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Exploring Companies’ Innovation Policies in the Industrial Sector in Central and Eastern Europe

. The A-to-F model. UK: Palgrave Macmillan, Trott, P. (2008). Innovation Management and New Product Development. Harlow: Prentice Hall. Wójcik, P. (2016). How Creating Shared Value Differs from Corporate Social Responsibility. Journal of Management and Business Administration. Central Europe, 24(2): 32-55.

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Determinants of Banks’ Performance: the Case of ROE Of G-SIBs in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe

References Allen, F., Jackowicz, K., Kowalewski, O. and Kozłowski, Ł. (2015). Bank lending, crises, and changing ownership structure in Central and Eastern European countries. Journal of Corporate Finance, Athanasoglou, P., Brissimis, S. and Delis, M. (2008). Bank-specific, industry-specific and macroeconomic determinants of bank profitability. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 18(2): 121-136,

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Institutionalizing Corporate Governance Reforms in Poland: External Auditors’ Perspective

, Journal of Management and Business Administration. Central Europe , 25 (4), 75–95. Dobija, D. and Puławska, K. (2019). Linking diversity on audit committees and financial reporting quality in Poland, European Journal International Management (in print). Fiolleau, K., Hoang, K., Jamal, K. and Sunder, S. (2013). How do regulatory reforms to enhance auditor independence work in practice? Contemporary Accounting Research , 30 (3), 864–890, . Gendron, Y. (2009). Discussion of “the Audit Committee oversight

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Working Capital Management Policy: Female Top Managers and Firm Profitability

.H. and Djuminah (2018). Female Representation in The Board of Director, Ownership Concentration, and Dividend Policy – Evidence of Indonesia. International Journal of Economics, Business, and Management Research , 2 (02), 466–475. Kusuma, H. and Bachtiar, A.D. (2018). Working Capital Management and Corporate Performance: Evidence from Indonesia. Journal of Management and Business Administration. Central Europe , 26 (2), 76–88, . Levi, M., Li, K. and Zhang, F. (2014). Director gender and mergers and

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Refreshing Typologies Based on Family Firms’ Goals: The Perspective of “First-Generation Enterprises”

. Central Europe , 22 (3), 37–55, . Koładkiewicz, I. (2015). System nadzoru w firmie rodzinnej. Doświadczenia polskie i światowe . Warszawa: Poltext. Lewandowska, A. and Lipiec, J. (2015). Konstytucje firm rodzinnych. W kierunku długowieczności . Warszawa: Oficyna Wolters Kluwer business. Mandl, I. (2008). Overview of family business relevant issues , final report. Vienna. Marjański, A. and Sułkowski, Ł. (2019). The Evolution of Family Entrepreneurship in Poland: Main Findings Based on Surveys and

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International Strategy as the Facilitator of the Speed, Scope, and Scale of Firms’ Internationalization

US multinationals. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 44 (1), 1–13, . Solberg, C.A. and Durrieu, F. (2008). Strategy development in international markets: a two tier approach. International Marketing Review , 25 (5), 520–543, Stoian, M.C., Rialp, A., Rialp, J. and Jarvis, R. (2016). Internationalisation of Central and Eastern European small firms: Institutions, resources and networks. Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development , 23 (1), 105

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The Effect of Online Reviews on Consumer-Based Brand Equity: Case-Study of the Polish Restaurant Sector

? Understanding reviewer trustworthiness and its impact on business. Decision Support Systems , 96 , 17–26, . Bartosik-Purgat, M. (2018). International Contexts of Social Media and e-WoM Communication in the Customer Decision-Making Process. Journal of Management and Business Administration. Central Europe , 26 (2), 16–33, . Berezina, K., Bilgihan, A., Cobanoglu, C. and Okumus, F. (2016). Understanding satisfied and dissatisfied hotel customers: text mining of online

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The Relationships Between Psychological Contract Expectations and Counterproductive Work Behaviors: Employer Perception

-Shapiro, J. and Kessler, I. (2002). Reciprocity through the lens of the psychological contract: Employee and Employer perspectives. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology , 11 (1), 69–86, . Dabos, G. and Rousseau, D. (2004). Mutuality and Reciprocity in the Psychological Contracts of Employees and Employers. Journal of Applied Psychology , 89 (1), 52–72, . Eisenberger, R., Armeli, S., Rexwinkel, B., Lynch, P. and Rhoades, L. (2001). Reciprocation of

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Hybridization Revisited: New Insights from the Evolutionary Approach

Tóth, A. (2006). Who is hybridizing what? Insights on MNCs’ employment practices in Central Europe. In: Multinationals, Institutions and the Construction of Transnational Practices. Palgrave Macmillan UK, Mendel, G. (2008). Experiments in plant hybridization, Cosimo Classics. Read at the February 8th, and March 8th, 1865, meetings of the Brünn Natural History Society. Nelson, R.R. and Winter, S.G. (2009). An evolutionary theory of economic change. Harvard University Press

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