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Environmental Modelling of Forest Vegetation Zones as A Support Tool for Sustainable Management of Central European Spruce Forests

/108/07. ČHMÚ, Praha. 126 s. Pretzsch, H., Biber, P., Uhl, E., Dauber, E. (2015). Long-term stand dynamics of managed spruce-fir-beech mountain forests in Central Europe: structure, productivity and regeneration success. Forestry 88: 407-428. Průša, E. (2001). Pěstování lesů na typologických základech . Lesnická práce, s. r. o. Reif, J., Storch, D., Voříšek, P., Šťastný, K., Bejček, V. (2008). Bird-habitat associations predict population trends in central European forest and farmland birds. Biodiversity Conservation , 17, s. 3307-3319. Rosbakh, S

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On the Spatio-Temporal Approaches Towards Conservation of Extensively Managed Rural Landscapes in Central-Eastern Europe

. Journal of Ecology , 77: pp. 290-310. Oliver, R., Roy, D. B., Hill, J.K., Brereton, T. & Thomas, C. D. (2010). Heterogeneous landscapes promote population stability. Ecology Letters , 13: pp. 473 - 484. DOI: 10.1111/j.1461-0248.2010.01441.x. Palang, H., Printsmann, A., Konkoly-Gyuró, É., Urbanc, M., Skowronek, E. & Woloszyn, W., (2006). The forgotten rural landscapes of Central and Eastern Europe. Landscape Ecology , 21: pp. 347-357. DOI: 10.1007/s10980-004-4313-x. Paracchini, M.L., Petersen, J.-E., Hoogeveen, Y., Bamps

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Waste Management and Attitudes Towards Cleanliness in Medieval Central Europe

R eferences Adamus, A. (1929). Sbírka listin k dějinám města Mor. Ostravy . Nákldadem Města Moravská Ostrava. Bailiff, I. K., Blain, S., Graves, C. P., Gurling, T., & Semple, S. (2010). Uses and recycling of brick in medieval and Tudor English buildings: insights from the application of luminescence dating and new avenues for further research. Archaeological Journal , 167 (1), 165-196. Bartosiewicz, L. S. (2003). There's something rotten in the state...': bad smells in Antiquity. European Journal of archaeology , 6 (2), 175-195. Beneš

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Development and Present State of Close-to-Nature Silviculture

. In: Nakagoshi, N., Golley, F.B. (Eds), Coniferous Forest Ecology from International perspective (pp. 93-108). SPB Academic Publishing, The Hague. Koch, N.E., Skovsgaard, J. P. (1999): Sustainable management of planted forests: some comparisons between central Europe and the United States. New. For . 17: 11-22. Konias, H. (1946). Převody opočenských lesů . Praha. Konias, H. (1951). Lesní hospodářství . Praha. Konias, H. (1952). Jak postupovat při přeměnách nesmíšených porostů ve smíšené a převodů pasečných tvarů na výběrné. Lesnická

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Vertisols properties and classification in relation to parent material differentiation near Strzelin (SW Poland)

REFERENCES Ahmad N., 1996. Occurrence and distribution of Vertisols. Developments in Soil Science 24: 1–41. Badura J., Jary Z., Smalley I., 2013. Sources of loess material for deposits in Poland and parts of Central Europe: The lost Big River. Quaternary International 296: 15–22. Bronk Ramsey C., 2009. Bayesian analysis of radiocarbon dates. Radiocarbon 51: 337–360. DeCarlo K.F., Caylor K.K., 2019. Biophysical effects on soil crack morphology in a faunally active dryland vertisol. Geoderma 334: 134–145. IUSS Working Group WRB, 2015

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Forests and Climate Change in Czechia: an Appeal to Responsibility

REFERENCES Bässler, C. (2008). Klimawandel – Trends der Lufttemperatur im inneren Bayerischer Wald (Böhmerwald). Silva Gabreta 14(1), 1-18. Boisvenue, C. & Running S. W. (2006). Impacts of climate change on natural forest productivity – evidence since the middle of the 20 th century. Global Change Biol. 12, 862-882. DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2486.2006.01134. Bolte, A., Ammer, C., Madsen, P., Nabuurs, G.-J., Schall, P., Spathelf, P. & Rock, J. (2009). Adaptive forest management in Central Europe: Climate change impacts, strategies and integrative

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Vascular Plant Biodiversity of Floodplain Forest in Morava and Dyje Rivers Confluence (Forest District Soutok), Czech Republic

–16. Nožička, J. (1956): Z minulosti jihomoravských luhů (Předběžná studie). Práce výzkumných ústavů lesnických ČSR, sv.10: 169–199. Maarel, van der, E. (1975). Man-made natural ecosystems in environmental management and planning. In: Dobben van W.H., Lowe-McConell R.H. (eds.): Unifying concepts in ecology (pp. 263–274). The Hague, Dr W. Junk B. V. Publishers. Machar, I., Čermák, P., Pechanec, V. (2018). Ungulate Browsing Limits Bird Diversity of the Central European Hardwood Floodplain Forests. Forests , 9: 373; doi:10.3390/f9070373. Maděra, P. (2001a

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Polish Soil Classification, 6th edition – principles, classification scheme and correlations

–94. Marcinek J., Spychalski M., 1998. Degradacja gleb organicznych doliny Obry po ich odwodnieniu i wieloletnim rolniczym użytkowaniu. Zeszyty Problemowe Postępów Nauk Rolniczych 460: 219–236. Mendyk Ł., Świtoniak M., Bednarek R., Falkowski A., 2015. Genesis and classification of the soils developed from the sediments of the former Oleszek mill pond basin (the Chełmińskie Lakeland, N Poland). Soil Science Annual 66(1): 29–35. Miechówka A., Drewnik M., 2018. Rendzina soils in the Tatra Mountains, central Europe: a review. Soil Science Annual 69(2): 88

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Sorption properties of granulometric fractions in Haplic Cambisol developed from boulder loam

surface of sand grains from different genetic horizons of brown soil developed from heavy loam. Rocz. Glebozn. – Soil Sci. Ann. 35(1): 115–124. Caravaca F., Lax A., Albaladejo J., 1999. Organic matter, nutrient contents and cation exchange capacity in fine fractions from semiarid calcareous soils. Geoderma 93(3–4): 161–176. Chojnicki J., 2002. Soil-forming processes in alluvial soils of central Vistula valley and Żuławy. Wyd. SGGW, Warszawa: 83 pp. Czaban J., Czyż E., Siebielec G., Niedźwiecki J., 2014. Longlasting effects of bentonite on properties of

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Thermal Comfort Characteristic of 5 Patterns of a Persian Garden in a Hot-Arid Climate of Shiraz, Iran

street canyon in Antwerp (Belgium): A model and experimental approach. Urban forestry & urban greening , 20: 265-276. Höppe, P. (1999). The physiological equivalent temperature – a universal index for the bio meteorological assessment of the thermal environment. Int. J. Biometeoroi , 43: 71-75. Huttner, S., Bruse, M., & Dostal, P. (2008, October). Using ENVI-met to simulate the impact of global warming on the microclimate in central European cities. In 5th Japanese-German Meeting on Urban Climatology Vol. 18 (pp. 307-312). Hwang, R. L., Lin, T. P

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