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Włodzimierz Breś and Tomasz Trelka

of soilless cultures on soil environment, Ecological Chemistry and Engineering A, 17, 9, pp. 1069-1076. [7] Castilla, N.N. (2002). Current situation and future prospects of protected crops in the Mediterranean region, Acta Horticulturae, 582, pp.135-147. [8] Cuervo, B.W.J., Florez, R.V.J. & Gonzalez, M.C.A. (2012). Aspects to consider for optimizing a substrate culture system with drainage recycling, Agronomia Colombiana, 30, 3, pp. 379-387. [9] Gallardo, M., Thompson, R.B., Rodriguez, J.S., Rodriguez, F., Fernandez

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Usha Damodharan and M. Vikram Reddy

(ICAR) APAU, Hyderabad, 32-34. [4] Anon (1992-1993). Annual progress Report of AICS on micronutrients and pollutant elements in soils and plants (ICAR) APAU, Hyderabad, pp. 21-22. [5] APHA (American Public Health Association) WWA (American Water Works Association), WPCF (Water Pollution Control Federation) (1995). Standard methods for examination of water and wastewater. Washington D.C., USA 1995. [6] Awashthi, S.K. (2000). Prevention of Food Adulteration Act no 37 of 1954. Central and State Rules as Amended for 1999

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Azizbek Daujanov, Rolf Groeneveld, Alim Pulatov and Wim J.M. Heijman

References AQUASTAT, 2015. Conservation agriculture area. FAO. Boardman , A.E. - Greenberg, D.H. - Vining, A.R. - Weimer, D.L. 2011. Cost-Benefit Analysis: Consepts and Practice. Boston : Pearson, 2011. Boboev , H. - Higano, Y. - Yabar, H. - Devkota , M. - Lamers , J.P.A. 2015. Conservation Agriculture Practices in Salt-Affected, Irrigated Areas of Central Asia: Crop Price and Input Cost Variability Effect on Revenue Risks Sustainable Agriculture

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Katarzyna Stanienda-Pilecki

-269. Flügel E., 2004. Microfacies in carbonate Rocks . Analysis, Interpretation and Application. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. Goffredo S., Caroselli E., Mezzo F., Laiolo L., Vergni P., Pasquini L., Levy O., Zaccanti F., Tribollet A., Dubinsky Z., Falini G., 2012. The puzzling presence of calcite in skeletons of modern solitary corals from the Mediterranean Sea . Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 85, 187-199. Ikavalko E, Laitinen T, Parkka M, Yliruokanen I., 1995. Intercomparizon of trace-element determination in samples from a Coal Fired Power-Plant. Int

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Elwira Zajusz-Zubek and Jan Konieczyński

, Kraków 2009. [4] Brown, T.D., Smith, D.N., O’Dowd, W.J. & Hargis Jr, R.A. (2000). Fuel Processing Technology, 311, 65-66. [5] Central Statistical Offi ce, (2011), Environment 2011, Warsaw. [6] Davidson, R.M., Reeve D.A., Slos L.L. & Smith I.M. (2003). Trace Elements - Occurrence, Emissions and Control. IEA Clean Coal Centre 2003. [7] Diaz-Somoano M., Unterberger S. & Hein K.R.G. (2007). Fuel Processing Technology, 88, 259-263. [8] Dunham, G.E., Miller, S.J., (1998). Environmental Progress

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Vladimír Šimanský and Marek Kolenčík

the central Spain. In Catena, vol. 104, 2013, pp. 153-160. Rybár, S. - Halásová, S. - Hudáčková, N. - Kováč, M. - Kováčová, M. - Šarinová, K. - Šujan, M. 2015. Biostratigraphy, sedimentology and paleoenvironments of the northern Danube Basin: Ratkovice 1 well case study. In Geologica Carpatica, vol. 66, 2015, no. 1, pp. 51-67. ŠIMANSKÝ , V. 2011. Soil and nutrition of vine (in Slovak). Nitra : SPU, 2011. 46 p. ISBN 978-80-552-0565-6. ŠIMANSKÝ , V. - POLLÁKOVÁ, N. - HALMO, S. 2014. Soil crust in agricultural land. In

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Wioletta Rogula-Kozłowska, Barbara Kozielska and Krysztof Klejnowski

:// [14] Jasan, R.C., Plá, R.R., Invernizzi, R., & Dos Santos, M. (2009). Characterization of atmospheric aerosol in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry , 281 (1), 101-105. [15] Juda-Rezler, K., Reizer, M., & Oudinet, J.-P. (2011). Determination and analysis of PM10 source apportionment during episodes of air pollution in Central Eastern European urban areas: The case of wintertime 2006, Atmospheric Environment , 45 (36), 6557−6566. [16] Kavouras, I.G., Lawrence, J

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Viviana Fonti, Antonio Dell’Anno and Francesca Beolchini

from contaminated sediment by Thiobacillus spp . J. Chem. Technol. Biotechnol. Biotechnol., 75, 2000, 649-656. CHEN, S.Y., LIN, J.G.: Bioleaching of heavy metals from sediment: signiphicance of pH. Chemosphere, 44, 2001, 1093-1102. CHEN, S.Y., LIN, J.G.: Bioleaching of heavy metals from contaminated sediment by indigenous sulfur-oxidizing bacteria in an air-lift bioreactor: effects of sulfur concentration. Water Res., 38, 2004, 3205-14. DANOVARO, R., MANINI, E., DELL’ANNO, A.: Higher abundance of bacteria than of viruses in deep mediterranean

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Viktor Sebestyén, Viola Somogyi, Szandra Szőke and Anett Utasi

.: Review of combined approaches and multi-criteria analysis for corporate environmental evaluation, J. Clean. Prod. , 2013 39 , 355-371 DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2012.07.058 [20] SDEWES Index [Online] , Accessed: 23 rd October 2017. [21] Kılkış, Ş.: Sustainable development of energy, water and environment systems index for Southeast European cities, J. Clean. Prod. , 2016 130 , 222-234 DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2015.07.121 [22] Kılkış, Ş.: Composite index for benchmarking local energy systems of Mediterranean port cities