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Landscape Change in Mediterranean Farmlands: Impacts of Land Abandonment on Cultivation Terraces in Portofino (Italy) and Lesvos (Greece)

. Beaufoy, G., Baldock, D., & Clark, J., (1994). The nature of farming: low intensity farming systems in nine European countries. London Institute for European Environmenta Policy. Benoit, G., & Comeau, A., (2005). A sustainable future for the Mediterranean: the Blue Plan's environment and development outlook. Earthscan. Bernáldez, F.G., (1991). Ecological consequences of the abandonment of traditional land use systems in central Spain. Options Méditerranéennes 15, 23-29. Blondel, J., & Aronson, J., (1995). Biodiversity and

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The Paleo-Anthropocene and the Genesis of the Current Landscape of Israel

reconstruction during the Late Quaternary: A test case from central Israel. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology , 468, 503-519. Shtienberg, G., Dix, J. K., Shahack-Gross, R., Yasur-Landau, A., Roskin, J., Bookman, R., Waldmann, N., Shalev, S. and Sivan, D. (2017b). Anthropogenic overprints on natural coastal aeolian sediments: A study from the periphery of ancient Caesarea, Israel. Anthropocene , 19, 22-34. Svoray, T., Shoshany, M., & Perevolotsky, A. (2003). Mediterranean rangeland response to human intervention: a remote sensing and GIS study

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Mapping Human Induced Landscape Changes in Israel Between the end of the 19Th Century and the Beginning of the 21Th Century

-1917)), Jerusalem, Keter & Yad Ben Tzvi. Biger, G. & Liphschitz, N., (1994). Mediniot HaYeur Shel HaMimshal HaBriti BeEretz Israel (Afforestation policy of the British government in the Land of Israel). Horizons in Geography, 40-41, 5-16. Bürgi, M. & Turner, M. G., (2002). Factors and processes shaping land cover and land cover changes along the Wisconsin River. Ecosystems, 5, 184-201. C.I.A,, (2013). The world Factbook. USA: Central Intelligence Agency. Carmel, Y. & Kadmon, R., (1999). Effects of grazing and

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The Origins of Terracing in the Southern Levant and Patch Cultivation/Box Fields

Archaeological Visibility. Pp. 79-94 in P. Halstead, and C. Frederick (eds.), Landscape and Land Use in Postglacial Greece . Sheffield. Gadot, Y., U. Davidovich, G. Avni, Y. Avni, N. Porat, (2015). The Formation of a Mediterranean Terraced Landscape: The Case of Nahal Refa’im, Jerusalem. Pp. 118-142 in G. D. Stiebel, O. Peleg-Barkat, D. Ben-Ami and Y. Gadot (eds.), New Studies in the Archaeology of Jerusalem and its Region . Vol. 9 (Hebrew). Gadot, Y., U. Davidovich, G. Avni, Y. Avni, M. Piasetzky, G. Feirstein, D. Golan, and N. Porat, (2016). The Formation of a

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An Assessment of Leporid Research and Landscape Ecology Metrics in a European Landscape

Journal of Wildlife Research 51, pp. 163-169. DOI: 10.1007/s10344-005-0095-y. Delibes-Mateos, M., Delibes, M., Ferreras, P. & Villafuerte, R. (2008). Key Role of European Rabbits in the Conservation of the Western Mediterranean Basin Hotspot. Conservation Biology 22, pp. 1106-1117. DOI: 10.1111/j.1523-1739.2008.00993.x. Delibes-Mateos, M., Ferreras, P. & Villafuerte, R. (2009). Rabbit ( Oryctolagus cuniculus ) abundance and protected areas in central-southern Spain: why they do not match? European Journal of Wildlife Research 55, pp

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The Agricultural Landscape of Tel Burna: Ecology and Economy of a Bronze Age/Iron Age Settlement in the Southern Levant

Mills in Central Turkey. Flax/ Linum and Eruca , important oil plants in Anatolia. Anatolian Studies 50 , 171-185. Fairbairn, A. S. (2008). Beyond Economy: Seed Analysis in Landscape Archaeology. In David, B. & Thomas, J. (Eds.), Handbook of Landscape Archaeology (pp. 442-450). Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press. Faust, A., & Weiss, E. (2005). Judah, Philistia, and the Mediterranean World: reconstructing the economic system of the seventh century BCE. Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 338 , 71-92. Feinbrun-Dothan, N. (1978

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Tree shape and form in ancient coppice woodlands

landscapes in the Mediterranean area using a combined multidisciplinary approach: Method and application to Mount Etna (Sicily; Italy). Landscape and Urban Planning , 100: 98–108. Fish, D., Carpenter, S. L., (1982). Leaf litter and larval mosquito dynamics in tree-hole ecosystems. Ecology , 63: 283–288. Glaves, P., Rotherham, I.D., Wright, B., Handley, Ch., Birbeck, J., (2009a). Field Surveys for Ancient Woodlands: Issues and Approaches. A Report to the Woodland Trust. Hallam Environmental Consultants Ltd., Biodiversity and Landscape History Research

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Cross-Border Comparison of Non-Forest Woody Vegetation in the White Carpathians (Central Europe) Over Last 65 Years

Ecosystem Research. Sanchez, I.A., Lassaletta L., McCollin D. & Bunce R.G.H. (2010). The effect of hedgerow loss on microclimate in the Mediterranean region: an investigation in Central Spain. Agro. for Syst. 78, 13-25. Skaloš, J. & Engstová E. (2010). Methodology for mapping non-forest wood elements using historic cadastral maps and aerial photograps as a basis for management. J. Environ. Manage. 91, 831-843. Sklenička, P., Molnárová K., Brabec E., Kumble P., Pittnerová B., Pixová K. & Šálek M. (2009). Remnants of medieval field patterns in the

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Vascular Plant Biodiversity of Floodplain Forest in Morava and Dyje Rivers Confluence (Forest District Soutok), Czech Republic

., Comín, F.A., Muller, E. (2010). Recent Changes in the Riparian Forest of a Large Regulated Mediterranean River: Implications for Management. Environmental Management 45: 669–681. Grulich, V., Chobot, K. (eds.) (2017). Červený seznam ohrožených druhů České republiky . Cévnaté rostliny. Praha, Agentura ochrany přírody a krajiny ČR. Hanula, J.L., Horn, S. (2011). Removing an exotic shrub from riparian forests increases butterfly abundance and diversity. Forest Ecology and Management 262: 674–680. Harris, M.B., Tomas, W., Mourao, G., Da Silva, C

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Variations in Hillslope Runoff as Detected Using Geological Strata Coupled with Vegetation Patterns- Implications on Spatially Distributed Desert Runoff Agriculture

R eferences Ackermann, O., Svoray T., Haiman, M., (2008). Nari (calcrete) outcrop contribution to ancient agricultural terraces in the Southern Shephelah, Israel: insights from digital terrain analysis and a geoarcheological field survey. Journal of Archeological Sciences , 35, 930-941. Ackermann, O., Zhevelev, H. M., and Svoray, T., (2013). Sarcopoterium spinosum from mosaic structure to matrix structure: Impact of calcrete (Nari) on vegetation in a Mediterranean semi-arid landscape. Catena , 101, 79-91. Amundson, R., Heimsath, A., Owen, J

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