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Political Criteria vs. Political Conditionality: Comparative analysis of Slovenian and Croatian European Union accession processes

Regime Change in Post-Communist Europe, (New York: Palgrave Macmillan). Regional Cooperation Council. 2014. Overview. Available at: Rettman, A., 2012. Slovenia puts €172mn price tag on Croatia’s EU entry. EUObserver, 21 September. Available at: Roter, P. and Bojinović, A., 2005. ‘Croatia and the European Union: a troubled relationship’. Mediterranean Politics, Vol. 10, No. 3, pp. 447-54. Schimmelfennig, F. and Sedelmeier, U

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A spatial comparison of semi-urban and rural gminas in Poland in terms of their level of socio-economic development using Hellwig’s method

Agrobiznesu, Vol. 8, Issue 4, pp. 177-181. Krzysztofik, R., Runge, J. and Spórna, T., 2011: Delimitacja regionu Górnośląsko-Zagłębiowskiej Metropolii „Silesia” (Delimitation of the „Silesia” Metropolis - in Polish), Uniwersytet Śląski, Wydział Nauk o Ziemi, Katedra Geografii Ekonomicznej, Sosnowiec. Local Data Bank, Central Statistical Office, Poland, available at: Makkonen, T., 2011: Innovation and regional socio-economic development - evidence from the Finnish local

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Transformations of traditional land use and settlement patterns of Kosarysche Ridge (Chornohora, Western Ukraine)

Ukrainy XX w. (The history of the twentieth century Ukraine - in Polish). Warszawa: Oficyna Wydawnicza VOLUMEN. Palang, H., Printsmann, A., Gyuro, E.K., Urbanc, M., Skowronek, E. and Woloszyn, W., 2006: The forgotten rural landscapes of Central and Eastern Europe. In: Landscape Ecology, Vol. 21, pp. 347-357. DOI: Pellissier, L., Anzini, M., Maiorano, L., Dubuis, A., Pottier, J., Vittoz, P. and Guisan A., 2013: Spatial predictions of land-use transitions and associated threats to

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Hotel location in Africa’s world class city: The case of Johannesburg, South Africa

.1080/14616688.2013.867528 Niewiadomski, P., 2013b: The Globalization of the Hotel Industry and the Variety of Emerging Capitalisms in Central and Eastern Europe. In: European Urban and Regional Studies, DOI: http://dx.doi. org/10.1177/0969776413502658. Oppermann, M., Din, K.H. and Amri, S.Z., 1996: Urban Hotel Location and Evolution in a Developing Country: The Case of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. In: Tourism Recreation Research, Vol. 2, pp. 55-63. Rogerson, C.M., 2002: Urban Tourism in the Developing World: The Case of Johannesburg. In: Development Southern Africa, Vol. 19

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Potential of city break clubbing tourism in Wrocław

environments. In: Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy, Vol. 15, Issue 2, pp. 189-200. DOI: Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS), Accommodation statistics, available at:, DoA: 12 March 2014. Civil Aviation Authority Statistics (The), available at:, DoA: 08 March 2014. Clubbing Abroad, available at:, DoA

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Cartographic source materials and cartographic method of research in the past environment analyses

landscapes - two examples from Southern France. In: Landscape and Urban Planning , Vol. 67, pp. 79-95. Garbacz, K., 2009: Na szlaku biłgorajskich kapliczek i krzyży przydrożnych (The trail of roadside shrines and crosses of Biłgoraj region - in Polish), Zielona Góra: Agencja Wydawnicza “PDN”. Gaspar, J.F., 2010: From the portolan chart of the Mediterranean to the latitude chart of the Atlantic, Lisbon: Universidade Nova de Lisboa, doctoral dissertation, available at:, DoA: March

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Small New Member States in the EU Foreign Policy: Toward ‘Small State Smart Strategy’?

. The new member states and the making of EU foreign policy. European Foreign Affairs Review. II, pp. 143–162. Fiott, D. 2010. How Europeanized has Maltese foreign policy become? Mediterranean Quarterly , 21(3), pp. 104–118. Galbreath, D. J. Lašas, A and Lamoreaux, J, W. 2008. Continuity and Change in the Baltic Sea Region: Comparing Foreign Policies , Amsterdam: Rodopi B. V. Galbreath, D.J. and Lamoreaux, J, W. 2010. The Baltic States as ‘Small States’ negotiating the ‘East’ by engaging the ‘West’. The Journal of Baltic Studies , 39(1), pp. 1

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