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Viticultural landscapes: Localised transformations over the past 150 years through an analysis of three case studies in Slovakia

katastru pro potřeby krajinné ekologie. Kartografické listy, 13: 1–10. BURDOVÁ, L. (2012): Fyloxéra a perenospóra. Historika. Malokarpatský historický občasník. Pezinok, OZ Museum Vinorum, 1(1): 34–36. CAMBEL, S. (2005): Päťdesiate roky na slovenskej dedine. Prešov. UNIVERSUM. CARAVELI, H. (2000): A comparative analysis on intensification and extensification in mediterranean agriculture: dilemmas for LFAs policy. Journal of Rural Studies, 16(2): 231–242. CARRANZA, M. L., ACOSTA, A., RICOTTA, C. (2007): Analyzing landscape diversity in time: The

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Environmental factors influencing the distribution of agricultural terraces: Case study of Horný Tisovník, Slovakia

References AGNOLETTI, M., CARGNELLO, G., GARDIN, L., SANTORO, A., BAZZOFFI, P., SANSONE, L., PEZZA, L., BELFIORE, N. (2011): Traditional Landscape and Rural Development: Comparative Study in three Terraced Areas in Northern, Central and Southern Italy to Evaluate The Efficacy of GAEC Standard 4.4 of Cross Compliance. Italian Journal of Agronomy, 6(s1), e16: 121-139. AGNOLETTI, M. (2014): Rural Landscape, Nature Conservation and Culture: Some Notes on Research Trends and Management Approaches from a (Southern) European

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Definition of Enterprises in the European Union, Western Balkans and Kosovo

. Fröhlich, Z. (2013). Small and Medium Size Companies Competiveness in Croatian Regional Framework. In 53rd Congress of the European Regional Science Association: “Regional Integration: Europe, the Mediterranean and the World Economy”. Italy, Palermo, 27-31 August 2013. Guidelines 02/2016 KCFR. (2016). Kosovo: Kosovo Council Financial Reporting, Ministry of Finance. Retrieved from INSTAT. (2016). Statistics on Small and Medium Enterprises, 2016. Republic of

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Impacts of natural hazards on an early industrial community: A case study of North Bohemia and its implications for long-term vulnerability assessment

References ACETO, L., CALOIERO, T., PASQUA, A. A., PETRUCCI, O. (2016): Analysis of damaging hydrogeological events in a Mediterranean region (Calabria). Journal of Hydrology. Doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2015.12.041 ADGER, W. N. (2000): Social and ecological resilience: are they related? Progress in Human Geography, 24: 347-364. ARGYRIS, C., SCHÖN, D. (1978): Organizational learning: A theory of action perspective. Addison Wesley, Reading. AUSSIGER ANZEIGER (1856-1902): Archive of the Ústí nad Labem

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Influences of Environmental Drivers on Land Cover Structure and its Long-Term Changes: a Case Study of the Villages of Malachov and Podkonice in Slovakia / Vliv Environmentálních Podmínek Na Strukturu Krajinného Pokryvu A Její Dlouhodobé Změny: Případová Studie Obcí Malachov A Podkonice Na Slovensku

-use changes of Central European landscapes in the last 170 years: a case study from the south-eastern part of the Czech Republic. Moravian Geographical Reports, Vol. 20, No. 3, p. 2-22. DOMON, G., BOUCHARD, A. (2007): The landscape history of Godmanchester (Quebec, Canada): two centuries of shifting relationships between anthropic and biophysical factors. Landscape Ecology, Vol. 22, No. 8, p. 1201-1214. FALŤAN, V., BÁNOVSKÝ, M., BLAŽEK, M. (2011): Evaluation of land cover changes after extraordinary windstorm by using the land cover metrics

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Channel migration inferred from aerial photographs, its timing and environmental consequences as responses to floods: A case study of the meandering Topľa River, Slovak Carpathians

succession dynamics in a Mediterranean river system. Ecography, 33: 1136–1148. DECREE No. 38/2005 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic on prices of plots and growths for the purpose of land arrangements. DRAUT, A. E., LOGAN, J. B., MASTIN, M. C. (2011): Channel evolution on the dammed Elwha River, Washington, USA. Geomorphology, 127 71–87. ERSKINE, W., KEENE, A., BUSH, R., CHEETHAM, M., CHALMERS, A. (2012): Influence of riparian vegetation on channel widening and subsequent concentration on sand-bed stream since

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Comparison of the current state of non-forest woody vegetation in two contrasted case study areas in Central Europe

fluxes by shelterbelts. Ecological Engineering, 29: 388-400. SÁNCHEZ, I. A., LASSALETTA, L., MCCOLLIN, D., BUNCE, R. B. H. (2010): The effect of hedgerow loss on microclimate in the Mediterranean region: an investigation in Central Spain. Agroforestry Systems, 78: 13-25. SCHAMA, S. (1995): Landscape and Memory. New York, A.A. Knopf. SCHNELL, S. (2015): Integrating trees outside forests into national forest inventories. Doctoral thesis, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. SKALOŠ, J., ENGSTOVÁ, B

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Developing a strategy for the protection of traditional agricultural landscapes based on a complex landscape-ecological evaluation (the case of a mountain landscape in Slovakia)

, Paris, France, p. 81-102. CULLOTTA, S., BARBERA, G. (2011): Mapping traditional cultural landscapes in the Mediterranean area using a combined multidisciplinary approach: Method and application to Mount Etna (Sicily; Italy). Landscape and Urban Planning, Vol. 100, p. 98-108. DANKANINOVÁ, L., GAJDOŠ, P. (2011): Hodnotenie biodiverzity pavúčích spoločenstiev v historických štruktúrach poľnohospodárskej krajiny Liptovská Teplička. In: KRUMPÁLOVÁ, Z. [ed.]: 9. arachnologická konferencia: Východná, 14.-18.9.2011. KEE UKF v Nitre, p. 16

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Exploring urban agriculture as a component of multifunctional green infrastructure: Application of figure-ground plans as a spatial analysis tool

): Challenges of Urban Agriculture: Highlights on the Czech and Slovak Republic Specifics. In: Vávra, J., et al. [eds.]: Current challenges of Central Europe: Society and Environment (pp. 82–107). Prague, Charles University. EEA (2016): Urban Atlas [online]. [cit. 04.10.2016]. Available at: ESCH, T., MARCONCINI, M., MARMANIS, D., ZEIDLER, J., ELSAYED, S., METZ, A., MÜLLER, A., DECH, S. (2014): Dimensioning urbanization – An advanced procedure for characterizing human settlement properties and

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Discovering extinct water bodies in the landscape of Central Europe using toponymic GIS

. (2007): Historical GIS: technologies, methodologies, and scholarship. Vol. 39, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. GREGORY, I. N., HEALEY, R. G. (2007): Historical GIS: structuring, mapping and analysing geographies of the past. Progress in Human Geography, 31(5): 638–653. HAASE, D., WALZ, U., NEUBERT, M., ROSENBERG, M. (2007): Changes to Central European landscapes – analysing historical maps to approach current environmental issues, examples from Saxony, Central Germany. Land use policy, 24(1): 248–263. HAVLÍČEK, M., PAVELKOVÁ, R., FRAJER, J

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