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Heat Transfer Determined by the Temperature Sensitive Paint Method

Calibration Methodology Developed at AEDC Tunnel 9,” AIAA 2011-851. [5] Schramm, J.M., Hannemann, K., Ozawa, H., Beck, W. and Klein, Ch., 2014, “Development of Temperature Sensitive Paints for the High Enthalpy Shock Tunnel Goettingen,” 8 th European Symposium on Aerothermodynamics for Space Vehicles, Lissabon. [6] Szafran, K., Shcherbonos, O. and Ejmocki, D., 2014, “Effect of duct shape on ducted propeller trust performance,” Transactions of the Institute of Aviation, No. 4 (237), pp. 85-91. [7] Ruchała, P. and Szafran, K., 2016, “Praktyczne Aspekty

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Temperature Measurements using Thermal Sensitive Paint

, “Development of Temperature Sensitive Paints for the High Enthalpy Shock Tunnel Goettingen,” 8th European Symposium on Aerothermodynamics for Space Vehicles, Lissabon. [9] Stokes, N., Patel, S. and Hahn, M., 2012, “Boundary Layer Transition Detection Using Temperature Sensitive Paint in the ARA Transonic Wind Tunnel,” ICAS 2012-3.4.2, 28th International Congress of the Aeronautical Sciences, Brisbane, Australia. [10] Wierciński, Z., Kaiser, M., Żabski, J., 2007, “Extended Reynolds Analogy for Different Flow Conditions of the Heated Plate,” Transactions of the

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Using the Earth’s Natural Potential for Heating a Building

5. REFERENCES Boian, I., 2007. Durable development . Building services based on renewable energy , Transilvania University of Brasov Publishing House. Babiak, J, Olesen, B, Petras, D.,2007. Low temperature heating and high temperature cooling, REHVA Guidebook, Federation of European Heating ahd Air-Conditioning Associations. Bloomquist, R.G., 2003. Geothermal space heatin , Geothermics, 32, pg. 513–526. Blumsack, S., Brownson, J., Witme, L., 2009. Efficiency, Economic and Environmental Assessment of Ground-Source Heat Pumps in Central

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Choosing Heating Units Using The Utility Function

performanţelor energetice ale instalaţiilor de încălzire centrală şi de preparare a apei calde de consum. Cerinţe esenţiale de calitate şi criterii de performanţă pentru clădirile publice (Comprehensive evaluation method the energy performance of central heating installations and hot water consumption. Essential requirements for quality and performance criteria for public buildings). Internaţional Conference „Building services and ambiental comfor t - 20 th edition, Aprilie 7-8, 2011, Timişoara, România, pp.580-593. Ciocalteu, C., Managementul modernizării armatei în

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Improvement and Optimisation of Gyroplane Performance

Decennial Specialists’ Conference on Aeromechanics, San Francisco, California, 21th - 23th January, 2004. [7] Harwood P., Flying ‘New Generation’ Gyrocopter, A guide for converting pilots! [8] [9] , website of the project “Modern Gyroplane Main Rotor”, (UDA-POIG.01.03.01-14-007/12), co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy

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