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Vertisols properties and classification in relation to parent material differentiation near Strzelin (SW Poland)

REFERENCES Ahmad N., 1996. Occurrence and distribution of Vertisols. Developments in Soil Science 24: 1–41. Badura J., Jary Z., Smalley I., 2013. Sources of loess material for deposits in Poland and parts of Central Europe: The lost Big River. Quaternary International 296: 15–22. Bronk Ramsey C., 2009. Bayesian analysis of radiocarbon dates. Radiocarbon 51: 337–360. DeCarlo K.F., Caylor K.K., 2019. Biophysical effects on soil crack morphology in a faunally active dryland vertisol. Geoderma 334: 134–145. IUSS Working Group WRB, 2015

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Polish Soil Classification, 6th edition – principles, classification scheme and correlations

–94. Marcinek J., Spychalski M., 1998. Degradacja gleb organicznych doliny Obry po ich odwodnieniu i wieloletnim rolniczym użytkowaniu. Zeszyty Problemowe Postępów Nauk Rolniczych 460: 219–236. Mendyk Ł., Świtoniak M., Bednarek R., Falkowski A., 2015. Genesis and classification of the soils developed from the sediments of the former Oleszek mill pond basin (the Chełmińskie Lakeland, N Poland). Soil Science Annual 66(1): 29–35. Miechówka A., Drewnik M., 2018. Rendzina soils in the Tatra Mountains, central Europe: a review. Soil Science Annual 69(2): 88

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Sorption properties of granulometric fractions in Haplic Cambisol developed from boulder loam

surface of sand grains from different genetic horizons of brown soil developed from heavy loam. Rocz. Glebozn. – Soil Sci. Ann. 35(1): 115–124. Caravaca F., Lax A., Albaladejo J., 1999. Organic matter, nutrient contents and cation exchange capacity in fine fractions from semiarid calcareous soils. Geoderma 93(3–4): 161–176. Chojnicki J., 2002. Soil-forming processes in alluvial soils of central Vistula valley and Żuławy. Wyd. SGGW, Warszawa: 83 pp. Czaban J., Czyż E., Siebielec G., Niedźwiecki J., 2014. Longlasting effects of bentonite on properties of

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Rendzina soils in the Tatra Mountains, central Europe: a review

Narodowego. Tatry i Podtatrze 3: 53–68 (in Polish with English abstract). Hreško J., Bugár G., Boltińiar M., Kohút F., 2008. The dynamics of recent geomorphic processes in the Alpine zone the Tatra Mountains. Geographia Polonica: Modelling of High-Mountain Relief 81(1): 53–66. INRA 1992. Référentiel pédologique principaux sols d’Europe. Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, Paris: 222 pp. IUSS Working Group WRB, 2015. World Reference Base for soil resources 2014. International soil classification system for naming soils and creating legends for

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Soil fauna research in Poland: earthworms (Lumbricidae)

English abstract). Kostecka J., 1992b. Dżdżownice ( Lumbricidae, Oligochaeta ) zidentyfikowane w niektórych punktach Bieszczadów Zachodnich. Zeszyty Naukowe Prace Rolnicze i Leśne. Przyrodnicze Podstawy Produkcji Rolniczej, 1: 110–118 (in Polish with English abstract). Kostecka J., 1998. Earthworm ( Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae ) communities in some natural sites in the Bieszczady Mts. (SouthEastern Poland)”. [In:] Soil Zoological Problems in Central Europe. (reds.) Pizl V., Tajovsky K. Ceske Budejovice: 93–101. Kostecka J., 2004. Preservation of soil

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Stand mixing effect on enzyme activity and other soil properties

growth in pure and mixed stands of Pinus sylvestris and Quercus pyrenaica. Annals of Forest Science 66(5): 1–11. Río M., Condés S., Pretzsch H., 2014. Temporal variation of competition and facilitation in mixed species forests in Central Europe. Plant Biology 16: 166–176. Šnajdr J., Dobiášová P., Urbanová M., Petránková M., Cajthaml T., Frouz J., Baldrian P., 2013. Dominant trees affect microbial community composition and activity in postmining afforested soils. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 56: 105–115. StatSoft, Inc. 2010. STATISTICA (version 9

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Differentiation of soils and land use changes in the vicinity of the disappeared Gardeja lake (Northern Poland)

central Wisconsin. [In:] Proceedings of the 2010 Wisconsin Crop Management Conference 49: 126–131. Reymann’s Topographic Special-Map of Central Europe, ca. 1850 A.D. No. 32. Marienwerder sheet. 1:200 000 scale. Schachschneider H., 1970. Stadt Garnsee und Umgebung. Portrat einer westpreussischen Stadt. Verlag Wendt Groll GmbH, Herford: 180 pp. Sewerniak P., Sylwestrzak K., Bednarek R., Gonet S.S., 2014. Gleby porolne w lasach (Post-agricultural soils in forest). [In:] Antropogeniczne przekształcenia pokrywy glebowej Brodnickiego Parku Krajobrazowego

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Impact of crop residues and biopreparations on nitrogen changes in Haplic Luvisol – model experiment

. International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences 6(10): 1973–2008. Ondrišík P., 2013. Dynamika anorganického dusíka v pôde a možnosti jeho regulácie (Dynamics of inorganic nitrogen in soil and possibilities of its regulation). SPU, Nitra: 97 p. Ondrišík P., Urminská J. Porhajášová J., Ňanšanská M., 2009. Vplyv agrotechnických zásahov na sezónne zmeny anorganického dusíka v pôde (Effect of agrotechnical interventions on seasonal changes of inorganic nitrogen in soil). Journal of Central European Agriculture 10(1): 101–107. Pačuta V

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Mobile fractions in dustfall and possible migration of metals to soil / Badania mobilnych frakcji metali w opadzie pyłowym i możliwość migracji metali do gleby

heavy metals and arsenic in PM10 aerosols in the ambient air of the Greater Athens Area, Greece. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 140: 389.398. Varga G., Kovács J., Újvári G., 2013. Analysis of Saharan dust intrusions into the Carpathian Basin (Central Europe) over the period of 1979.2011. Global and Planetary Change, 100: 333.342. website 1:,60,170/2/raporty.html (WIO. Rzeszów, Report on the state of the environment in the Podkarpackie region in 2012).

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Rendzinas diversity of the Ojców National Park as an effect of lithological factors

Soil-Regolith-Complex? Zeitschrif für Geomorphologie 52: 119–132. Lorz, C., Frühauf, M., Mailänder, R., Phillips, J.D., 2010. Litho-logic discontinuities in cover beds influencing soil evolution and soil properties. Geophysical Research Abstracts 12: 63–68. Lorz C., Phillips J., 2006. Pedo-Ecological Consequences of Lithological discontinuities in soils. Examples from Central Europe. Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science 169: 573–581. Lorz C., Frühauf M., Mailänder R., Phillips J.D., Kleber A., 2013. Influence of Cover Beds on Soils. [In

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