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Projected Changes in Flood-Generating Precipitation Extremes Over the Czech Republic in High-Resolution Regional Climate Models

References BALLESTER J., RODÓ X., GIORGI F., 2010: Future changes in Central Europe heat waves expected to mostly follow summer mean warming. Clim. Dyn., 35 , 7-8, 1191-1205. BARNETT D. N., BROWN S. J., MURPHY J. M., SEXTON D. M. H., WEBB, M. J., 2006: Quantifying uncertainty in changes in extreme event frequency in response to doubled CO2 using a large ensemble of GCM simulations. Clim. Dyn., 26 , 5, 489-511. BENGTSSON L., HODGES K. I., ROECKNER E., 2006: Storm tracks and climate

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Post-event analysis and flash flood hydrology in Slovakia

., Anquetin, A., Lang, M., Neppel, L., Obled, C., Parent-du-Chatelet, J., Saulnier, G.M., Walpersdorf, A., Wobrock, W., 2005. The catastrophic flash-flood event of 8–9 September 2002 in the Gard region, France: a first case study for the Cévennes–Vivarais Mediterranean Hydrometeorological Observatory. Journal of Hydrometeorology, 6, 34–52. Gaume, E., Borga, M., 2008. Post-flood field investigations in upland catchments after major flash floods: proposal of a methodology and illustrations. Journal of Flood Risk Management, 1, 4, 175–189. Gaume, E., Bain, V

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Runoff and inter-rill erosion in a Maritime Pine and a Eucalypt plantation following wildfire and terracing in north-central Portugal

and its relationship to Mediterranean plant species type, burn severity and total organic carbon content. Geoderma, 160, 599-607. Cardoso, J.C., Bessa, M.T., Marado, M.B., 1971. Carta dos solos de Portugal (1 : 1,000,000). Serviço de Reconhecimento e de Ordenamento Agrário, Secretaria de Estado da Agricultura, Lisbon, Portugal. Cardoso, J.C., Bessa, M.T., Marado, M.B., 1973. Carta dos solos de Portugal (1 : 1,000,000). Agronomia Lusitana, 33, 461-602. Cerdà, A., 1998. Changes in overland flow and infiltration after a

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Values of rainfall erosivity factor for the Czech Republic

References Angima, S.D., 2002. Soil erosion prediction using RUSLE for central Kenyan highland conditions. Journal of Sustainable Agriculture, 20, 3, 57-67. Auerswald, K. et al., 2009. Rates of sheet and rill erosion in Germany - A meta-analysis. Geomorphology. 111, 3-4, 182-193. Bonilla, C.A., Vidal, K.L., 2011. Rainfall erosivity in Central Chile. Journal of Hydrology, 410, 1-2, 126-133. Braunovič, S. et al., 2009. Determination of rain erosive power factor (R) for he region of Vranje

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Estimating the rainfall erosivity factor from monthly precipitation data in the Madrid Region (Spain)

-133. Brown, L.C., Foster, G.R., 1987. Storm erosivity using idealized intensity distributions. Trans. ASAE, 30, 2, 379-386. Colotti, E., 2004. Aplicabilidad de los datos de lluvia horaria en el cálculo de la erosidad. [Applicability of hourly rainfall data to erosion analysis]. Fondo Editorial de Humanidades y Educación. Departamento de Publicaciones. Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas. (In Spanish.) Diodato, N., 2004. Estimating RUSLE’s rainfall factor in the part of Italy with a Mediterranean rainfall regime. Hydrol. Earth Syst

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Site effects on root characteristics and soil protection capability of two cover crops grown in South Bulgaria

., Rejman, J., Rousseva, S., Muxart, T., Roxo, M.J., Dostal, T., 2010. Rates and spatial variations of soil erosion in Europe: a study based on erosion plot data. Geomorphology, vol. 122, No 1-2, 167-177. De Baets, S., Poesen, J., Knapen, A., Barberá, G., Navarro, J., 2007a. Root characteristics of representative Mediterranean plant species and their erosion-reducing potential during concentrated runoff. Plant and Soil, 294, 1-2, 169-183. De Baets, S., Poesen, J., Knapen, A., Galindo Morales, P., 2007b. Impact of root architecture, soil

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Persistence of water repellency in coarse-textured soils under various types of forests in NW Spain

REFERENCES Alagna, V., Iovino, M., Bagarello, V., Mataix-Solera, J., Lichner, L., 2017. Application of minidisk infiltrometer to estimate water repellency in Mediterranean pine forest soils. J. Hydrol. Hydromech., 65, 254–263. Alanís, N., Hernández-Madrigal, V.M., Cerdà, A., Zavala, L.M., Jordán, A., 2017. Spatial gradients of intensity and persistence of soil water repellency under different forest types in Central México. Land Degrad. Develop., 28, 317–327. Arcenegui, V., Mataix-Solera, J., Guerrero, C., Zornoza, R., Mayoral, A.M., Morales J

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Relationships between soil water repellency and microbial community composition under different plant species in a Mediterranean semiarid forest

water repellency on soil hydrological and erosional processes under Eucalyptus and evergreen Quercus forests in the Western Mediterranean. Aust. J. Soil Res., 43, 309-318. DeBano, L.F., 2000. Water repellency in soils: a historical overview. J. Hydrol., 231-232, 4-32. Doerr, S.H., Shakesby, R.A., Walsh, R.P.D., 2000. Soil water repellency: its causes, characteristics and hydrogeomorphological significance. Earth-Sci. Rev., 51, 33-65. Federle, T.W., 1986. Microbial distribution in soil. In: Megusar, F., Gantar, M. (Eds

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Temporal changes in soil water erosion on sloping vineyards in the Ruwer- Mosel Valley. The impact of age and plantation works in young and old vines

soil management on compaction of individual horizons. J. Cent. Eur. Agric., 17. DOI:10.5513/jcea.v17i2.4294. Chaplot, V., Poesen, J., 2012. Sediment, soil organic carbon and runoff delivery at various spatial scales. Catena, 88, 46-56. DOI: 10.1016/j.catena.2011.09.004. David, M., Follain, S., Ciampalini, R., Le Bissonnais, Y., Couturier, A., Walter, C., 2014. Simulation of medium-term soil redistributions for different land use and landscape design scenarios within a vineyard landscape in Mediterranean France. Geomorphology, 214, 10

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The influence of large-scale climatic patterns on precipitation, temperature, and discharge in Czech river basins

-2005. International Journal of Climatology, 29, 223-242. Cahynova, M., Huth, R., 2009. Changes of atmospheric circulation in central Europe and their influence on climatic trends in the Czech Republic. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 96, 57-68. Folland, C.K., Scaife, A.A., Lindesay, J., Stephenson, D.B., 2012. How potentially predictable is northern European winter climate a season ahead? International Journal of Climatology, 32, 801-818. Franzke, C., Woolings, T., Martius, O., 2011. Persistent circulation regimes and preferred

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