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Salah Saleh, Oya Pamukçu and Ladislav Brimich

Geophys. Res., 3 , 317–354. Woodside J. M., 1976: Regional vertical tectonics in the Eastern Mediterranean Geophys. J. R. Astron. Soc., 47 , 493–514. Youssef M. I., 1968: Structure pattern of Egypt and its interpretation. AAPG Bulletin, 52 (4), 601–614. Zaghloul Z. M., Shaaban F. F., Yousef A. F., 1995: Subsurface Quaternary geothermal reservoir in the Nile Delta area. Journal of Environmental Sciences, 9 , 187–204. Ziegler P. A., 1990: Geological Atlas of Western and Central Europe, Shell International Petroleum Mij. B. V., distributed by

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Michal Grinč, Hermann Zeyen and Miroslav Bielik

., Plomerová J., Pajdušák P., 1988: Lithosphere-asthenosphere in central Europe: Models derived from P residuals. In: Proc. 4th EGT Workshop: The Upper Mantle, Commission of the European Communities, European Science Foundation, Utrecht, Netherlands, 37-48. Beránek B., Zátopek A., 1981: Earth’s crust structure in Czechoslovakia and in Central Europe by methods of explosion seismology. In: Zátopek A. (Ed.), Geophysical syntheses in Czechoslovakia. VEDA, 243-270. Bielik M., šefara J., Kováč M., Bezák V., Plašienka D., 2004: The Western

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Barbora Šimonová and Miroslav Bielik

.06.03. Alasonati Tašárová Z., Fullea J., Bielik M., Oroda P., 2016: Lithospheric structure of Central Europe: Puzzle pieces from Pannonian Basin to Trans-European Suture Zone resolved by geophysical-petrological modelling. Tectonics, 35, doi: 10.1002/2015T C003935. Bała M., Witek K., 2007: Velocity model of P-waves and S-waves and bulk density for selected wells from the Western Carpathians. Geologia 33, 4/1, 59-80 (in Polish with English summary). Beyer L. A., Robbins S. L., Clutson F. G., 1985: Basic data and preliminary density and porosity

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Dušan Majcin, Dušan Bilčík and Tomáš Klučiar

development and exploration potential of the Slovak part of the Danube Basin. In: Wessely G. and Liebl W. (eds) Oil and Gas in Alpidic Thrustbelts and Basins of Central and Eastem Europe. EAGE Special Publications, 5 , 417–429. Hurtig V., Čermák V., Haenel R., Zui V. L., 1992: Geothermal Atlas of Europe. Hermann Haack, Geogr.-Kart. Anstalt, Gotha, (Enclosure maps). Hvoždara M., 2008: Refraction effect in the heat flow due to 3-D prismoid, situated in two-layered Earth. Contrib. Geophys. Geod., 38 , 4, 371–390. Jaupart C., Mareschal J.C., 2011: Heat

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Robert Tenzer

circular, square and rectangular filters for surface waves on a sphere. Bull. Geod., 57, 394-409. Geiss E., 1987: A new compilation of crustal thickness data for the Mediterranean area. Ann. Geophys., 5B, 623-630. Grad M., Tiira T., ESC Working Group, 2009: The Moho depth map of the European Plate. Geophys. J. Int., 176, 1, 279-292. Hayford J. F., 1909: The figure of the earth and isostasy from measurements in the United States. USCGS. Hayford J. F., Bowie W., 1912: The effect of topography and isostatic

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Bibiana Brixová, Andrea Mosná and René Putiška

electrical resistivity tomography, P- and SH-wave seismic tomography and surface wave data. Journal of Applied Geophysics, 106 , 87-95. Coulouma G., Samyn K., Grandjean G., Follain S., Lagacherie P., 2012: Combining seismic and electric methods for predicting bedrock depth along a Mediterranean soil toposequence. Geoderma, Elsevier, 170 , 39-47. Enviroscan, 2018: Seismic refraction versus reflection [on line]. © Enviroscan, Inc. [cit. 2018-01-04]. Available on: http

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Akanbi Olanrewaju Akinfemiwa

Publications, 6(3), pp. 399-406. [14] Meijerink, A.M.J. (2007): Remote sensing applications to groundwater. Paris: United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). [15] Shaban, A., Khawlie, M., Abdalla, C. (2006): Use of GIS and remote sensing to determine recharge potential zones; the case of occidental Linanon. Hydrogeology Journal, 14(4), pp. 433-443. [16] Granados-Olivas, A., Corral Diaz, R. (2003): Fracture trace and alignment analysis for groundwater characterization. Hydrology of Mediterranean

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Marek Blok, Bartosz Czaplewski, Sylwester Kaczmarek, Jacek Litka, Marcin Narloch and Maciej Sac

., Narloch M., Sac M., The central server of the Border Guard’s distributed multimedia system for monitoring and visualisation of ongoing and archival events , ‘Journal of Marine Engineering and Technology’, 2017, Vol. 16, Issue 4, pp. 257–272. [4] Blok M., Czaplewski B., Kaczmarek S., Litka J., Narloch M., Sac M., The System of the Supervision and the Visualization of Multimedia Data for BG , 12th International Conference on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation ‘TransNav 2017’, Gdynia 21–23 June 2017, ed. A. Weintrit, CRC Press/Balkema, pp. 227