

References 1. Bloch, P. C. Agrarian reform in Uzbekistan and other Central Asian Countries. 2002. Working paper No.49. Land tenure Center. University of Wisconsin-Madison. Page 6, 12. 2. Csáki, C. - Forgács, C. 2008. Agriculture in Central and Eastern Europe. After One Half Decade of Transformation. In Proceedings of a Joint IAAE-EAAE Seminar (Volume I). Leibniz: Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe, 2008, pages 4 - 7. 3. Djanibekov, N - Lamers, JPA - Bobojonov, I. 2010. Land consolidation for increasing cotton production

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European Constitutionalism as the Metatheory of the Construction of Legal and Political Reality and the Challenges for its Development

* This article is an extended version of the paper presented at the annual meeting of the Central and Eastern European Network of Jurisprudence, Brno, Czech Republic 13–16 September, 2015. References Brand, M. (2004). Affirming and Refining European Constitutionalism: Towards the Establishment of the First Constitution for the European Union. EUI Working Paper LAW , 2, Florence: European University Institute. Castells, M. (2010). End of Millennium: The Information Age: Economy, Society and Culture . Vol. 3, 2nd ed., Malden, Oxford, West Sussex

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Corruption and System Change in the Czech Republic: Firm-Level Evidence

References Ades A., Di Tella, R. (1999). Rents, competition, and corruption. American Economic Review, 89, 982-993. Aidt T. S. (2009). Corruption, institutions, and economic development. Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 25(2), 271-291. Batory, A. (2012). Why do anticorruption laws fail in Central Eastern Europe? A target compliance perspective. Regulation & Governance, 6(1), 66-82. Berg V. Sanford, Liangliang, J. and Chen, L. (2012). Regulation and corporate corruption: new evidence from the

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). Upgrading Local Economies in Central and Eastern Europe? The Role of Business Service Foreign Direct Investment in the Knowledge Economy, European Planning Studies, 19(9), 1581-1591. Kennel, S. J. (2007). Foreign Direct Investment and Local Linkages: An Empirical Investigation, Management International Review, 47(1), 51-77. Lambooy, J. G., Boschma, R.A. (2001). Evolutionary economics and regional policy. The Annals of Regional Science, 35, 113-131. Lengauer, L., Nussmüller, Tödtling, F. (2010). Innovation and Knowledge

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Procedural Safeguards under the European Convention on Human Rights in Public (Administrative) Law Matters

case law by the European Court of Human Rights versus Slovenia. International journal of public policy , 12 (3/4/5/6), 149–16. Sever, T., Ðanić, A., and Kovač, P. (2014). Judicial protection of timely decision-making in administrative matters in the light of European convention on human rights in Slovenia and Croatia , NISPAcee Conference, Budapest, May 2014, Government vs. governance in Central and Eastern Europe: from pre-Weberianism to neo-Weberianism? Sever, T., Ðanić, A., and Kovač, P. (2016). Effective legal protection against the excessive length

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