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Moravian Geographical Reports
The Journal of Institute of Geonics of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS)
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A cohort perspective on the fertility postponement transition and low fertility in Central Europe

References BILLARI, F. C., KOHLER, H. P. (2004): Patterns of Low and Lowest-Low Fertility in Europe. Population Studies, 58(2): 161–176. BILLINGSLEY, S. (2010): The Post-Communist Fertility Puzzle. Population Research Policy Review, 29(2): 193–231. BOSVELD, W. (1996): The ageing of fertility in Europe. A comparative demographic-analytic study. Doctoral dissertation. PDOD Publications, Amsterdam, Thesis Publishers. BRZOZOWSKA, Z. (2015): Female Education and Fertility under State Socialism in Central and Eastern Europe. Population, 70

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European territorial cohesion policies: Parallels to socialist central planning?

–296. MUSIL, J. (2002): Urbanizace českých zemí a socialismus. In: Horská, P., Maur, E., Musil, J. [eds.]: Zrod velkoměsta: Urbanizace českých zemí a Evropa (pp. 237–331). Praha-Litomyšl, Paseka. MUSIL, J., LINK, J. (1976): Urbanizace v socialistických zemích ve světle mezinárodních srovnání. In: Musil, J. [eds.]: Otázky urbanizace. Sborník výzkumných prací kabinetu sociologie (pp. 9–30). Praha, Výzkumný ústav výstavby a architektury. NEDOVIC-BUDIC, Z. (2001): Adjustment of planning practice to the new eastern and central European context. Journal of the

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Creative industries in the capital cities of the Baltic States: Are there innovations in urban policy?

References: AGREEMENT OF SUPPORT FOR CREATIVE INDUSTRIES (2008): Riga City Council and Ministry of Culture protocol of intentions. BALDUCCI, A. (2004): Creative Governance in Dynamic City Regions. DISP, 158: 21–26. BECK, U. (1986): Risikogesellschaft. Auf dem Weg in eine andere Moderne. Frankfurt am Main, Suhrkamp. BORG, VAN DER J., RUSSO, A. P. (2006): The impacts of culture on the Economic development of Cities. Erasmus University Rotterdam, European Institute for Comparative Urban Research. BRAMHAM, P., SPINK, J. (2009): Leeds

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Capturing cross-border continuity: The case of the Czech-Polish borderland

. (1974): Géographie des frontières. HAINING, R. P. (2003): Spatial data analysis: theory and practice. 1st Edition, Cambridge University Press. HAVLÍČEK, T., JEŘÁBEK, M., DOKOUPIL, J. [eds.] (2018): Borders in Central Europe After the Schengen Agreement. Springer International Publishing. HEFFNER, K. (1998): Kluczowe problemy demograficzno osadnicze obszarów przygranicznych Polska-Czechy. Opole, PIN / Instytut Śląski. INSTITUTE FOR SPATIAL DEVELOPMENT, et al. (2014): Common Spatial Development Strategy of the V4+2 Countries, Brno. JASCHITZ

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Socio-economic changes in the borderlands of the Visegrad Group (V4) countries

Institutional Reform and the Rescaling of State Space in Contemporary Western Europe’, European Urban and Regional Studies, 10(4): 297–324. BUFON, M. (2007): Border regions in a re-integrated Europe. Moravian Geographical Reports. 15(1): 2–13. BUFON, M., MARKELJ, V. (2010): Regional policies and cross-border cooperation: new challenges and new development models in Central Europe. Romanian Review of Political Geography, 12(1): 18–28. CENTRAL STATISTICAL OFFICE OF POLAND [online]. [cit. 15.06.2014] Available at: CZECH STATISTICAL OFFICE

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Anytime? Anywhere? The seasonality of flight offers in Central Europe

Central and Eastern Europe after a decade of liberalisation – Different paths of growth. Journal of Transport Geography, 50(1): 45–56. OPREA, M. (2010): The effects of global economic crisis on the air transport of passengers in Europe and in Romania. GeoJournal of Tourism and Geosites, 1(5): 52–61. PAGE, S. (2005): Transport and tourism: Global perspectives. Prentice hall, Harlow. PAPATHEODOROU, A. (2002): Civil Aviation Regimes and Leisure Tourism in Europe. Journal of Air Transport Management, 8(6): 381–388. PEETERS, P., SZIMBA, E

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Retail Sprawl in Post-Soviet Urban Residential Communities: Case Studies of Saint-Petersburg and Vilnius

and Political Sciences, 2: 61-68. Gu, C., Wei, Y. D., Cook, I. G. (2015): Planning Beijing: socialist city, transitional city, and global city. Urban Geography, 36(6): 905-926. Hamilton, F. E. I., Dimitrowska-Andrews, K., Pichler-Milanovic, N. (2005): Transformation of Cities in Central and Eastern Europe: Towards Globalisation. Tokyo, United Nations University Press. Kent, T., Omar, O. (2003): Retailing. New York, Palgrave Macmillan. Komsomolskaya Pravda - St.Peterburg, 11 April, 1997. Maksic, M. (2016

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Urban Shrinkage as a Challenge to Local Development Planning in Slovakia

., Weyman, T. [eds.]: Demographic Change and Local Development: Shrinkage, Regeneration and Social Dynamics, OECD Working Papers, Paris, OECD/LEED, p.141-147. Community Plans of Social Service (2008-2010) as adopted in cities: Banská Bystrica, Košice, Martin, Nitra, Poprad, Prešov, Prievidza, Trenčín, Trnava, Žilina. FINKA, M., PETRÍKOVÁ D. (2006): Shrinking cities in Central and Eastern Europe. Paper presented at International Symposium - Coping with City Shrinkage and Demographic Change - Lessons from around the Globe, Dresden 30

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The reurbanisation concept and its utility for contemporary research on post-socialist cities: The case of the Czech Republic

selected population and labour market strategies for the aging Europe, 2002–2052. Population Research and Policy Review, 27(3): 321–342. BORGEGÅRD, L. E., MURDIE, R. (1993): Socio-demographic impacts of economic restructuring on Stockholm’s inner city. Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie, 84(4): 269–280. BOTEV, N. (2012): Population ageing in Central and Eastern Europe and its demographic and social context. European Journal of Ageing, 9(1): 69–79. BRIDGE, G. (2006): It’s not just a question of taste: gentrification, the neighbourhood, and

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