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Dendrochronological Records of Debris Flow and Avalanche Activity in a Mid-Mountain Forest Zone (Eastern Sudetes — Central Europe)

References Abe K and Iwamoto K, 1986. An evaluation of tree-root effect on slope stability by tree-root strength. Journal Japanese Forest Society 68: 505-510. Bardou E and Delaloye R, 2004. Effects of ground freezing and snow avalanche deposits on debris flows in alpine environments. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 4: 519-530. Baumann F and Kaiser KF, 1999. The Multetta Debris Fan, Eastern Swiss Alps: A 500-year Debris Flow Chronology. Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine

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Why is the City Maps’ Content of Eastern and Central European Countries So Extensive?

w cywilizacji [Maps’ functions in civilization], [in]: Społeczna i edukacyjna rola kartografii w Polsce [ Social and educational role of cartography in Poland ], XXXI Ogólnopolska Konferencja Kartograficzna, Warszawa, 20–21 października 2005, Materiały Ogólnopolskich Konferencji Kartograficznych vol. 26, 11–20, Warszawa.

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Beauplan’s Ukraine: open access georeferenced databases for studies of early modern history of Central and Eastern Europe

learn of any schemes that could be applied to their work. Access and Licensing of BU Project Materials The BU project team encourages scholars of the early modern history of Central and Eastern Europe to utilize BU project materials for their studies. All materials are available for download through the project’s repository ( Beauplan’s Ukraine 2018 ), including extensive documentation on the BU elements beyond the brief descriptions provided here. Periodic BU project updates are communicated via the project’s log ( ResearchGate Beauplan’s Ukraine 2018 ). The

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Demographic ageing in the old industrial regions – specifics and links on the example of the Ústí nad Labem Region (N Czechia)

(2014c) Demografická ročenka krajů 2004 až 2013. Fiala T, Langhamrová J (2007) Stárnutí populace – hrozba pro veřejné zdravotnictví? Demografie 49: 13–23. Hlaváček P (2013). Economic and Innovation Adaptability of Regions in the Czech Republic. Liberec Economic Forum, Proceedings of the 11th International Conference, Liberec, 2013, pp. 194–203. Hoff A (2011) Population Ageing in Central and Eastern Europe. Ashgate, Farnham. Holmerová I, Vaňková H, Jurásková B, Hrnčiariková D (2011) Population Ageing in the Czech Republic. In: Hoff

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Industrial heritage and post-industrial situation in the post-transformation era in Lower Silesia (Poland)

References Adamczyk P (2014) Przestrzenna koncentracja zatrudnienia w polsce – wybrane aspekty teoretyczne i empiryczne. Roczniki naukowe ekonomii rolnictwa i rozwoju obszarów wiejskich 101(1): 7–14. Bendyk et al. (2015) Polski węgiel. Wydawnictwo “Krytyki Politycznej”, Warszawa. Bohle D, Greskovits B (2007) Neoliberalism, embedded neoliberalism and neocorporatism. Towards transnational capitalism in Central-Eastern Europe. West European Politics 30(3): 443–466. Głębocki K, Chrzanowska P (2013) Bezpośrednie inwestycje zagraniczne w

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Reflection of climatic changes during interpleniglacial in the geoecosystems of South-Eastern Poland

environment and climate change recorded in those sites previously encountered difficulties. The task of this paper is to draw attention to the changes registered in various sediments and phenomena such as: vegetation, permafrost, fluvial deposits and forms, colluvia and other records from the Interpleniglacial phase lasting about 25–30 ka. The authors try to compare these phenomena (mainly discontinuous or seasonal permafrost) in South-Eastern Poland, which is a part of Central-Eastern Europe to the present-day conditions, and to the processes transforming geoecosystems

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The early Miocene flora of Güvem (Central Anatolia, Turkey): a window into early Neogene vegetation and environments in the Eastern Mediterranean

Rinconada mine, eastern Spain) during the early Miocene. Bot. J. Linn. Soc., 172: 153–174. RÖGL F. 1998. Palaeogeographic considerations for Mediterranean and Paratethys seaways (Oligocene to Miocene). Ann. Naturhist. Mus. Wien, 99 A: 279–310. RÜCKERT-ÜLKÜMEN N. 2003. Fossil ranids from Miocene deposits of Central Anatolia. Istanbul Üniv. Müh. Fak. Yerbilimleri Dergisi, 16(2): 71–74. SACHSE M. 2001. Oleaceous laurophyllous leaf fossils and pollen from the European Tertiary. Rev. Palaeobot. Palynol., 115: 213–234. SAPORTA G. DE. 1865. Etudes sur la

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Local Tax Competition in Poland?

’, Yearbook of Nordic Tax Research , pp. 33–50. Reulier, E & Rocaboy, Y 2009, ‘Regional tax competition: evidence from French regions’, Regional Studies , vol. 43(7), pp. 915–922. Sedmihradská, L & Bakoš, E 2016, ‘Municipal tax autonomy and tax mimicking in Czech municipalities’, Lex localis-Journal of Local Self-Government , vol. 14(1), pp. 75–92. Šević, Ž 2008, Local public finance in Central and Eastern Europe , Edward Elgar, Cheltenham. Skica T, Kiebała, A & Wołowiec, T 2011, ‘Stymulowanie lokalnej konkurencyjności gmin na przykładzie podatków

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Spatial structure of the economy – the evolution of nodes and networks in South and Central America

recalled how both political and natural conditions are of relevance here. The policies pursued in South and Central America – whose consequences included new investment in industry, agriculture and infrastructure in hitherto-underutilized regions nevertheless enjoying greater development potential – were the result of overlap between several different implemented policies and programs of development, dating in particular from the 1950s onwards. While it is true to say that planning bodies took their lead from developed countries (in Europe, in particular) and were

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Life in the fluvial hinterland of the late Sarmatian Sea (middle Miocene): a rare terrestrial fossil site in the Styrian Basin (Austria)

Neogene of the Styrian Basin - Guide to Excursions. Joannea. Geol. Paläont. 9, 117–193. Gross M., Böhme M. & Prieto J. 2011a: Gratkorn: A benchmark locality for the continental Sarmatian sensu stricto of the Central Paratethys. Int. J. Earth Sci. 100, 1496–1913. Gross M., Piller W.E., Scholger R. & Gitter F. 2011b: Biotic and abiotic response to palaeoenvironmental changes at Lake Pannons’ western margin (Central Europe, Late Miocene). Palaeogeogr., Palaeoclimatol., Palaeoecol. 312, 181–193. Gross M., Böhme M., Havlik P. & Aiglstorfer M. 2014

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