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Irrigation in Poland — current status after reforms in agriculture and future development

References Brandyk T., Skapski K., Szatylowicz J., 1993. Design and operation of drainage-sub-irrigation systems in Poland. Irrigation and Drainage Systems , 7: 173-187. Łabędzki L., Kuźniar A., Lipiński J., Mioduszewski W., 2006. Irrigation management transfer in European countries — Polish report. In: W. Dirksen, W. Huppert (eds.) Irrigation Sector Reform in Central and Eastern European Countries. GTZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit), Eschborn, Germany; ICID, New Delhi, India: 329

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Geochemical status and interactions between soil and groundwater systems in the area of Akrefnio, Central Greece. Risk assessment, under the scope of mankind and natural environment

, Greece, 14-20 April 2004. Tziritis E., 2009. Groundwater and soil geochemistry of Eastern Kopaida region (Beotia, central Greece). Central European Journal of Geosciences, 1, 2: 219-226. Tziritis E., Kelepertzis A., Stamatakis M. G., 2008. Hydrogeochemical and environmental conditions of East Kopaida-Yliki karst groundwater system. 8 th International Hydrogeological Congress, Athens, Greece, 2: 733-742. Zhu G. F., Li Z. Z., Su Y. H., Ma J. Z., Zhang Y. Y., 2007. Hydrogeochemical and isotope

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Identification of stagnation reasons in the field of land consolidation in Slovakia compared with the Czech Republic

[Land consolidation – Methodical instructions]. Bratislava. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic pp. 85. H artvigsen M.B. 2015. Experiences with land consolidation and land banking in Central and Eastern Europe after 1989. 26th ed. Rome. FAO pp. 138. H ehl -L ange S. 2001. Structural elements of the visual landscape and their ecological functions. Landscape and Urban Planning. Vol. 54 p. 107–115. H udecová Ľ. 2014. Pozemková držba na území Slovenska [Land tenure in Slovakia]. Slovak surveyor and cartographer. Vol

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Analysis of Criteria for Delimiting Less Favoured Mountain Areas (LFA)

Central and Eastern European rural development: engine of change or social buffer? Studies on the Agricultural and Food Sector in Central and Eastern Europe, Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe (Iamo). Vol. 25. No. 93023. MRiRW 2007. Zalacznik D. Uzasadnienie dla delimitacji i poziomu wsparcia finansowego dla działania pt. „Wspieranie działalności rolniczej na obszarach o nie-korzystnych warunkach gospodarowania (Onw)”. [Appendix D. Justification for the delimitation and financial support level for the activity „Supporting

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The significance of oxbow lakes for the ecosystem of afforested river valleys

risk of unsuitable dissolved oxygen in a eutrophic lake. Hydrobiol., 457: 177-185. Piaścik H., 1986. Gleby siedlisk hydrogenicznych doliny łyny. Zesz. Nauk. ART Olszt: 89-101. Pierzgalski E., Tyszka J., 2000. Influence of forest on river discharges during drought in the northeast part in Poland. Proc. Int. Conf. Central and Eastern European Workshop on Drought Mittigation. Budapest: 191-198. Piórecki J., 1980. Kotewka - orzech wodny Trapa L. w Polsce. Bibl. Przem., 13. Przemyśl, TPN: 159

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Expected development of irrigation in Poland in the context of climate change

methods of monitoring and classification). Woda Środ. Obsz. Wiej. Rozpr. nauk. monogr. , 17: 107. Łabędzki L., 2007. Irrigation in Poland - current status after reforms in agriculture and future development. J. Water Land Dev. , 11: 3-16. Łabędzki L., Kuźniar A., Lipiński J., Mioduszewski W., 2006. Irrigation management transfer in European countries - Polish report. In: Irrigation sector reform in Central and Eastern European countries. Eds. W. Dirksen W. Huppert. Eschborn, Germany, GTZ, New Delhi, India, ICID: 329

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Actions and measures for mitigation drought and water scarcity in agriculture

water management in view of provincial strategic plans]. Ed. E. Kaca. Woda-Środowisko-Obszary Wiejskie. Rozprawy naukowe i monografie. Nr 38 p. 101–115. Ł abędzki L., B ąk B. 2015. Recommendations for operational support system in drought risk management with reference to agricultural drought. Report. International Project „Central and eastern Europe integrated drought management programme”. Global Water Partnership. Agreement No. 46-IDMP-2013 pp. 13. M aracchi G. 2000. Agricultural drought – a practical approach to definition, assessment and mitigation

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Age structure, condition and length increase of the topmouth gudgeon (Pseudorasbora parva Schlegel 1842) in non-native populations of small rivers of Poland

rzeczywistość [Invasive species of fish in Polish waters – a threat to native ichthyofauna. In: Fishing user – a new reality]. Konferencja PZW. 19–21.03.2008 Spała). Warszawa. Wydaw. PZW p. 90–96. H olčik J. 1991. Fish introductions in Europe with particular reference to its central and eastern part. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. Vol. 48 (Suppl. 1) p. 13–23. H uang S., W ang Y., Z heng X., W ang W., C ao X. 2015. Comparative analysis of three methods of making scale specimens for small fish. Environmental Biology of Fishes. Vol. 98 p

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Hydrological conditions of peatland formation based on a dynamic curve of a biogenic sediments sequence – a new proposal

Dam, N.C. Davidson. Springer p. 1–14. L ipka K. 1973. Torfowiska Puszczy Niepołomickiej [Peatbogs of forest Puszcza Niepołomicka]. Zeszyty Nauko we AR w Krakowie. Ser. Melioracje. Nr 79. Z. 6 p. 101–120. L ipka K. 1984. Charakterystyka torfowisk i złóż torfowych w Makroregionie Środkowowschodnim. W: Surowce mineralne środkowo-wschodniej Polski [Characteristics of peatlands and peat deposits in Middle Eastern Macroregion. In: Mineral raw materials of Central and Eastern Poland]. Ed. S. Kozłowski. Warszawa. Wydaw. Geologiczne p. 69–83. L ipka K

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Impact of meteorological drought on hydrological drought in Toruń (central Poland) in the period of 1971–2015

., ŠKVARENINOVÁ J., HAYES M. 2015. Drought occurrence in Central European Mountainous Region (Tatra National Park, Slovakia) within the period 1961-2010. Hindawi Publishing Corporation, Advances in Meteorology. Vol. 2015. Article ID 248728 p. 1-8. WEN L., ROGERS K., LING J., SAINTILAN N. 2011. The impacts of river regulation and water diversion on the hydrological drought characteristics in the Lower Murrumbidgee River, Australia. Journal of Hydrology. Vol. 405 p. 382-392. WMO 2012. Standardized precipitation index: User guide. World

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