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Internal ministerial advisory bodies: An attempt to transform governing in the Slovak Republic

Central and Eastern Europe. East European Politics, 28 (1), 4–22. Miles, M.B., & Huberman, A.M. (1994). Qualitative Data Analysis. London: Sage Publications. Múčka, F. (2014, 24 November). Keď naši hipsteri robia policy [When our hipsters conduct policy]. Týždeň . Retrieved from (accessed 16 February 2018). OECD (2014). Slovak Republic. Developing a Sustainable Strategic Framework for Public Administration Reform. Paris: OECD. Retrieved from http

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A Refugee Crisis Without Refugees: Policy and media discourse on refugees in the Czech Republic and its implications

Research Centre). Získáno z Czech Statistical Office. (2017). Foreigners in the Czech Republic . Praha. Devereux, E. (2015). Thinking Outside the Charity Box: Media Coverage of Homelessness. European Journal of Homelessness , 2009 (2), 261–273. Drbohlav, D., & Valenta, O. (2014). Czechia: the main immigration country in the V4. In Discovering migration between Visegrad countries and Eastern Partners (s

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Policy, learning and regime change: Western concepts and CEE experience

and governmentality: using multiple approaches to the analysis of government’, Australian Journal of Political Science 3 (3), 417 Dan, S., & Pollitt, C. (2015). NPM Can Work: An optimistic review of the impact of New Public Management reforms in central and eastern Europe. Public Management Review , 17(9), 1305-1332. Degeling, P., & Colebatch, H.K. (1984). Structure and action as constructs in the practice of public administration. Australian Journal of Public Administration , 43(4), 320-331. Degeling, P., Baume, P., & Jones, K. (1993

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Health policy in the Czech Republic: General character and selected interesting aspects

zvyšování efektivnosti veřejného sektoru v podmínkach krize veřejných financí II. Brno: Masarykova Univerzita. Malý, I., Pavlík, M. & Darmopilová, Z. (2013). Health Reforms in the Czech Republic. In J. W. Bjorkman & J. Nemec (Eds). Health Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe: Options, Obstacles, Limited Outcomes (pp. 69-94). Hague: Eleven Publishers. Mazmanian, D. A. & Sabatier, P. A. (1989). Implementation and public policy. Lanham: University Press of America. Millard, F. (1994). Developments in Polish Health Care. In S

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Who are the officials in the central administration of the Czech Republic and what activities do they perform?

(3), 331-348. Randma-Liiv, T., Nakrošis, V., & Gyorgy, H. (2011). Public sector organization in Central and Eastern Europe: From agencification to deagencification, Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences, Special Issue (35), 160-165. Veselý, A. (2012). Policy advisory system in the Czech Republic: from state monopoly to hollowing out? Paper presented at the XXIInd World Congress of Political Science in Madrid. Veselý, A. (2013). The survey of employees of central administration (ministries) directly

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Does the Self-employment Policy Reduce Unemployment and Increase Employment? Empirical Evidence from the Czech Regions

., & Hejzlarová, E. M. (2016). Policy Analysis in the Czech Republic. Policy Press, Bristol. Welter, F., & Smallbone, D. (Eds.). (2011). Handbook of research on entrepreneurship policies in central and eastern Europe . Edward Elgar Publishing. Wolff, J., Nivorozhkin, A., & Bernhard, S. (2016). You can go your own way! The long-term effectiveness of a self-employment programme for welfare recipients in Germany, International Journal of Social Welfare , 25(2), 136–148. Zouhar, J. Lukeš, M., Hörisch, F., Tosun, J. & Shore J. (2015). The Impact of Labour

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Shortfall of Strategic Governance and Strategic Management in the Czech Republic

., Hajnal, G. & Tõnnisson, K. (2009). Public Management Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe. Bratislava: NISPAcee Press. Colebatch, H. K., Hoppe, R., & Noordegraaf, M. (Eds.) (2010). Working for Policy. Amsterdam: University Press. Coombes, D. &Verheijen, T. (1997). Reforma verejnej správy: Porovnanie skúseností východu a západu [Public administration reform: comparison of West and East experience]. Bratislava: NISPAcee. De Vries, M. & Nemec, J. (2013). Public Sector reform: an overview of recent literature and research on NPM and alternative

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Childcare policy in the Czech Republic and Norway: two countries, two paths with many possibilities

. (2006). Social Policy in Central and Eastern Europe. The Emergence of a New European Welfare Regime. Universität Erfurt Dissertation 2005. Berlin: LIT Verlag. Cerami, A. & Vanhuysse, P. (Eds.). (2009). Post-Communist Welfare Pathways. Theorizing Social Policy Transformations in Central and Eastern Europe. Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan. Crompton, R. (1999). Restructuring Gender Relations and Employment: The Decline of the Male Breadwinner. Oxford: Oxford University Press. ČSÚ (2015). Data on Structure of Families in the Czech

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The European Union as a Trigger of Discursive Change: The Impact of the Structural Deficit Rule in Estonia and Latvia

. Kranke (2014). ‘The European Rescue of the Washington Consensus? EU and IMF lending to Central and Eastern European Countries.’ Review of International Political Economy 21(2): 310-338 Mourre, G., C. Astarita and S. Princen. (2014). Adjusting the Budget Balance for the Business Cycle: The EU Methodology , European Economy: Economic Papers, no. 536, European Commission. Nael, M. (2014) ‘Ligi: prognoosi muutumisele ei pea tingimata kärpega reageerima.’ [Ligi: The Change in the Prognosis does not Necessitate Cutbacks] Estonian Public Broadcasting. http

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