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Evelia Leal-Ugarte, Valeria Peralta-Leal, Juan Pablo Meza-Espinoza, Jorge Durán-González, Nelly Macías-Gómez, Anabel Bocanegra-Alonso and José Ramón Lara-Ramos

majority of researches ( 4 , 8 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 14 , 17 , 18 , 20 , 22 , 22 , 29 ). However, opposite findings have also been described; so Lambrinoudaki et al. ( 9 ) observed that healthy postmenopausal women carrying the 677CT or 677TT genotype had central adiposity and waist higher hip ratio compared with women carrying the 677CC genotype. Tabassum et al. ( 19 ) reported association of 677C>T polymorphism with overweight/obesity [1.24 (1.01–1.52) p=0.04] in Indian population. Similarly, Di Renzo et al. ( 7 ) studied 56 obese individuals who underwent a diet

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Elif Ates, Turan Set, Süleyman Caner Karahan, Cemile Biçer and Özcan Erel

. ( 23 ) reported increased disulphide/native thiol and disulphide/total thiol ratios, while native thiol/total thiol decreased in the cord blood of babies born to a mother with obesity or diabetes mellitus, and associated these rates with adverse outcomes in gestational diabetes mellitus. In another study, while disulphide/native thiol and disulphide/total thiol ratios were elevated, the native thiol/total thiol ratio decreased in a group with chronic central serous chorioretinopathy group compared to healthy individuals ( 13 ). We observed no significant difference

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R. De La Mata and R. Zas

References AGUIAR, A., M. H. ALMEIDA and N. BORRALHO (2003): Genetic control of growth, wood density and stem characteristics of Pinus pinaster in Portugal. Silva Lusitana 11: 131-139. ALÍA, R., L. GIL and J. A. PARDOS (1995): Performance of 43 Pinus pinaster Ait. provenances on 5 locations in central Spain. Silvae Genet 44: 75-81. ALÍA, R., S. MARTIN, J. DE MIGUEL, R. GALERA, D. AGÚNDEZ, J. GORDO, G. CATALÁN and L. GIL (1996): Las regiones de procedencia de Pinus pinaster Ait. OA de Parques Nacionales. DGCONA

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H. Marzouki, N. Nasri, B. Jouaud, C. Bonnet, A. Khaldi, S. Bouzid and B. Fady

6, 1171-1173. FADY, B. (2005): Is there really more biodiversity in Mediterranean forest ecosystems? Taxon 54 (4), 905-910. FANG, F., S. SANG, K. Y. CHEN, A. GOSSLAU, C. HO and R. T. ROSEN (2005): Isolation and identification of cytotoxic compounds from Bay leaf (Laurus nobilis). Food Chemistry 93, 497-501. FARWIG, N., C. BRAUN and K. BOEHNING-GAESE (2008): Human disturbance reduces genetic diversity of an endangered tropical tree, Prunus africana (Rosaceae). Conservation genetics 9 (2), 317

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S. Mutke, J. Gordo and Luis Gil

References BADAL, E. (2001): La recolección de piñas durante la prehistoria en la Cueva de Nerja (Málaga), pp. 101-104 in De neandertales a cromañones - el inicio del poblamiento humano en las tierras valencianas, edited by V. VILLAVERDE, Universidad de Valencia, Valencia. BLAND, J. M. and D. G. ALTMAN (1996): Statistics Notes: Transforming data. Brit. Med. J. 312: 770. CANDELA, J. A. and R. ALÍA (2000): Clonal banks of Pinus pinea, pp. 49-50 in Report of International Field Trip Meeting Mediterranean

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Z. Mojžišová, P. Drzewnioková, E. Bocková, B. Vargová, V. Majláthová, I. Majláth, T. Csank and J. Pistl

REFERENCES 1. Bakonyi, T. E., Ferenczi, K., Erdelyi, O., Kutasi, T., Csorgo, B., Seidel, H., et al., 2013: Explosive spread of a neuroinvasive lineage 2 West Nile virus in Central Europe, 2008/2009. Vet. Microbiol. , 165, 61—70. 2. Biernat, B., Karbowiak, G., Werszko, J., Stanczak, J., 2014: Prevalence of tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) RNA in Dermacentor reticulatus ticks from natural and urban environment, Poland. Exp. Appl. Acarol. , 64, 543—551. 3. Csank, T., Bhide, K., Bencurova, E., Dolinska, S., Drzewniokova, P., Major, P., et

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A. C. Coelho, M. B. Lima, D. Neves and A. Cravador

conservation of Quercus spp Microsatellites in the cork oak, Q. suber L. Silvae Genetica 50: 162-167. HOWARD, D. J., R. W. PRESZLER, J. WILLIAMS, S. FENCHEL and W. J. BOECKLEN (1997): How discrete are oak species? Insights from a hybrid zone between Quercus grisea and Quercus gambelii. Evolution 51: 747-755. JIMÉNEZ, P., D. AGÚNDEZ, R. ALÍA and L. GIL (1999): Genetic variation in central and marginal populationsof Quercus suber L. Silvae Genetica 48: 278-284. JIMÉNEZ, P., U. LÓPEZ DE HEREDIA, C. COLLADA, Z. LORENZO and L. GIL

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Krasimira Petkova, Emil Molle, Gerhard Huber, Monika Konnert and Julian Gaviria

Science, 68: 975-984. Gordo O, Sanz JJ (2009) Long-term temporal changes of plant phenology in the Western Mediterranean. Global Change Biology, 15:, 1930-1948. Harter D, Nagy L, Backhaus S, Beierkuhnlein C, Fussi B, Huber G, Jentsch A, Kon­nert M, Thiel D, Kreyling J (2015) A Comparison of genetic diversity and phanotypic plasticity among European Beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) populations from Bulgaria and Germany under drought and temperature

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N. Wahid, S. C. González-Martínez, I. El Hadrami and A. Boulli

-269. BARBÉRO, M., LOISEL, R., QUÉZEL, P., RICHARDSON, D. M. and ROMANE, F. (1998): Pines of the Mediterranean Basin. Pp. 153-170. In: RICHARDSON, D. M. (ed.). Ecology and biogeography of Pinus. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. BEDHRI, M. M. (1992): La protection juridique de l’arbre dans le droit marocaine, Actes des Premières Journées de l’Arbre, Ed. Laboratoire d’Ecologie Végétale Fac. Sci. Semlalia Marrakech, pp. 11-13. BENABID, A. (1985): Les écosystèmes forestiers et pré forestiers du Maroc: diversité, répartition biogéographique et

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C. Ramirez-Herrera, K. E. Percy, J. A. Loo, L. D. Yeates and J. Vargas-Hernandez

gradients and population divergence contribute to variation in cuticular wax composition in Juniperus communis . Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 31 : 1257–1270. D odd , R. S. and Z. A. R afii (2000): Habitat related adaptive properties of plant cuticular lipids. Evolution 54 : 1438–1444. G onzalez -M artinez , S. C., R. A lia and L. G il (2002): Population genetic structure in a Mediterranean pine ( Pinus pinaster Ait.): a comparison of allozyme markers and quantitative characteristics. Heredity 89 : 199–206. H amrick , J. L. (2004