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Antonia Galanaki, Theodoros Kominos and Martin J. Jones

, 23, 1-31. Galanaki, A., Kominos, T. & Jones, M.J. Lesser kestrel Foraging Habitats in Special Protection Areas in Agro-Ecosystems. (in press) Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology A. DOI: 10.17265/2161-6256/2017.07.004. Galanaki, A. (2011) Modelling the breeding habitat of the lesser kestrel Falco naumanni in an agricultural landscape in Central Greece. PhD thesis. Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. Galanaki, A. (2004) Technical Guidelines for the Studies of Agri-Environmental Measures 3.11 & 3.13 of

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Mathias Behangana, Wilber Lukwago, Daniele Dendi, Luca Luiselli and David Ochanda

. Eniang, E.A., Akani, G.C., Vignoli, L., Luiselli, L. & Petrozzi, F. (2015) Sizerelated habitat selection of a population of Nile monitors (Varanus niloticus) from western Nigeria. African Journal of Ecology, 53, 246-248. Filippi, E. & Luiselli, L. (2007) Non-random seasonal variation in the structure of a Mediterranean snake community. Web Ecology, 7, 40-46. Hekkala, E., Shirley, M.H., Amato, G., Austin, J.D., Charter, S., Thorbjarnarson, J., Vliet, K.A., Houck, M.L., DeSalle, R. & Blum, M.J. (2011) An ancient icon reveals new mysteries

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Lenka Bobuľská, Dagmar Macková, Radovan Malina and Lenka Demková

References Adamowski, W. & Keczynski, A. (1999) Success of early eradication: the case of Impatiens parviflora in Bialowieża National Perk (NE Poland). In: Brundu, G., Brock, J., Camarda, I., Child, L. & Wade, M. (eds) Proceedings of the 5 th International Conference on the Ecology of Invasive Alien Plants (pp. 3–5). La Maddalena: Backhuys Publishers. Badano, E.I., Cavieres, L.A., Molina-Montenegro, M.A. & Quiroz, C.L. (2005) Slope aspect influences plant association patterns in the Mediterranean matorral of central Chile. J Arid Environ, 62, 93

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Giovanni Amori, Valentina De Silvestro, Paolo Ciucci and Luca Luiselli

References Akaike, H. (1973) Information theory and an extension of the maximum likelihood principle. In: Proceeding of IEEE International Symposium On Information Theory, Pages 267-281. Akademiai Kiado, Budapest, Hungary. Amori, G., Locasciulli, O., Tuccinardi, P. & Riga, F. (2000) Ecological structure of a population of Chlethrionomys glareolus in central Italy: an eight-year study. Polish Journal of Ecology, 48, 125-132. Amori, G. & Luiselli, L. (2011a) Growth patterns in free-ranging yellownecked wood mice

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Łukasz Jankowiak, Anna W. Malecha and Agata J. Krawczyk

, the Italian Journal of Mammalogy, 7, 1–2. Cavallini, P. & Volpi, T. (1996) Variation in the diet of the red fox in a Mediterranean area. Revue d’Ecologie (Terre et Vie), 51, 173–189. Contesse, P., Hegglin, D., Gloor, S., Bontadina, F. & Deplazes P. (2004) The diet of urban foxes ( Vulpes vulpes ) and the availability of anthropogenic food in the city of Zurich, Switzerland. Mammalian Biology, 69, 81–95. Dip, R., Hegglin, D., Deplazes, P., Dafflon, O., Koch, H. & Naegeli, H. (2003) Age- and sex-dependent distribution of persistent organochlorine

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Federico Morelli, Zbigniew Kwieciński, Piotr Indykiewicz, Łukasz Jankowiak, Paweł Szymański, Petra Šímová and Piotr Tryjanowski

-effects models using Eigen and S4 - R Package. Bellard, C., Leclerc, C., Leroy, B., Bakkenes, M., Veloz, S., Thuiller, W., Courchamp, F., 2014. Vulnerability of biodiversity hotspots to global change. Glob. Ecol. Biogeogr. 23, 1376–1386. doi:10.1111/geb.12228 Benton, T.G., Bryant, D.M., Cole, L., Crick, H.Q.P., 2002. Linking agricultural practice to insect and bird populations: a historical study over three decades. J. Appl. Ecol. 39, 673–687. doi:10.1046/j.1365-2664.2002.00745.x Berg, Å., 2002. Breeding birds in short-rotation coppices on farmland in central

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Andrew Willis, Tim H. Sparks, Bernard Felinov Rodrigues and Phillip John Charles Harris

Nature and Properties of Soils. New York: MacMillan Publishing Co. Inc. Bray, R.H. & Kurtz, L.T. (1945) Determination of total, organic and available forms of phosphorus in soils. Soil Sci., 59, 39-45. Buwalda, J.G., Stribley, D.P. & Tinker, P.B. (1985)Effects of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal infection in first, second and third cereal crops. J. Ag. Sci., 105,631-647. Camprubi, A., Calvet, C., Cabot, P., Pitet, M. & Estaún, V. (2010) Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi associated with psammophilic vegetation in Mediterranean

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Normandes Matos da Silva, Fabio Angeoletto, Jeater W.M.C. Santos, Antonio C. Paranhos Filho, Marcelo C. Vacchiano, João F.C. Bohrer and Anny Keli A. A. Cândido

:// European Commission (2008) Natura 2000: Protecting Europe´s Biodiversity. Information Press, Oxford, UK. 292 p. Garcia, Y.M. (2012) O código florestal brasileiro e suas alterações no Congresso Nacional. Geografia em Atos, 1(12). Garófano‐Gómez, V., Martínez‐Capel, F., Bertoldi, W. et al. (2013) Six decades of changes in the riparian corridor of a Mediterranean river: a synthetic analysis based on historical data sources. Ecohydrology, 6(4), 536-553. Google Earth. Guia do usuário. Retrieved from http

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Surjya Kumar Saikia

References Adams, M.A., Johnsen, P.B. & Zhou, H.Q. (1988) Chemical enhancement of feeding for the herbivorous fish Tilapia zilli. Aquaculture, 72, 95-107. Albo-Puigserver, M., Navarro, J., Coll, M., Aguzzi, J., Cardona, L. & Sáez-Liante, R. (2015) Feeding ecology and trophic position of three sympatric demersal chondrichthyans in the northwestern Mediterranean. Marine Ecological progressive Series, 524, 255-268. Amundsen, P.A., Gabler, H.M. & Staldvik, F.J. (1996) A new approach to graphical analysis of feeding strategy from stomach contents

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Jukka Jokimäki, Jukka Suhonen and Marja-Liisa Kaisanlahti-Jokimäki

.E. & Kirkpatrick, J.B. (2011) Functional and spatial differentiation of urban bird assemblages at the landscape scale. Landscape and Urban Planning, 100, 11–23. Conole, L.E. (2014) Degree of adaptive response in urban tolerent birds shows influence of habitat-of-origin. PeerJ 2, e306. Covas, R. & Blondel, J. (1998) Biogeography and history of the Mediterranean bird fauna. Ibis, 140, 395–407. Cramp, S. & Perrins, C.M. (1977-1994) Handbook of the birds of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The birds of the western Palearctic. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Cuervo, J. J