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Analysis of Agricultural Holdings of the Visegrad Four in the Post-Accession Period

References Agriculture, Forestry And Fshery statistics, 2013 edition, EUROSTAT pocket books Balázs, P. 1996. Az EU külpolitikai kapcsolatai és Magyarország. Közgazdasági és Jogi Könyvkiadó, Budapest, 483 p. Farm Structure in Czech Republic – 2007, EUROSTAT, Statistics in Focus 86/2008, European Communities FARM STRUCTURE in Poland – 2007, EUROSTAT, Statistics Explained; Data from May 2008. Most recent data: Further Eurostatinformation, Main tables and Database. Farm Structure in Hungary – 2007, StatisticsExplained; Data from November 2008. Most recent

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Regional Disparities and their Reasons. Comparative Analysis of Slovakia and Hungary

2004. London. ISBN 1 898802 25 4. EUROPEAN COMMISSION. European Institute for regional and local development institute for human sciences. 1995. Eastern and Central Europe 2000. Brussels. ISBN 92- 826-9547-6 GYORGYI, B. et al. 2005. Hungarian Spacesand Places : Patterns of Transition. Pécs, 2005. ISBN 963 9052 46 9. KRUGMAN, P. R. - OBSTFELD, M. 1997: International economics: theory and policy. 4th edition, Addison Wesley Longman, Inc., 1997. 766 p. ISBN 0-673-52497-3. MACHLUP, F. 1990. Economic

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Regional Differences in Land Use in Hungary

. 141–152. DEPARTMENT of National Parks and Landscape Protection, Ministry of Agriculture 2017. National Landscape Strategy (2017–2026). EUROPEAN COMMISSION 2017. EU Agricultural ooutlook for the EU Agricultural Markets and Income 2017–2030. pp. 90 FERANEC, J. – SOUKUP, T. – TAFF, G.N. –STYCH, P. – BICIK, I. 2017. Overview of Changes in Land Use and Land Cover in Eastern Europe. available: HUNGARIAN Central Statistical Office database

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The V4 Countries Beer Market Development

References Brewers of Europe. 2018, September 4. The Contribution made by Beer to the European Economy. Retrived from: GARAVAGLIA, CH. – SWINNEN, J. 2017. The Craft Beer Revolution: An International Perspective. In Chices, vol. 32, 2017, no. 3, pp. 1–8. LARIMO, J. – MARINOV, M. – MARINOVA, S. 2006. The Central and Eastern European brewing industry since 1990. In British Food Journal, vol. 108, 2006, no. 5, pp. 371–384.

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The Register SUGGESTIONS: Processing Tool for Land Consolidation Projects

erosion control. In Ecological Engineering, vol. 68, 2014, pp. 260–269. HARTVIGSEN, M. 2014. Land reform and land fragmentation in Central and Eastern Europe. In Land Use Policy, vol. 36, 2014, pp. 330–341. JANEČEK, M. – DOSTAL, T. – KOZLOVSKY DUFKOVÁ, J. – DUMBROVSKY, M. – HŮLA, J. – KADLEC, V. – KOVÁŘ, P. – KRÁSA, J. – KUBATOVÁ, E. – KOBZOVÁ, D. – KUDRNACOVÁ, M. – NOVOTNY, I. – PODHRÁZKA, J. – PRAŽAN, J. – PROCHÁDZKOVÁ, E. – STŘEDOVA, H. – TOMAN, F. – VOPRAVIL, J. – VLASAK, J. 2012. Protecting agricultural land from erosion, water erosion, wind erosion

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Trends in Organic Farming Development in Bulgaria: Applying Circular Economy Principles to Sustainable Rural Development

tourism. III International scientific conference Climate change, economic development, environment and people (CCEDEP). School of Food Technology, Food Safety and Ecology, University Donja Gorica, Montenegro. Alliance of Central Eastern European Universities. December, 2013, pp. 89-108. Enhancing the contribution of agriculture and forestry to the circular economy. Copa - Cogeca. Guidelines for the production , processing, labelling and marketing of organically produced foods adopted by the 23rd Session of the Codex Alimentarius

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Atmospheric Deposition Effects on Agricultural Soil Acidification State — Key Study: Krupanj Municipality

References [1] Bergholm, J., Berggren, D. & Alavi, G. (2003). Soil Acidification Induced by Ammonium Sulphate Addition in a Norway Spruce Forest in Southwest Sweden, Water, Air and Soil Pollution, 148 (1-4), 87-109. [2] Borůvka, L., Mládková, L., Penížek, V., Drábek, O. & Vašát, R. (2007). Forest soil Acidification Assessment Using Principal Component Analysis and Geostatistics , Geoderma 374-382. [3] Gzyl, J. (1999). Soil Protection in Central and Eastern Europe, Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 66, 333-337. [4] Hall, J., Reynolds, B., Aherne

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Challenges of EU Accession for Macedonia and Ukraine: Selected View from Inside Europe and Outside Visegrad

. Internationalization of SMEs. Context, Models and Implementation. Gdańsk : Gdańsk University of Technology, 2012. pp. 40-62. ISBN 978-83-7348-411-5. WORLD BANK. 2014a. Gross fixed capital formation. [2014-04-06]. Available from: WORLD BANK. 2014b. World Development Indicators. [2014-04-06]. Available from: ZHEMOYDA, O. 2008. Regional Development of Rural Areas in Ukraine and Other Central and Eastern Europe Countries. In BIELIK, P

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Fast-Growing Energy Crops Grown In Conditions Of Slovakia In The Context Of The EU Energy Policy

:// . TRNKA, M. 2009. Experiences from growing of fast-growing woody crops in microregion Bystřice u P. In Proceedings from the scientific conference, 2009. 121 p. van DAM, J. – FAAIJ, A. P. C. – LEWANDOWSKI, I. – FISCHER, G. 2007. Biomass production potentials in Central and Eastern Europe under different scenarios. In Biomass and Bioenergy, vol. 31, 2007, no. 6, pp. 345–366. ISSN 0961-9534.

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Hazardous Compounds in Urban Pm in the Central Part of Upper Silesia (Poland) in Winter

:// [14] Jasan, R.C., Plá, R.R., Invernizzi, R., & Dos Santos, M. (2009). Characterization of atmospheric aerosol in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry , 281 (1), 101-105. [15] Juda-Rezler, K., Reizer, M., & Oudinet, J.-P. (2011). Determination and analysis of PM10 source apportionment during episodes of air pollution in Central Eastern European urban areas: The case of wintertime 2006, Atmospheric Environment , 45 (36), 6557−6566. [16] Kavouras, I.G., Lawrence, J

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