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Exploring Companies’ Innovation Policies in the Industrial Sector in Central and Eastern Europe

. The A-to-F model. UK: Palgrave Macmillan, Trott, P. (2008). Innovation Management and New Product Development. Harlow: Prentice Hall. Wójcik, P. (2016). How Creating Shared Value Differs from Corporate Social Responsibility. Journal of Management and Business Administration. Central Europe, 24(2): 32-55.

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Determinants of Banks’ Performance: the Case of ROE Of G-SIBs in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe

References Allen, F., Jackowicz, K., Kowalewski, O. and Kozłowski, Ł. (2015). Bank lending, crises, and changing ownership structure in Central and Eastern European countries. Journal of Corporate Finance, Athanasoglou, P., Brissimis, S. and Delis, M. (2008). Bank-specific, industry-specific and macroeconomic determinants of bank profitability. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 18(2): 121-136,

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Appreciation of the Swiss Franc and its Impact on Romania and other Central and Eastern European Countries

Swiss Loan Costs Hurt Banks , retrived from:, Accessed in january 2015; 11. OECD (2014), Central European Country - Economic forecast summary, retrived from:, Accessed in january 2015; 12. Financial Stability Report 2014, retrived from, Accessed in january 2015; 13. Eurostat (2014), retrived from

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The Economic Growth and the Opportunity for the Private Equity Funds to Divest: An Empirical Analysis for Eastern Europe

.B. and Woodford, M., Vol 1(1), pp. 813-862. 5. Dufour, J.M., and Renault, E., (1998), Short Run and Long Run Causality in Time Series: Theory, Econometrica, Vol. 66, pp. 1099-1125. 6. European Venture Capital Association „European Private Equity Activity 2016” andCentral and Eastern Europe Statistics 2016”, Retrieved from: , Accessed 05.06.2019. 7. Foresti, P., (2007), Testing for Granger Causality Between Stock Prices and Economic Growth, MPRA Paper No. 2962, Vol. 2, pp. 1-11. 8. Garicano, L., and Steinwender, C., (2013), Survive

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Hybridization Revisited: New Insights from the Evolutionary Approach

Story of Lean Production. New York: Harper Perennial. Yoshihara, H. (1989). Kaigai Kogaisha no Jishu-keiei to Genchijin Pawa (independent management at overseas subsidiaries and local human power). Soshiki Kagaku, 23(2): 10-18. Yoshino, M.Y. (1969). Japan’s Managerial System. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Yuan, Z.J. (ed.) (2006). Chu-Toh no Nikkei Haiburiddo Kojo (Japanese Hybrid Factories in Central-Eastern Europe). Tokyo: Toyo Keizai. Zhang, F., Cantwell, J.A. and Jiang, G. (2013) The competence creation of

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Supervisory Board Composition and Firm Financial Performance: A Case of Companies Listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

-141). Palgrave Macmillan UK. Hardi, P. and Buti, K. (2012). Corporate governance variables: lessons from a holistic approach to Central-Eastern European practice. Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society, 12(1): 101-117, Herdjiono, I. and Sari, I.M. (2017). The Effect of Corporate Governance on the Performance of a Company. Some Empirical Findings from Indonesia. Journal of Management and Business Administration, 25(1): 33-52. Hillman, A.J. and Dalziel, T

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What Drives Economic Growth in Some CEE Countries?

transition in CEE. Economic Modelling , 36 , 99-107. 11. Hlavacek, P., & Bal-Domanska, B. (2016). Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth in Central and Eastern European Countries. Engineering Economics , 27 (3), 294-303. 12. Hughes, H., & Weisbrod, B. (Eds.). (2016). Human Resources, Employment and Development . New York: Springer. 13. Hussin, F. and Saidin, N., 2012. Economic Growth in ASEAN-4 Countries: A Panel Data Analysis. International Journal of Economics and Finance , 4 9(1), 119-127. 14. Mankiw, N. G., Romer, D

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The Specificity of Boards of Directors in Russian Companies

References Aluchna, M. (2007). Mechanizmy corporate governance w spółkach giełdowych. Warszawa: Oficyna Wydawnicza SGH. Aluchna, M. (2013). Executive Compensation. A Review of the Latest Research. Management and Business Administration. Central Europe, 22(3): 3-14, Avdasheva, S., Dolgopyatova, T. and Pleines H., (2007). Corporate Governance in Russian Companies with State Ownership (in Russian). HSE Working Paper WP1/2007/01. Obtained from: https

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