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Crossing the sea en route to Africa: autumn migration of some Accipitriformes over two Central Mediterranean islands

References Agostini N. 2001. Spring migration in relation to sex and age of Marsh Harriers Circus aeruginosus in a central Mediterranean island. Ardeola 48: 71-73. Agostini N., Coleiro C., Corbi F., Di Lieto G., Pinos F., Panuccio M. 2001. Comparative study on the autumn migration of Marsh Harriers (Circus aeruginosus) at three sites of the Central Mediterranean. Vogelwarte 41: 154-158. Agostini N., Coleiro C., Corbi F., Di Lieto G., Pinos F., Panuccio M. 2002. Water

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Autumn migration of Marsh Harriers (Circus aeruginosus) across the Central Mediterranean in 2002

References Agostini N. 2001. Spring migration in relation to sex and age of Marsh Harriers Circus aeruginosus in a central Mediterranean island. Ardeola 48: 71-73. Agostini N., Logozzo D. 1997. Autumn migration of Accipitriformes through Italy en route to Africa. Avocetta 21: 174-179. Agostini N., Logozzo D. 2000. Migration and wintering distribution of the Marsh Harrier (Circus aeruginosus) in southern Italy. Buteo 11: 19-24. Agostini N., Coleiro C

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Analysis of the Spatial Migration Patterns of Adult Honey Buzzards (Pernis apivorus) During Spring and Autumn in the Central Mediterranean

References Agostini N. 2004. Additional observations of age-dependent migration behaviour in western honey-buzzards Pernis apivorus. J. Avian Biology 35: 469-470. Agostini N., Coleiro C., Corbi F., Di Lieto G., Pinos F., Panuccio M. 2002. Water-crossing tendency of juvenile Honey Buzzards during migration. Avocetta 26: 41-43. Agostini N., Coleiro C., Panuccio M. 2004a. Analysis of the autumn migration of juvenile honey buzzards Pernis apivorus across the central Mediterranean

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Timing, age classes and water-crossing behaviour of Black Kites (Milvus migrans) during spring migration across the Central Mediterranean

References Agostini N. 1992. Spring migration of Honey Buzzards (Pernis apivorus) at the Straits of Messina in relation to atmospheric conditions. J. Raptor Res. 26: 93-96. Agostini N. 2002. La migrazione dei rapaci in Italia. In: Brichetti P, Gariboldi A. (Eds). Manuale di Ornitologia. vol. 3. Edagricole-Il Sole 24 Ore, Bologna: pp. 157-182. Agostini N. 2005. Are earlier estimates of Accipitriformes crossing the Channel of Sicily (Central Mediterranean) during spring migration

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Land-Use Change Related to Topography and Societal Drivers in High-Mountains – A Case Study in the Upper Watershed of the Tergi (Kazbegi Region), Greater Caucasus

Management: a Case Study from the Caucasus. Revue Géographie Alpine . DOI: 10.4000/rga.3563. [16] Haerdle, B. & Bontjer, A. (2010). Socio-Economic Structure of a Central Georgian Grazing System. In Plachter, H. & Hampicke, U., eds., Large-Scale Livestock Grazing (pp. 300–306). Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag. [17] Hanauer, T., Pohlenz, C., Kalandadze, B., Urushadze, T. & Felix-Henningsen, P. (2017). Soil distribution and soil properties in the subalpine region of Kazbegi; Greater Caucasus; Georgia: Soil quality rating of agricultural soils. Annals of

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Competitiveness of the Czech Meat Industry on the Single Market

.1111/j.1467-9957.1965.tb00050.x. [4] Baker, D., Jensen, T. V., Das, D. & Dalgaard, T. (2007). Survey of Danish food industry firms´views on policies that impact food industry [Working Paper]. University of Københaven. [5] Bielik, P., Smutka, L., Svatoš, M. & Hupková, D. (2013). Czech and Slovak agricultural foreign trade – two decades after the dissolution. Agricultural Economics , 59(10): 441–453. [6] Bojnec, Š. (2001). Trade and revealed comparative advantage measures: regional and Central and East European agricultural trade. Eastern European

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Functionality of openair package in air pollution assessment and modeling — a case study of Krakow

References BARNES M.J., BRADE T.K., MACKENZIE A.R., WHYATT J.D., CARRUTHERS D. J., STOCKER J., CAI X., HEWITT C.N. 2014. Spatially-varying surface roughness and ground-level air quality in an operational dispersion model. Environmental Pollution 185: 44-51. BIGI A., BIANCHI F., DE GENNARO, G., DI GILIO A., FERMO P., GHERMANDI G., PRÉVÔTB A.S.H., URBANIE M., VALLIF G., VECCHIF R., PIAZZALUNGA A. 2017. Hourly composition of gas and particle phase pollutants at a central urban background site in Milan, Italy. Atmospheric Research

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Plastic pollutants in water environment

REFERENCES ANDRADY A.L. 2011. Microplastics in the marine environment. Marine Pollution Bulletin 62: 1596-1605. ALOMAR C., ESTARELLAS F., DEUDERO S. 2016. Microplastics in the Mediterranean Sea: Deposition in coastal shallow sediments, spatial variation and preferential grain size. Marine Environmental Research 115: 1-10. AVIO C.G., GORBIS., REGOLI F. 2015. Experimental development of a new protocol for extraction and characterization of microplastics in fish tissues: First observations in commercial species from Adriatic Sea. Marine

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The Distributional Data of Simuliidae (Insecta, Diptera) Species in Yeşilirmak River (Turkey)

using Simuliida, Limnologica, 32, 273-288. 17. Gallardo-Mayenco A. and Toja J., 2002 - Spatio-temporal Distribution of Simuliids (Diptera) and Associated Environmental Factors in two Mediterranean Basins of Southern Spain, Limnetica, 21, 1-2, 47-57. 18. Ignjatović Ćupina A., Petrić D., Zgomba M., Konjević A. and Grabovac S., 2003 - Distribution of some blackfly species (Diptera, Simuliidae) in the region of Novi Sad, British Simuliid Group Bulletin, 2, 6-7. 19. Jensen F., 1997 - Diptera Simuliidae, Blackflies, in Nilsson

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Spatial and Temporal Dynamic of Rural and Urban Landscapes Identified in the “Iron Gates” Natural Park

landscapes 1990-2000 using CORINE land cover data, Applied Geography , 30, 19-35. 19. Geri F., Amici V. and Rocchini D., 2010 – Human activity impact on the heterogeneity of a Mediterranean landscape, Applied Geography , 30, 370-379. 20. Grigorovschi M., Dida M., Gafar M., Erca C., Retegan E. and Suler T., 2007 – Ghid de valorificare a patrimoniului rural, Casa de Presă şi Edit. Tribuna, Sibiu, 172. (in Romanian) 21. Gruia L. and Glăvan V., 1979 – Posibilități de îmbunătățire a potențialului agro și silvocultural al unor soluri din Defileul Dunării

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