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Tick-borne encephalitis in Slovenia (1953-2013): the 60th anniversary

: 1-8. 12. Randolph SE. Tick-borne encephalitis incidence in Central and Eastern Europe: consequence of political transition. Microbes Infect 2008; 10: 209-16. 13. Kmet J, Vesenjak-Zmijanac J, Bedjanič M, Rus S. Virus meningoencephalitis in Slovenia. 1. Epidemiological observations. Bull WLD Hlth Org 1955; 12: 491-501. 14. Kraigher A, Matjašič M, Hočevar-Grom A, Turk K. TBE surveillance in Slovenia. Antibiotica Monitor 1996; 12: 121-3. 15. Kraigher A, Avšic-Županc T, Kovačevič M, Matjašič M. Tickborne

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Postponed effect of neostigmine on oxidative homeostasis

DP, Andrades M, Ritter C, Moreira JC, Streck EL and Dal-Pizzol F. (2008). Xanthine oxidase activity in patients with sepsis. Clin Biochem 41: 1186-1190. Marrs TC. (1993). Organophosphate poisoning. Pharmacol Ther 58: 51-66. Milatovic D, Gupta RC and Aschner M. (2006). Anticholinesterase toxicity and oxidative stress. TheScientifi cWorld Journal 6: 295-310. Papandreou C, Schiza SE, Tzatzarakis MN, Kavalakis M, Hatzis CM, Tsatsakis AM, Kafatos AG, Siafakas NM and Tzanakis NE. (2012). Eff ect of Mediterranean diet on

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Physiochemical basis of human degenerative disease

the association of selected toxic metals with total and central obesity indices: NHANES 99-02. Int J Environ Res Public Health 7 : 3332–47. Pardridge WM. (2012). Drug transport across the blood-brain barrier. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab 32 (11): 1959–72. Park HJ, Kim JY, Kim J, Lee JH, Hahn JS, Gu MB, Yoon J. (2009). Silver-ion mediated reactive oxygen species generation affecting bactericidal activity. Water Res 43 (4): 1027–32. Patel MM, Goyal BR, Bhadada SV, Bhatt JS, Amin AF. (2009). Getting into the brain: approaches to enhance brain

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Efficiency of Fetuin-A and Procalcitonin in the Diagnosis of Infection in Patients with Febrile Seizure

:// 20. Oncu K, Yazgan Y, Tanoglu A, et al. Can serum fetuin-A be regarded as an inflammatory marker among patients with familial Mediterranean fever? Dig Dis Sci 2013: 58(11):3212-7. 21. Muratli S, Uzunlulu M, Gonenli G, Oguz A, Isbilen B. Fetuin A as a new marker of inflammation in Hashimoto thyroiditis. Minerva Endocrinol 2015: 40(1):9-14. 22. Innes RF. Understanding the pathophysiology behind febrile convulsions. Nurs Child Young People 2015: 27

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Impact of pesticides use in agriculture: their benefits and hazards

Appl Ent   113 : 398-406. Barcelo D, Porte C, Cid J, Albaiges J. (1990). Determination of organophosphorus compounds in Mediterranean coastal waters and biota samples using gas chromatography with nitrogen-phosphorus and chemical ionization mass spectrometric detection. Int J Environ A Chem   38 : 199-209 Barcelo' D, Hennion MC. (1997). Trace Determination of Pesticides and Their Degradation Products in Water, Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: 3. Barron MG, Galbraith H and Beltman D

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Review article. Adverse hematological effects of hexavalent chromium: an overview

Hexavalent Chromium. Thammasat Med J. 8(3): 306-316. Terpilowska S, Siwicki R. (2010). The infl uence of chromium on cell-mediated and humoral-mediated immunity in mice. Central European J Immunol 35(1): 10-13. Thompson, C. M., Haws, L. C., Harris, M. A., Gatto, N. M., and Proctor, D. M.(2011). Application of the U.S. EPA mode of action Framework for purposes of guiding future research: a case study involving the oral carcinogenicity of hexavalent chromium. Toxicol Sci 119: 20-40. Torra M, Rodamilans M, Corbella, J, Ferrer R

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Impact of adverse childhood experiences on alcohol use in emerging adults in Montenegro and Romania

Montenegro 1600 ( 18 ) and in Romania 2500 ( 19 ) university students were invited to participate in the study, altogether 4100 students. In Montenegro, the sample was designed as a two-stage stratified sample. The units of the first stage were faculties, selected proportionate to the number of students enrolled in the first year in the academic year. The sample frame included 22 faculties of the University of Montenegro, two faculties of Mediterranean University and one of the Donja Gorica University. In total, 12 faculties were selected from the University of Montenegro

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Glyphosate, pathways to modern diseases II: Celiac sprue and gluten intolerance

celiac disease in a Mediterranean area. Dig Dis Sci 44: 2538-41. Coussens LM, Werb Z. (2002). Infl ammation and cancer. Nature 420: 860-67. Culpepper, AS, York, AC, Batts, RB, Jennings KM. (2000). Weed Management in Glufosinate- and Glyphosate-Resistant Soybean (Glycine max). Weed Technology 14(1): 77-88. Cupp MJ, Tracy TS. (1998). Cytochrome P450: New nomenclature and clinical implications. Am Fam Physician 57(1): 107-16. Cusiel AL. (2005). The Synthesis and Reactivity of Novel Co(L)(PMG).n+ Complexes

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Public Health Aspects of Human Brucellosis in the Republic of Macedonia

. Brucellosis as an Occupational Disease in the Republic of Macedonia. Maced J Med Sci. 2010; 3(3):251-256. 5. Taleski V, Zerva L, Kantardjiev T, Cvetnic Z, Erski-Biljic M, Nikolovski B, et al. An overview of the epidemiology and epizootology of brucellosis in selected countries of Central and Southeast Europe. Vet Microbiol. 2002; 90:147-155. 6. Kirandziski T, Nikolovska G, Nakova E, Smilenovska B, Strojmanovska B, Naletoski I, et al. Brucellosis control in small ruminants in the Republic of Macedonia. Prilozi. 2010; 31

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