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Appreciation of the Swiss Franc and its Impact on Romania and other Central and Eastern European Countries

Swiss Loan Costs Hurt Banks , retrived from:, Accessed in january 2015; 11. OECD (2014), Central European Country - Economic forecast summary, retrived from:, Accessed in january 2015; 12. Financial Stability Report 2014, retrived from, Accessed in january 2015; 13. Eurostat (2014), retrived from

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The Economic Growth and the Opportunity for the Private Equity Funds to Divest: An Empirical Analysis for Eastern Europe

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What Drives Economic Growth in Some CEE Countries?

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Is Global Competitiveness Speeding Up the Growth in the EU? A Panel Data Analyis

:// 20. Dobrinsky, R., & Havlik, P. (2014). Economic convergence and structural change: The role of transition and EU accession. Vienna: The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies. 21. European Commission (EC) (2010). Europe 2020: A strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Brussels: EC. 22. EIB (European Investment Bank) (2016). Restoring EU Competitiveness: 2016 Updated Version. Luxembourg: European Investment Bank. Available at http

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The Correlation Between Human Capital and Gross Added Value in the Bioeconomy Sectors at the European Union (EU) Country Level

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Direction of Causality Between Financial Development and Economic Growth. Evidence for Developing Countries

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Effect of Corruption on Foreign Direct Investment Inflows in Nigeria

-Journal of Economics and Business, 10(2), pp. 13-28 28. Quazi, R.M., (2014), Corruption and foreign direct investment in East Asia and South Asia: an econometric study, International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues, 4(2), pp. 231-242. 29. Quazi, R., Vemuri, V., Soliman, M., (2014), Impact of corruption on foreign direct investment in Africa, International Business Research, 7(4), pp. 1-10 30. Raluca, E.L., (2015), Connections between FDI, corruption index and country risk assessments in Central and Eastern Europe, Procedia Economics and Finance

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Study On Budget Revenue Collection, Shadow Economy and Tax Losses Caused By It

:// Accessed February 2014. 4. Dumiter, F., Todor, S. (2014). Modeling the relationship between foreign direct investments and economic growth - evidence from Central and Eastern European countries, Studia Universitatis „Vasile Goldis” Arad, Economics Series, Volume 24, Issue 2/2014, pp. 1-18. 5. Kirchler, E., Muehlbacher, S., Kastlunger, B., Wahl, I. (2007). Why Pay Taxes? A Review of Tax Compliance Decisions, Retrieved from Accessed January 2014. 6. Maciejovski

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Analysis of the Evolution of SMEs in Western Romania Between 2011–2014, Using the Mathematical Modelling

Performances by Systematic Problem Analysis with TRIZ. In: EPFL Lausanne, TRIZ Future Conference 14, Global Innovation Convention. Lausanne, Switzerland 11. Ciucan-Rusu, L., & Szabo, Z. (2013) The Pyramid of Entrepreneurship in Romania: Towards New Approach. In: B. Ramadani and C. Schneider, eds., Entrepreneurship in the Balkans. Springer-Verlag. 12. Danacica, D.E. (2006) Cluster Analysis in the Study of Life Quality on the Central and Eastern European Countries, Zagreb International Review of Economics and Business, ZIREB, Vol.X,Nr.1, Croatia

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