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Bulletin of Geography. Socio-economic Series

The Journal of Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun

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Małgorzata Sobczyk and Maciej Mrowiec

REFERENCES B erretta C h ., P oë S., S tovin V. 2014. Moisture content behaviour in extensive green roofs during dry periods: The influence of vegetation and substrate characteristics. Journal of Hydrology. Vol. 511 p. 374–386. F ioretti R., P alla A., L anza L.G., P rincipi P. 2010. Green roof energy and water related performance in the Mediterranean climate. Building and Environment. No. 45 p. 1890–1904. G wendolyn K.L., J im C.Y. 2015. Identifying keystone meteorological factors of green-roof stormwater retention to inform design and

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Noureddine Merniz, Ali Tahar and Amine M. Benmehaia

. 2011–2026. P hilandras C.M., N astos P.T., K apsomenakis J. D ouvis K.C., T selioudis G., Z erefos C.S. 2011. Long term precipitation trends and variability within the Mediterranean region. Natural Hazards Earth System Sciences. Vol. 11 p. 3235–3250. P iervitali E., C olacino M., C onte M. 1997. Signals of climatic change in the central-western Mediterranean basin. Theoretical and Applied Climatology. Vol. 58. Iss. 3–4 p. 211–219. R uiz S inoga J.D., G arcia M arin R., M artinez M urillo J.F., G abarron G aleote M.A. 2011

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Hanene Bessaklia, Abderrahmane Nekkache Ghenim, Abdessalam Megnounif and Javier Martin-Vide

Sebou watershed between 1940 and 1994]. Secheresse. Vol. 10. No. 3 p. 221–226. H amadache B., T erchi A., B rachemi O. 2002. Study of the meteorological situation which affected the West and the Center of Algeria in General and Bab-El-Oued in particular on the 10 th November 2001. Mediterranean Storms. Proceedings of the 4th EGS Plinius Conference held at Mallorca. Spain. October p. 1–8. H uang J., S un S., X ue Y., Z hang J. 2014. Spatial and temporal variability of precipitation indices during 1961–2010 in Hunan Province, central south China

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Dounia Mrad, Yassine Djebbar and Yahia Hammar

–434. C onrad V.A., P ollak L.W. 1950. Methods in climatology. Cambridge, Massachussets. Harvard University Press. ISBN 9780674187856 pp. 459. F arhangi M., K holghi M., C havoshian S.A. 2016. Rainfall trend analysis of hydrological subbasins in Western Iran. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering. Vol. 142. Iss. 10 p. 05016004-1–05016004-11. G uijarro J.A., J ansa A., C ampins J. 2006. Time variability of cyclonic geostrophic circulation in the Mediterranean. Advances in Geosciences. Vol. 7 p. 45-49. Groupe Chadule 1974. Initiation aux

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Nargis Sahib

REFERENCES A mami B., R hazi L., R hazi M., B ouahim S., G rillas P. 2009. Vegetation recolonisation of a Mediterranean temporary pool in Morocco following small-scale experimental disturbance. Hydrobiologia. Vol. 634. Iss. 1 p. 65–76. A miaud A., B onis A., B ouzille J.B. 2000. Conditions de germination et rôle des herbivores dans la dispersion et le recrutement d’une espèce clonale: Juncus gerardi Lois [Germination conditions and the role of herbivores in dispersal and recruitment of a clonal species: Juncus gerardi Lois]. Canadian

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Narjes Zare, Mohammadreza Khaledian and Jean-Claude Mailhol

crops. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment. Vol. 100 p. 17–37. Fernandez J.E., Slawinski C., Moreno F., Walczak R.T., Vanclooster M. 2002. Simulating the fate of water in a soil–crop system of a semi-arid Mediterranean area with the Wave 2.1 and the Euro-Access-Ii models. Agricultural Water Management. Vol. 56 p. 113–129. Khaledian M.R. 2009. Evaluation de la technique du semis direct en culture irriguee en comparaison avec le systeme de culture conventionnel. Dissertation. University of Montpellier Ii pp. 138. Khaledian M.R., Mailhol J.C., Ruelle P

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Abla Fecih, Mohammed Habi and Boutkhil Morsli

de moyenne montagne méditerranéenne algérienne [Influence of four production systems of mid mountain Mediterranean of Algeria]. Bulletin du Réseau Érosion. Vol. 9 p. 39–51. A ubert G. 1986. Réflexions sur l’utilisation de certains types de banquettes de «Défense et Restauration des Sols» en Algérie [Reflections on the use of certain types of benches of “Soil Protection and Restoration” in Algeria]. Cahiers ORSTOM. Ser. Pédologie. Vol. 22. No. 2 p. 147–151. B accini A. 2010. Statistique descriptive multidimensionnelle (pour les nuls) [Multidimensional

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Gabriel Minea, Georgiana Tudor, Florentina-Iuliana Stan, Gabriela Ioana-Toroimac and Raluca Zamfir

REFERENCES A brantes J.R.C.B., de L ima J.L.M.P., P rats S.A., K eizer J.J. 2017. Assessing soil water repellency spatial variability using a thermographic technique: An exploratory study using a small-scale laboratory soil flume. Geoderma. Vol. 287 p. 98–104. B ąk B., K ubiak -W ójcicka K. 2017. Impact of meteorological drought on hydrological drought in Toruń (central Poland) in the period of 1971–2015. Journal of Water and Land Development. No. 32 p. 3–12. DOI 10.1515/jwld-2017-0001. B lidaru S. 1965. Emploi des bassins

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Bogdan Bąk and Katarzyna Kubiak-Wójcicka

-76. GÓMEZ GÓMEZ C.M., PÉREZ BLANCO C.D. 2012. Do drought management plans reduce drought risk? A risk assessment model for a Mediterranean river basin. Ecological Economics. Vol. 76 p. 42-48. DOI: 10.1016/ j.ecolecon.2012.01.008. GRZEŚ M. 1991. Zatory i powodzie zatorowe na dolnej Wiśle. Mechanizmy i warunki [Ice jams and floods on the lower Vistula River. Mechanism and processes]. Warszawa. IGiPZ PAN. ISBN 83-00-03450-1 pp. 184. ITP undated. Monitoring, prognoza przebiegu i skutków deficytu i nadmiaru wody na obszarach wiejskich