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The ECB, Between Conservatism and Pragmatism

., Ph. Gilles & N. Huchet (2012). Amplification effects and unconventional monetary policies, Theoretical and Applied Economics , 19 (2), 13-30. 8. Bastidon, C., Huchet N., Kocoglu Y. (2014). “Unconventional monetary policy in the euro zone : a lack of forward guidance”, 2 nd International Conference on Debt Crises and Financial Stability: Global Issues and Euro-Mediterranean Perspectives, Toulon, France. 9. Benmelech, E. and Bergman, N. (2012). Credit Traps, The American Economic Review , 102 (6), 3004-3032. 10. Bernanke, B. S. and Reinhart, V. R

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Institutional Efficiency, Entrepreneurship, and the Premises of Economic Development in the Eastern European Countries

mobilization and state rescaling in small unitary states: a comparative analysis. Regional and Federal Studies , 1-16. Aslund, A. (2013) How capitalism was built: the transformation of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus, and Central Asia . Cambridge University Press. Balland, P. A., Boschma, R., Crespo, J., Rigby, D. L. (2018) Smart specialization policy in the European Union: relatedness, knowledge complexity and regional diversification. Regional Studies , 1-17. Becker, P. (2019) The reform of European cohesion policy or how to couple the

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A Gender and Marital Status Analysis of Household Income in a Low-Income Township

. Dollar, D.,and Kraay, A. (2000). Growth is good for the poor. Washington, DC: World Bank Dubihlela, J., Dubihlela, D. (2014). Social Grants impact on poverty among the Female-Headed Households in South Africa: A case analysis. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 5(8), 160. Gove, W. R. (1973). Sex, marital status, and mortality. American Journal of Socialogy, 79, 45-67. Grobler, W. C. J., Dunga, S. H. (2014). An Analysis of the Perceptions of Causes of Poverty among Grant Receiving and Non-Grant Receiving Households

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The Influence of Macroeconomic Trends on the Repayment of Loans by Households: Evidence from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Policy Reccomendations

Settlements, BIS Paper no. 1. Babouček I, Jančar M. 2005. A VAR analysis of the effects of macroeconomic shocks to the quality of the aggregate loan portfolio of the Czech banking sector, Prague, the Czech National Bank. Working paper series no. 1. Baholli F, Dika I, Xhabija G. 2015. Analysis of Factors that Influence Nonperforming Loans with Econometric Model: Albanian case. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, MCSER Publishing, Italy. Banking Agency of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Publications

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Dynamics and local policy in labour commuting

, Drobne, S. (Eds.), Selected Decision Support Models for Production and Public Policy Problems, Slovenian Society Informatika, Ljubljana, pp. 185-206. Bogataj, M, Tuljak Suban, D, Drobne, S. (2011), "Regression-Fuzzy Approach to Land Valuation", Central European. Journal of Operation Research, Vol. 19, No. 3, pp. 253-265. Bole, D. (2004), "Daily Mobility of Workers in Slovenia", Acta geographica Slovenica, Vol. 44, No. 1, pp. 25-45. Bole, D. (2011), "Changes in Employee Commuting: A

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Business Eco System and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMES) Performance in Nigeria

References Akanji, O.O. (2006). Micro finance as a tool for poverty reduction. Central Bank of Nigeria Amit, A., Gloster, A., & Muller, A. (1993). Challenges to theory and development in entrepreneurship and Policies. (2nd ed). Harlow: FT. Prentice Hall. Baghbadorani, M., & Harandi, A. (2012). A conceptual model for business ecosystem and implications for the future, Research Gate Publication, 52 (17). Balogun, O. L., Yusuf, S.A., & Oloniniyi, M.T. (2017). Effects of social network on production

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An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Interest Rates to Facilitate Price Stability and Economic Growth in South Africa

hypothesis and the forecast ability and persistence of inflation. Journal of Monetary Economics , (19), 3-24. Begg, D., Canova, F. A., Fatas, P. De Grauwe., Lane, P. R. (2003) Surviving the Slowdown, Monitoring the European Central Bank. 4. London: CEPR. Behera, J. (2014) Inflation and its impact on economic growth: Evidence from six South Asian countries. Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development , 5 (7), 145-154. Bernard J.L., Kelly, E., Darryl, K., Nils, M., Abdul, N., Alain, D. (2015) The Journey to Inflation Targeting: Easier Said than Done

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Change Management as a Critical Success Factor in e-Government Implementation

., & Missi, F. (2007). A Leadership Model for e-Government Transformation. Proceedings of European and Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems 2007, 1-12. European Commission. (2003) - COM, 2003: The role of eGovernment for Europe's future, 567 final. European Commision. Fountain, J. (2001). Building the virtual state. Information technology and institutional change. Washington D. C. GAO-01-959T Electronic Government. (2001). ELECTRONIC GOVERNMENT-Challenges Must Be Addressed With

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Tackling the Propensity towards Undeclared Work: Some Policy Lessons from Croatia

Scandinavia: a measurement based on questionnaire surveys. Copenhagen: The Rockwool Foundation Research Unit. Polese, A. and Rodgers, P. 2011. Surviving post‐socialism: the role of informal economic practices. International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 31 (11/12): 612-618. Remeikiene, R., Gasparaeniene, L. and Kartasova, J. 2014. Country-level determinants of the shadow economy during 2005-2013: the case of Greece. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences 5: 454-460. Richardson, M. and Sawyer, A. 2001. A t axonomy

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Responses to an Ageing Workforce: Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom

, Hans Böckler Foundation, Düsseldorf. 7. Bussolo, M., Koettl, J., Sinnott, E. (2015), “Golden Aging: Prospects for Healthy, Active, and Prosperous Aging in Europe and Central Asia”, World Bank, Washington DC. 8. Cedefop (2015), “Increasing the value of age: Guidance in employers’ age management strategies”, Research Paper No. 44, Cedefop, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg. 9. CIPD (2012), “Managing a healthy ageing workforce: A national business imperative”, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, London. 10. CIPD

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