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New European nomads, liveaboards and sha´bi Moroccan men

-134. Reyniers, A 1995, ‘Migration, movement et idéntite’, Hommes et migrations 1188-1189, juin-juillet, pp. 45-51. Richards, G & Wilson, J 2009, The global nomad: backpacker travel in theory and practice, Channel View Publications, Clevedon. Rogelja, N 2012, ‘Liveaboards in the Mediterranean: luxury or marginality? Ethnographic reflections on maritime lifestyle migrations’, Two Homelands, no. 36, pp. 119-130. Rogelja, N 2013, ‘Contemporary peripatetic adaptations: mobility, marginality and inventiveness’, Two Homelands, no. 38

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North-Europeans in Spain: Practices of Community in the Context of Migration, Mobility and Transnationalism

, Polity Press, Cambridge. Casado-Diaz, MA 2009, ‘Social capital in the sun: bonding and bridging social capital among British retirees’ in Lifestyle migration: expectations, aspirations and experiences, eds. M Benson & K O’Reilly, Ashgate, Farnham, pp. 87-102. Cohen, S 2015, ‘Lifestyle mobilities: the crossroads of travel, leisure and migration’, Mobilities, vol. 10, no 1, pp 155-172. Engbersen, G, Snel, E & de Boom, J 2010, ‘‘A van full of Poles’: liquid migration from Central and Eastern Europe’ in A continent moving

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A Welcomed Separation
Understanding female migration in light of limited access to divorce

2011, ‘Negotiating transnational caring practises among migrant families’, in Gender, generations and the family in international migration, eds A Kraler, et al., Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam pp. 355-368. Fedyuk, O 2011, Beyond motherhood: Ukrainian female labor migration to Italy, thesis, Central European Universtity. Fisher, P, Martin, R & Straubhaar, T 1997, ‘Should I stay or should I go?’, in International migration, immobility and development, eds T Hammar, et al., Berg, Oxford. Gilardoni, G 2010, ‘Cross

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Towards EU 2020: An Outlook of SECA Regulations Implementation in the BSR

cooperation in the context of EU Eastern Partnership,’ in T. Kerikmäe & A. Chochia (eds.) Political and Legal Perspectives of the EU Eastern Partnership Policy , Cham: Springer International Publishing, pp. 257–279. Olaniyi, E. O. & Viirmäe, M. (2016), ‘The economic impact of environmental regulations on a maritime fuel production company,’ Research in Economics and Business: Central and Eastern Europe , vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 58–84. Panagakos, G. P.; Stamatopoulou, E. V. & Psaraftis, H. N. (2014), ‘The possible designation of the Mediterranean Sea as a SECA: A

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Forest fires in Dalmatia

. and Hickler, T., 2013: 12,000-Years of fire regime drivers in the lowlands of Transylvania (Central-Eastern Europe): a data- model approach. In: Quaternary Science Reviews, Vol. 81, No.1. December 2013, pp. 48-61. Harriet, A., 2009: Vegetation and Ecosystem Dynamcis. In: Woodward, J. editor: The Physical Geography of the Mediterranean, Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 203-227. Iglesias, V., Yospin, G.I. and Whitlock, C., 2015 : Reconstruction of fire regimes through integrated

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China and the Baltic States: strategic challenges and security dilemmas for Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

Central and Eastern European Countries , Riga: Latvian Institute of International Affairs, pp. 50-52. Berzina-Cerenkova, U. (2018). China’s New Role in the Baltic States. Baltic Bulletin (Foreign Policy Research Institute), 30 January. [online] Available at . [Accessed 14 Feb. 2018] BIB. (2014). High Level Conference on Transport Cooperation with China will be Held with the Support of Baltic International Bank, Baltic International Bank. 3 June. [online] Available at https

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Ukraine 2014 – The End of the Second European Belle Époque

. Balcerak W., Zjednoczenie ziem rumuńskich jesienią 1918 , [in:] Z dziejów stosunków polsko-radzieckich i rozwoju wspólnoty państw socjalistycznych , vol. 20, 1980. Barcelona Process: Union for the Mediterranean . Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council Brussels. COM, 319 (Final), pp. 1–13, 2008. Bielecki J., Unia nie chce Ukrainy, „Rzeczpospolita” 155(5625), 5 July 2000. Brzeziński Z., The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives Wielka szachownica , Warszawa: Politeja 1998

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China’s New Silk Roads. Categorising and Grouping the World: Beijing’s 16+1+X European Formula

:// (accessed: June 6, 2018). Benková, Livia. 2018. “Current Developments in Central Europe Regarding the Involvement of the Main External Actors.” In: Livia Benková, Apolonija Rihtaric, and Velina Tchakarova, eds., Will the EU Lose the East? Vienna: Austria Institute for European and Security Policy, pp. 5-23. Bevins, Vincent. 2018. “New Malaysian Government Steps Back from Spending, Chinese Projects.” In Washington Post (May 30). Online:

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Ageing and health in the Arab region: Challenges, opportunities and the way forward

:// . Accessed April, 2008. Kronfol, N., Rizk, A., Sibai, A.M. (2016). Ageing and intergenerational family ties in the Arab region. Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, 21(11): 835-843. Lakkis, N. A., Adib, S. M., Osman, M. H., Musharafieh, U. M., & Hamadeh, G. N. (2010). Breast cancer in Lebanon: Incidence and comparison to regional and Western countries. Cancer Epidemiology, 34(3): 221-225. Lfotouh, A., Soliman, L.A., Mansour, E., Farghaly, M. and El Dawaiaty, A.A. (2008). Central obesity among adults in Egypt: prevalence and associated

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