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Bank Capital and Profitability: An Empirical Study of South African Commercial Banks

References Afanasieff, T., Lhacer, P., Nakane, M. (2002), The determinants of bank interest Spreads in Brazil , Banco Central di Brazil Working Papers. Akinboade, O.S., Makina, D. (2006), Financial sector development in South Africa, 1970–2002 , “Journal of Studies in Economics and Econometrics”, Vol. 30 (1), pp. 101–128. Anbar, A., Alper, D. (2011), Bank specific and macroeconomic determinants of commercial bank profitability: Empirical evidence from Turkey , “Business and Economics Research Journal”, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 139

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The Determinants of European Union (EU) Foreign Direct Investments in the EU Countries from Central and Eastern Europe During 1994–2012

References Altomonte C. and Guagliano C. (2003), Comparative Study of FDI in Central and Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean , ‘Economic Systems’, vol. 27(2), pp. 223–246. Bevan A. and Estrin S. (2004), The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment into European Transition Economies , ‘Journal of Comparative Economics’, vol. 32(4), pp. 775–787. Bellak C., Leibrecht M. and Riedl A. (2008), Labour Costs and FDI Flows into Central and Eastern European Countries: A Survey of the Literature and Empirical Evidence , ‘Structural Change and Economic

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The “Taste of Life” as a Mechanism of Overcoming Corruption

. 253-277. Dell’Anno, R., Gomez-Antonio, M., Alanon Pardo, A. (2007), Shadow Economy in three different Mediterranean Countries: France, Spain and Greece. A MIMIC Approach, ʽEmpirical Economics ʼ, Springer-Verlag, No. 33(1), pp. 51-84. Dlouhý, M. (2014), Models of subsidy allocation among city districts, ʽPrague Economic Papersʼ, University of Economics, Prague, No. 1, pp. 108-120. Dreher, A., Schneider, F. (2009), Corruption and the Shadow Economy: An Empirical Analysis, ʽPublic Choiceʼ, Springer US, No. 144(2), pp. 215

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Viticultural landscapes: Localised transformations over the past 150 years through an analysis of three case studies in Slovakia

katastru pro potřeby krajinné ekologie. Kartografické listy, 13: 1–10. BURDOVÁ, L. (2012): Fyloxéra a perenospóra. Historika. Malokarpatský historický občasník. Pezinok, OZ Museum Vinorum, 1(1): 34–36. CAMBEL, S. (2005): Päťdesiate roky na slovenskej dedine. Prešov. UNIVERSUM. CARAVELI, H. (2000): A comparative analysis on intensification and extensification in mediterranean agriculture: dilemmas for LFAs policy. Journal of Rural Studies, 16(2): 231–242. CARRANZA, M. L., ACOSTA, A., RICOTTA, C. (2007): Analyzing landscape diversity in time: The

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The ECB, Between Conservatism and Pragmatism

., Ph. Gilles & N. Huchet (2012). Amplification effects and unconventional monetary policies, Theoretical and Applied Economics , 19 (2), 13-30. 8. Bastidon, C., Huchet N., Kocoglu Y. (2014). “Unconventional monetary policy in the euro zone : a lack of forward guidance”, 2 nd International Conference on Debt Crises and Financial Stability: Global Issues and Euro-Mediterranean Perspectives, Toulon, France. 9. Benmelech, E. and Bergman, N. (2012). Credit Traps, The American Economic Review , 102 (6), 3004-3032. 10. Bernanke, B. S. and Reinhart, V. R

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The Determinants and the Size of International Migration in Central and Eastern Europe After 2004

Multicultural Societiesʼ, Vol. 6, No. 2. Dasgupta B. (1981), Rural‑urban Migration and Rural Development, [in:] J. Balan (ed.) Why People Move, UNESCO, Paris. Dustmann Ch., et al. (2003), The Impact of EU Enlargement on Migration Flows, Home Office Online Report 25/03. Duszczyk M., Matuszczyk K. (2014), Migration in the 21st Century from the Perspective of CEE Countries - an Opportunity or a Threat? Central and Eastern European Development Institute, Warsaw. Gabrielczak P., Kucharski L., Kwiatkowski E. (2015

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Spatial Distribution of Investment Incentives and the Impact of New Incentive System for Less Developed Regions in Turkey

References ACAR, O., ÇAĞLAR, E. (2012). Yeni Teşvik Paketi Üzerine Bir Değerlendirme , Türkiye Ekonomi Politikaları Araştırma Vakfı (TEPAV), Ankara. AKAN, Y., ARSLAN, İ. (2008). Türkiye’de Sektörel Yatırım Teşvik Belgeleri ile İstihdam Analizi: Doğu Anadolu Bölgesi Üzerine Bir Uygulama (1980–2006), Çalışma ve Toplum , 2008/1, 107-119. ALDAN, A., GAYGISIZ, E. (2006) Convergence Across Provinces of Turkey: A Spatial Analysis, The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey Research and Monetary Policy Department Working Paper No:06/09. AMIN, A

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The Analysis of Institutional Environment in the Area of Product Market Competition in the New EU Member States: What Do the Data Say About the Models of Capitalism Emerging in the CEE Countries?

1 Introduction The study analyzes the institutional architecture and the effects of product market competition in 11 countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), which are new members of the European Union (EU). In existing analyses on models of capitalism, countries are characterized by numerous variables covering a variety of political, social, and economic aspects. Based on these results, countries are classified into a number of categories that share common features and may be treated as one model of capitalism. There are different classifications in

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Institutional Efficiency, Entrepreneurship, and the Premises of Economic Development in the Eastern European Countries

mobilization and state rescaling in small unitary states: a comparative analysis. Regional and Federal Studies , 1-16. Aslund, A. (2013) How capitalism was built: the transformation of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus, and Central Asia . Cambridge University Press. Balland, P. A., Boschma, R., Crespo, J., Rigby, D. L. (2018) Smart specialization policy in the European Union: relatedness, knowledge complexity and regional diversification. Regional Studies , 1-17. Becker, P. (2019) The reform of European cohesion policy or how to couple the

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Demand and Characteristics of Customers of Reusable Products in Slovenia

.1.). CERREC – Central Europe Repair and Reuse Centres and Networks. Needs assessment and model development. Retrieved from: Sabbaghi, M., Behdad, S., & Zhuang, J. (2016). Managing consumer behaviour toward on-time return of the waste electrical and electronic equipment: A game theoretic approach. International Journal of Production Economics , 182 , 545–563. Sata, M. (2013). Factors affecting consumer

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